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RynDeeVuo rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
July 18, 2017
Status: c41
There's nothing interesting to look forward to and what currently happens doesn't really make you that interested. The goals are only to get stronger and save the world.

Half of the cast of characters are harem members. Said harem members mysteriously fall in love with MC for no reason. They always blush or stutter when talking with MC. All of them are tsunderes of different levels, always somehow getting mad at MC.

The comedy skits are Japanese level of cringyness. If you don't like Japanese dialogues like me, don't read.

Foreshadowing the future,... more>> for me, kinda made it like it's all going to go all fine anyway, why bother reading.

There's no actual mature person, everybody acts like teenagers, even the father and the 300+ shop owner noona. Characters don't act their identities. 300+ shop noona is an easy to fall teenager, strongest person on earth is naive, guy who assumingly spent 2 yrs on the dungeons doesn't know how to communicate with others.

The leveling system isn't that clear. It was stated that the lvl 15 him could take care of 3 lvl 10 hims, but the lvl 50 strongest person on earth is shocked to see lvl 20 him one hitting spiders. He grinds floor masters and has best equipment, but random guy with claymore is physically stronger than him. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
March 11, 2017
Status: c81


Ahh, so good. What a shame I've caught up to translations. I WANT MORE!!!!

Well anyway, the story is pretty much what happens if sci-fi and xianxia had a child. You can really say that this novel is really good since, first, sci-fi novels are a f**king pain in the ass to read for, which was quite true in the first few chapters, like 1-6 or so, but after that, it's pretty much easy to understand and is actually quite... more>> intriguing; second is that, even though I read a lot action novels, very few make me 'love' the battle scenes, and a good example of this is Lord Xue Ying, where the enjoyable part is the training part, seeing him get stronger and actually understand just how much he got stronger, which I think this novel is about the same if not better in this aspect.

World-building is one of the best I've seen. The universe is somewhat similar to The Desolate Era's, having 3000 Major Worlds and Pangu. Pretty much roughly 45 thousand years have passed since the start of the history of Cultivation, and 40 thousand years have passed ever since the Ancient Cultivation Age ended. I'll only give you that since the history of Cultivation is somewhat a spoiler in itself, although not that much of a spoiler, it will still be more enjoyable to know about it yourself in the novel. So pretty much, in the Modern Age, cultivators have developed high technology. Now the best thing about this is that they used this technology for Cultivation, having high efficiency drugs, electricity powered flying swords, flying shuttles, flying battleships, arrays powered by CPU, and whatnot. I like this part the most because it's pretty much the same with other novels, just that they are powered by technology, so 80 chapters in and we still haven't seen guns. Banzai!!! Meh, it probably won't be long before we see guns and mechas.

The MC, Li Yao, is not the best MC that I have seen, but he is surely among the better ones. What I like the most is his decisions which makes sense, and not just make sense, but actually was better than the answers I thought of. He has a sharp mind and easily understands situations, which saves us the trouble of waiting a few chapters before finding sh*t out. Well, this might be because of his cultivation, but there's not just one MC out there who, despite being some kind of top expert, is a f**king no-brainer. He's pretty leans on the lucky side, but at least he has backbone, has skill, and his strength doesn't come from his lucky encounters.... uhh, at least not entirely.

The side characters are pretty well fleshed out. Not really the best, but is definitely better than most. At least we don't see the MC sitting inside a cave for a few millennium (how about 40? Cuz, you know, the title, pfft!.... nvm), or have chapters explaining how a punch works. Well, we do have chapters explaoning the history, but at least they are enjoyable, and that they are cut into parts, feeding it to us slowly, only appearing when we need it, or when the characters talk about it. The other characters really play a major role in explaining how the world works. We don't need wall of texts about how important the vibration of the spear is, and then explain how this skill's vibration is special, and then comparing it to the rest! Yep, luckily, they don't explain how this ancient punch technique is used, or how the flame-attribute axe works and how it's made. We won't see how those... umm.. damn, I forgot their names already... those, uhh, high-tech blacksmith, which our MC is one of them btw, make some special options in the weapons they make that only they or those better than them know, we only see why they have this, and just explain how this thing came to be.

Antagonists- I have to say, this is one of the ones I enjoy the most among all the novels I've read. We pretty much have these intelligent fiend beasts and demons. Well, as well as some few conflicts among humans I guess, but the place they live in is pretty much upright. Although we still have an arrogant young master as an antagonist, at least he's used properly, and not excessively, since he's pretty much cannon fodder to the MC right now, even though their conflict isn't done yet. Well, I mean we still have the father. And probably the grandfather, who knows, we haven't seen him yet.

Not much of a romance, but there one or two love interests, or make it three, since there was the girl who sang the song. We still haven't met her yet though. I have a very good feeling about this though.

Now I know some elitists might disagree with me, but please do forgive me, this is my first sci-fi novel that I took seriously. Maybe I just have the wrong image about sci-fi novels..... still not reading them without the xianxia/xuanhuan tag though. Pretty much power levels in general.

So far we've only seen a drop of the ocean of the entire univers of the novel, and this novel just makes you want to know more of it. I really look forward to the MC's adventures, and I think that's all, thank you! Peeeeaaaace out. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Superstars of Tomorrow
December 25, 2017
Status: c23
It's a novel about a guy from an apocalyptic age time traveling to the future. Although the MC is probably some combat monster, the novel is more focused on the MC's preapocalypse profession of being a composer. His experience helps in paving his path in the music industry, but I like how it's not a super cheat that blows away competition. He doesn't go "oh Imma use music style 500 years ago to be first in this newcomer competition thing!", and I'm happy that he doesn't really get close to... more>> first place but still has a placing that is befitting of an MC. It's not an MC can do everything (and by everything I mean plagiarizing works from others and act all mighty) and provoke countless people because he's too good novel, I'm talking about you IRAS. MC gets his placing because he has talent and experience, not because the works from his time was better or whatnot.

People have saying IRAS this IRAS that, but no, it's not like that obnoxious novel. Or at least so far, we haven't yet seen stupid fan service, and although you can kinda see that horrendous cycle of "ppl underestimate MC, MC proceeds to face smack them, " I like to think that the author is well aware of what he's doing and only skims through it, not spending 5 f**king chapters filled with people ridiculing MC while some people go "bla bla bla, MC is good, but I don't think he can make it out of this one." (I think I just spoiled the entirety of I Really Am a Superstar for you, sorry if you haven't read it yet). Author spends more time on other relevant things, which I appreciate a lot. A lot of the chapters are spent on the MC's work rather than others' reactions. But don't worry about the whole crowd reaction thing, it's not absent in this novel. Author has been innovative in showing the reactions so far, a far cry from just random people screaming with !!! At how good the MC is.

I like how things are more believable in the industry part, you see a a lot of the insider stuff in play. I like to think that the author knows what he's doing, compared to just having a character with some sort of position but not really acting the part. I'm super glad we haven't yet seen the horror of a narrow minded upper management that plagued IRAS. In fact, the upper management so far in this novel have that kind of comical feel of what's it like to have a high position, but is actually plagued by all the work and responsibilities that they have.

So far, we haven't yet had a hateable character. There's that guy who betrayed the MC's body's previous owner, but you can't really hate the guy since he's as good as dead meat, just waiting to die (even he himself knows that he's dead meat).

I like the scifi part of it. I usually hate scifi since it's mostly filled with plotholes and inconsistencies, but I like how the author had the scifi in a manageable level. We haven't actually really seen much of the scifi part apart from flying cars and virtual idols yet, but nothing overboard so far has happened. I actually really like the whole virtual idol thing, which has a big part in the novel. I'm a Vocaloid pseudo-fan, and it's cool seeing the concept in a novel. But don't worry if you hate Vocaloid, since the idols are actually based more on actual idols, and there's this virtual idol vs human idol thing going on in the novel. I guess you can only really call it a subplot at this point since the focus isn't really on them because the virtual idol the MC is making is really unique in the novel's context.

The chapters have either been short, or that it was really enjoyable I didn't notice I was already at ch 23. Not much has happened, but you can really see the progress. The translation speed is good, so I think it'll be all good on the pacing part.

It has been really enjoyable so far, and I hope it stays this way. I have high hopes for this novel. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Way of the Devil
April 17, 2018
Status: c202
Way of the Devil. It's a novel not very well known and in fact had received some damage during the time QI set off. It has a relatively low rating on NU compared to what to me is its true value as well as its rating on the QI website itself.

I've never believed in those hidden gem myth that's been circling around on the forum but now I firmly do believe they exist, if nothing else than just for this novel itself. I've always thought that if a novel is... more>> good, then naturally it will get more and more popular, right?

Unfortunately for this novel, even disregarding the previous damage it took from all the hate towards QI in its early days, the novel's predominant genre in its early arcs is Horror, definitely Horror. It's not a genre most people would open up to. I remember constantly saying swear words while reading it. Do try to read it before going to sleep, it's quite the experience.

How exactly did I come to love this novel when it's that repulsive then? Well there's one thing the novel promised right from early on, and it's that the MC will be using martial arts to fight off all enemies. Not really interesting on its own when you think about it, but against ghosts? The thought very well intrigued me.

And that intrigue has served its purpose well. The payoff was very real in deed. It was more than just satisfying, it was exciting to see the MC beat the f**k out of the ghosts that f**king creeps the hell out of you.

Now of course, many chapters later, it's no longer like that. The novel has turned from fighting mysterious and creepy ghosts to PUNCHING THE HELL OUT OF THESE WEAKLINGS! And I'm quite satisfied with the direction the novel has taken. This novel has the best OP MC I've ever experienced during my time here.

So all in all, it's a novel definitely worth trying, and even worthy of being a favorite. You should definitely try it out, is what I'm saying basically. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Lord Xue Ying
March 2, 2017
Status: v7c59
A lot of people seem to be complaining, but me personally, I like this one better than the author's Stellar Transformations and The Desolate Era. And that's probably the thing, if you didn't like those two, you probably won't like this one as well.

First thing first, what I really love about this novel is that it has world building, as always from our very own author. Although not everything is revealed, we still have a very good picture om what the world is like.

The thing that made me hooked on... more>> this novel, however, is the very same reason why I love King of Gods: OPness. This time, however, is a bit different. I've read a lot of xianxia, xuanhua, and the likes (though haven't read wuxia yet), and if you did as well, I'm sure you've already met the weak MC gets super external help. That made me want to read an actual MC who is just like the ones in other novels that are described as some dragon amongst men with heaven defying talent. And this our MC here is the one. Although not as obvious from the start, it gets more and more obvious later on. So far, he only got one extremely lucky encounter, and we're already at volume 7, almost 8 now. And that encounter didn't really help him that much afterwards, only helping him breakthrough and I guess some drinks.

Next thing is the MC. People might say he's bland, but I actually prefer this kind of MC way more better than Japanese MCs in first point of view. Like seriously... Well, I guess Dungeon Defense is the only novel that is good at first POV.

The supporting characters aren't really special. But I have this feeling where not being special doesn't mess it up. Ugh.... I should just really get over from that Lazy Dungeon Master's writing style (c49, and the cringyness is starting to take a toll on me)... Cough, by that I mean it's not awkward to read.

I think there's a lot more to it, but I'm sure this is already long enough. (Oh yeah, Kenkyo Kenjitsu is a good novel on first POV!)

I guess this novel all boils down to an OP MC where we actually have an idea how special he is because of really good world-building. Guess that's all, Peace Out. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Emperor of Solo Play
March 2, 2017
Status: c87
Though it is cliche, it captures one of the charms of LMS: MC is not the best player (yet). What made be really disappointed in Shura's Wrath, Ark, and ZL is that the MC moves from MC vs players, to MC vs the game. And that is just f**king stupid. Whatever happened to the MMO part? Why not just make it f**king single player, minecraft with widely interactable npcs. Cuz the others don't f**king matter. Oh, wait... the girls are there, of course, of f**king course.

Another charm I guess is... more>> the korean humour that I oh so like. Well, in a different way than how chinese humour works. Well, both makes me slap my face so hard.

Another thing tho, that I find better than LMS, is that it actually still is a game. By that I mean the MC won't coincidentally happens to be on one particular island amongst many other where some super strong monster resides. Well, that doesnt matter, he probably wont coincidentally go to the cave that is the entrance to his resting area. Well, even if that is the case, he wont coincidentally consider falling off a cliff inside. Well even if he does... he wont coincidentally have feather falling potions. Hmmm.... I mean, even if he does, he wont coincidentally be able to endure a mind control trap- wait, mind control? How can they publish this sh*t?

Ah well, moving on. Well anyway, another thing I guess about being an MC is having coincidentally obtaining a secret class in a game intended for multiple players, right? By, uhh, falling of a cliff, or questing in a cave, or attacking a dungeon, or going to a place where nobody has ever been to, thus being the only one to have a class in an era where players are more likely to be perfectionists, thus would prob copy MC... but that won't happen.

Cough, my point is that MCs class Is not some hidden class, its found in the choose class area.

One thing I really loved about LMS is the lice broadcast thing. Here, MC used the youtube. The crowd reactions are really cool and somewhat realistic.

So far.... don't expect love. Although I actually prefer it this way, so we wont have girls for the sake of having them, cough, a guild made of girls, wtf are you gay?

Well anyway, that is all, peace out <<less
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I've checked out the manhua and the anime, and I think the novel is much better I guess. Especially the MC. I don't know if this is because my image of MCs in novels are perfected therefore different from it's manhua counterparts, but I just think that the MC on the manhua and the anime is very annoying to look at. Well, we're still at c8, but from what I've seen, I think my perfected MC in the novel will hopefully not be as annoying. At least I won't see... more>> the bastard smug on his face. *Cough*

Well anyway, about the novel, I guess all I can say for now is that it's really funny. The dialogues, which were heavily changed on the manhua and anime, just makes you slap your face so hard. I'm not too sure yet, but I think the MC compares the world to more like of that of a game I guess? At least the entrance exam thing part.

Well anyway, things look very promising, I will be following the story from now on.

I guess that's all, peace out <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
February 12, 2017
Status: c60
Gahaha, this is amazing!

5 stars, no doubt about it. Reminds me a lot of History's Strongest Teacher or something, this one is much more funny... and this is not because I don't remember a single thing about History's Strongest Teacher anymore, no.... I hope the title is correct.

Well anyway, this is pretty about in the characters and world building parts. Firstly, the characters, are all almost lovable. I mean come on, we can never really treat the antagonists seriously. I love how the MC just offends people left and right,... more>> whether they be hostile to him or not, albeit unintentionally XD. The best part about the novel, I guess, is just the level of shamelessness almost everybody has XD. Especially the MC. I really love the way he reacts to the challenges of other people. Talk about having a brain for an MC, am I right?.... Or not, I mean he doesn't really get that he's super OP yet. Well anyway, like I said, everyone's funny. I'm sure everyone had mood swings at least once after meeting the MC.

The world building, although not really the best, at least it's good. I mean, I've been reading too many jap novels lately, my head kinda hurts now....

I guess this is it for, I hope we get to see more. I really love it, comedy is really really good, reminds me a lot of A Thought Through Eternity.... Oh, right, they changed the name.

Well anyway, Peace out. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
King of Gods
November 24, 2016
Status: c130
Cliche story, but it's most enjoyable. Really like, really love. I like the power up too, on a personal level. And there are already characters introduced who will most likely appear in the later parts of the novel, which is pretty cool since most of this kind of novel just throw random mob characters who only appear for like 3 chapters. The stages, or arcs, are very well put, that I don't feel it's too slow or very rushed and in a way that it's alternating with the main story... more>> line with his side jobs like hunting in the forest and pill making. The power system is very cool because I actually get the point the crowd is talking about, with the high skill high level stuff than can compare to peak skill low level and whatnot. Overall, it's very enjoyable, but butthurt people probably won't like it because it's "cliche". Been fully enjoying it since Province City Arc. The start is a bit of a chore to read, but it's cool to see him OP along the way not in a way that some elderly people finds out about his powers and try to kill him or that you just want to question other people's eyesight to know why they can't see an MC being too OP. <<less
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Despite looking very generic at the first 10 or so chapters, the author has turned this novel into a hell hole of cliffhangers. Now people might misunderstand and think this is a bad thing, this is in fact a strong point. It means that every chapter, you're always on your toes and anxiously waiting for what's about to happen next. I myself have only reached the latest chapter today, but along the way I knew I would've died waiting if it suddenly stopped at where I reading. That was for... more>> 50 chapters straight, the author has kept me excited for that long. Unfortunately for me, I have reached the latest chapter and would have to join the people by the cliff over there. Now please excuse me....

Huh? What about describing what the novel is all about you say? Eh, let others do that, I mean they can probably do it better than I can, right? Mmm, I guess I'll mention one thing that I appreciate most of the novel... Or make that two, I wanna talk about two things.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Scheme Tag. I've read not just one novel with this tag, I'm sure I've read a lot of them. This, however, has opened my eyes to what scheming really is. The dangers of the inner courtyards were in full display. From what food to what dress to every single detail, there always seemed to be a hidden intent. With Ms. MC being the best of her game, we always see the enemies' petty schemes, not just deterred, but was always made use of by the Shen Miao to pay them back many times back. There's always a constant feel of danger, but never a feel of threat. Scheming has never been this fun for me.

The second thing I want to talk about is the Romance. Finally, for once, the Male Lead has yet to kiss any part of the MC's body, lips or otherwise. The author is sensible enough to let the love sprout and make it at least more reasonable than having the Male Lead fall in love with the MC's calm gaze or some other f**king sh*t. He's still the frivolous playboy archetype, but at least we don't get to see him often. The MC hasn't fallen in love with him yet too, which is a real nice touch to the novel. Well, at least the novel isn't a harem type with multiple guys lurking around the MC, the Male Lead is apparent as day. Besides the guy is turning out to at least be acceptable for me, despite being a little irritable sometimes.

Mm, so I guess that's all. Well, all I mustered to say anyway. Give the novel a try and you might love it just like how I do. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
March 2, 2017
Status: c49
Well, uhh... This is purelyy personal problem, but... I hate first person POV.

Well, before that, let me tell you first how I even reached ch 49, and why I put it off.

At the start, the bandit arc, I really endured it, like literally endured. Yeah, but then that happens, and this happens, and sh*t. I don't even know how I got to where I am right now, but along the way, I get to see a raped loli who turns into innocent type loli, no wait, scratch that, I mean... more>> child, not loli, errr.... c*ck eating s*x slave who turns into a, uhh, I dunno, some kind of annoying maid, wait, no, bodyguard, uhh, wait wait, ah, I meant poison tester girl (new type trolol), and uhh... I guess that's all. For slaves that is. And then there's, uhh, let's see here, overf**kINGused skills I guess? Well, there's only two, was it clean up? The one that everybody knows and should by now be common sense in their world since it didn't suddenly pop out and ppl get brainwashed into thinking it is common, which begs the question why the hell does it feel so awkward? And the other one, it was uhh, golem create? He's pretty much using it for everything. Now here's the thing about the golem one. One thing I really like about the novel is the MC's power. I dunno where he got it tho, but it lets him understand every language orally, and can cast and modify every magic out there because the magic spells are from an ancient language that only the MC prob understands in present time. Sounds so cool right? But look at how the aithor uses this: by repeatedly using the only spell that probably exists on the entire world, I mean MC skillset, that can be modified. It looks cool that using it for, uhh, cool stuff, but is there nothing else out there? Imagine the fkin possibility of this cheat... dangit.

Now I guess to the last part, uhh yeah. The MC. Ugh, where do I start with japanese monologue with unfunny jokes that are prob hindered by culture barrier? That's ok and all, but it is so f**king.... fk, gah, my chest itches... a lot! First person POV description is... just killing me!!!! The monologue.... save me.... there are just a lot of times where MC just kinda feel like... gaaah, how do I even explain this sh*tty hate I have for first person POVs. Look, I tried that death march thing, I couldn't survive past c3! And then I also tried that realist hero chronicles one. Two parts I so hated about the novel... the idol group and the f**king cooking show! Uggghhhh, I was almost up to the latest translations, until my chest started bleeding from scratching... fuuuuu-

Well anyway, the thing I hate most about the novel, aside from being japanese (lol) is the characters. Well, not really hate, more like I can't be invested, and that just makes them all look like they speak nonesense. I like nobody in the novel, how did I even reach Inn building part.

Well anyway, before I lose it, I better go now. Ciao, Peace Out. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Love Affair With Sister-in-Law
July 3, 2017
Status: c5
For all Netori lover bois out there. It has decent, uhh, scenes. It is very "exciting" to see them do it in secret. Quite similar to Lovely Belle, only more NTRish I guess. ... more>>

Chapter 5, they get caught by the husband. Biggest plot twist I've seen in this genre happens here


Also, amazing how the other guy is looking for plot in a hentai novel, shout out to him. Probably didn't even read chapter 1, claps for the stupid hate. I mean, come on guys, he's not that bad, he's probably unloved so he's trying to spread hate.

Edit: that was rude of me, I take the last sentence that I said back. I guess I was pretty edgy back then (still is). <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
The Silly Alchemist
February 13, 2017
Status: c44
It's really really really good. One of my favorite comedy novels out there. Also, an MC that just has the best logic out there.

To be honest, I like this novel more than its quality, that is already 5 by the way, because I have always wished for this kind of school life novel. Well, at least right now it still is. I just love how we still haven't been through some sh*tty trying to explain this really cool sh*t that will make MC strong. The author only mentions it like... more>> in a few paragraph, which I really like.

This, to me, is like fulfilling my regrets of my past life. By this, I mean remember Douluo Dalu? Yeah, I really do love the novel, just that sh*t always get bad late game no matter what novel. That's why the best part of the novel was the school arc. And the sad part about it is that it is always filled with either battle scenes or character development, leaving no room for slice of life scenes. This novel, I hope to see a lot of school stuff, since there are quite a lot I think to be covered up.

And lastly, I just love how it's comedy. It's not the Wtf, gahahahaha! kinda laugh of ATTE, or whatever it is right now, but it's kind of a series of small and big jokes here and there which really makes my mood great.

The novel needs more love than it receives. I wish the novel gets to be introduced to other people as well. I think one problem here is the novel cover, but I think that's just me..... I think.

Well anyway, that is all, Peace out, <<less
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What a legendary novel, I can't believe the day where I would outright place a female MC novel as my number 1 would come.

I like The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress with Military Lineage quite a lot as well, it's at least in top 5, but that novel just had some stuff I am not really fond of. Not enough to hinder the reading experience, but still, it haunts me while reading it.

... more>>

And what exactly is that flaw? Welp, the male lead. The whole concept of female MC novels having the necessity of a guardian angel to look out for the MC has always annoyed me. Can't we just get a novel where the female MC gets to show off without having to rely on her bodyguard?

Sadly, this novel doesn't have an independent MC commanding the 9 skies.... or whatever that idiom was supposed to be. In fact, the MC relies on the MLs A LOT. It makes me self-contradictory, but I love it. Why? It's like that saying where too much of anything is bad or something, except it's the opposite. It turned out real great.

Well, basically after reading this, I learned that it wasn't about the MCs relying on MLs that I was annoyed at. It was just that every time they do it, they have this self-portrayal of weakness and incompetence. And the reason why I like Rebirth of the Malicious Empress, and even Doomed to be Canon Fodder to a certain extent, is because the MCs can handle themselves without having to rely on men. And the reason why I don't like them as much is because they will still end up relying on them anyway, with the author having to have to think of some way to make the MC fall in love with the ML.

Now if we were to backtrack for a bit here, I did say that the MC in this novel still relies on them anyway. But why do I like it then? We that's because the MC doesn't take them seriously, she's only doing it because the System is forcing her to. And the fact that the Male Leads are okay with not having her makes them real likeable.

Now you might've noticed by now that I've been using MLs, plural instead of singular. Well that's because after finishing a plot, she moves on to another one. She doesn't get too attached with the Male Leads, so she's fine with leaving them alone. I appreciate that a lot. Although I kinda am worried about the current arc and how it will turn out. I hope the author can maneuver her way out of it. Oh, and did I mention how cute the author is? Yeah, she's really cute. Don't ask me why, you'll know if you want to.

Kinda a weird part to add this in, but the novel is that kind of novel that jabs on common tropes, and it is a very broad one for that. It's broadness is also the reason why it kept being fresh for so long (and probably for a long time to come, as long as the author doesn't go the route I fear of) as opposed to similar novels like My Disciple Died Yet Again and History's Strongest Senior Brother who abandoned their roots and ended up becoming what they were ridiculing at after their first few arcs.

I like how the MC is OP and I didn't have to read half an arc's worth of stock marketing and cultivating. Author says it outright and she's just brushing it off as something that will be explained in the future, hmmmmm.....

Well, I expect a lot from the novel, and what a happy coincidence to have just randomly clicked it in the NU homepage.

Just a warning tho! It can get really grotesque sometimes, and I'm saying that as someone who's read the Rebirth of the Malicious Empress. You can just skim thru it if you want I guess, don't force yourself to read those small parts. They can get really disturbing (well, only that one time really, where it was too realistic, as in it could happen irl). All you need to know is that they happened. It doesn't really change the novel's tone, but it does give the novel more depth, and it makes you not underestimate the author as just what she acts like in the author notes. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife
April 11, 2017
Status: c4
I love it, and the ratings are well deserved.

Although I've had not just one of these thrown to the past/isekai MCs, this really hits my soft spot.

I've only read 4 chapters so far, but from what I've seen on chapters 3 and 4, we don't have overly complex side characters, which I really like. It probably won't be mind blowing like Dungeon Defense, but that's that, this is this. I prefer this one, I guess, in terms of genre anyway (like that novel with the Protagonist as his name, I... more>> didn't really like that one). In terms of modern into past technology stuff, Release that Witch will probably be better, but I do admit that the author knows a lot about the time's culture and people.

Although it's a bit boring, but I prefer it this way actually; the romance, I mean. He gets to her on c1, which, for me, saves all the trouble. The harem on A Step into The Past was... I dunno, but I surely didn't like it that much.

There's still not much out yet, the translation speed is like level: Kenkyo Kenjitsu. I hope the translator speeds it up soon, cuz I really want to read more. <<less
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The Avalon of Five Elements
October 23, 2017
Status: c210
Tbh, although ppl say the early parts were comparatively boring, I find them more enjoyable to read than the arc where I'm at. Back then, I pretty much put this novel on par on Ze Tian Ji, although I kinda take that back now. Both of them are slow paced, but at least in Ze Tian Ji, chapters were longer so it can get away with paragraphs of infodump. In here tho, specifically on recent chapters, battles are long winded and boring. It really can't be compared to ZTJ's heart... more>> stopping battles. The fact that author adds in fillers doesn't really help much in making it better, altho I have to say those fillers were more interesting than the actual battles. There were a lot of things I was disappointed, which I'll be going to list down some of them.


What disappointed me the most was how the MC still ended up getting trapped in the deus ex machina powerups despite showing promise early on with him training the hard way and all. I thought he was going to get OP by using his ingenious training methods. Welp author goes screw that, Imma give the MC all these impossible things multiple times in a row. I'm to blame for getting my hopes up.

The rivalry part was pretty cool. There were lots of geniuses stronger than the MC. It was showing how the MC is not the strongest person in his age and that was really my jam. But then the author gives ridiculous powerups to the MC. He just somehow catches up to these geniuses in a matter of month. I guess I am to blame for getting my hopes up on this one too. I'm just tired of this MC is the strongest thing. I was kinda hoping for MC being very exceptional because of his experience while still being weaker in other areas.

The romance.... Well, I mean it's not bad but... That's that, it's just not bad. I mean I shouldn't be complaining, but the author spends so much time on her, but I'm just not interested in her. I find the embroidery seinor more attractive in aal honesty. I mean like, the girl is starting to like the MC because oh he's so strong and dependable and mysterious. Like, it's just not interesting. Idk, there might still be chance that she won't be the main heroine, but I doubt it.

It was highly, and I mean very highly, stressed out that it's very hard to revive swordsmanship because of reasons. But then the MC can do it because he has like what, a sword embryo? Like has no one seriously thought of that before? It's been thousands of years, but no one thought of it? It's kinda ridiculous. You can spout paragraphs of reasoning to refute my statement, but you can't say it's not ridiculous.

Plot convenience is way too strong. Any strong points of the MC can just be shrugged off as he's been to this Wilderness we've never seen before, it's starting to get on my nerves. Like, the author is making out the Wilderness as this very dangerous area to the point of questioning how the MC even survived in the first place, it's ridiculous. I've read the line "I've seen much worse in the Wilderness" so many times it's sickening. Wilderness bullsh*t out of the way, there are still a lot more plot convenience. He happens to help this very OP sand puppet with a master that just happens to be very old. You can guess what happens next. He needed money and this training hall just happens to be having a competition for the heroine (same girl above) who happened to be on that city that day and the she happens to be wearing those restraining stuff and gets beaten by MC and I forgot to mention it was awas blind battle so she couldn't see his face. Later on they magically meet each other on a noodle shop and some stuff happens and then sse asks for him to look for the guy that beat her, which was the MC. I mean, like, that's some multi-layered bullsh*t there, maybe they're fated for each other after all. He happens to receive this blood bandage something which was an OP item his mistress gave him. And then an apocalypse happens and blood fiends start appearing and it happens to be their outing. And then his bandage happens to counter these blood fiends. There's so much more, this novel can't progress without having coincidences every 10 chapter, which is mostly where something is happening. Nothing happens without coincidences.

The adults are way too irresponsible. It's like pokemon, they just let the kids be on their own. I can't be bothered to give an example tbh.


Now after all that rant, you might think I'd say that you shouldn't read this novel. I won't. Because even though it has many flaws, it has its redeeming factors.


Altho I made it ssound like it glaring flaws, you actually won't notice them if you don't think hard on it. I only noticed it now that I'm writing this really. The mood is sometimes comedic, so it can actually get away with the ridiculous plot convenience.

All of the characters are well fleshed out and relevant. They don't have just a one time appearance and then disappear. I like this bit about it.

I really appreciate the the fact that relevant people do die in this novel, and that the author portrays it really well.


Probably a lot more things to say, but I'm kinda tired now. Conclusion is:

Is this novel perfect? No, not at all. Ze Tian Ji is definitely a better alternative to this novel. Don't expect this to be flawless.

Should you give it a try? Yes, you should give it a try. I know I complained about the part where the heroine meets the MC in a blind battle, but that's what actually got me interested in the novel. You should read it up till there first before deciding to continue or not. This was actually mm second attempt at reading because first time I tried, I got bored by the first 3 chapters. It picks up from there on. <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
May 15, 2017
Status: c1
I've only read chapter 1 right now, but I had to take a break since I had a sudden enlightment.

Have I come to the point where I laugh sh*tless at seeing cliches?

Anyway, if I hadn't known, I would've thought this was OEM. Maybe that's the point, this novel might be about cliches, like MDDYA and HSSB.

Anyway, it's on a good start. Aside from that one cheesy part where my entire body shivered, things seem to fine. I don't know if it's intentional, but I did laugh hard at the first... more>> half of the chapter (there's no comedy tag).

EDIT (with caps for some reason) : I've finally finished ch 15, and all I can say is that that was satisfying!

Ok, so I got it wrong, it's not a parody. I'm sure in the future someone else is going to say this as well, so let me be the first:"Guys stop comparing this to OEM. Apart from the first half of ch 1 being way too similar to OEM, everything else is drastically different!" Well, for one, MC's not the dense type. He's actually pretty flirty, and the first waifu (harem tag) is too gadam kawaii. Also, it's the mother that's there, not the uncle and grandpa. Oh, and he doesn't have any weird designs on his mother. Let me just put that away. Also (2), he's not the scheming type. Well, at least so far, I could have thought of anything he did if I were to be put in his position. Also (3), it's xianxia setting, not medieval. Clans, martial arts, cultivators, and young masters. Also (4), he's arrogant. Well, MC from OEM is arrogant at times too, but that's pretty much only when no one's watching or that he's doing it on purpose, not unintentionally. Not much out yet really to say, but so far, he's confident enough to be arrogant. At least he gets away with it.

Someone will surely point this out in the future as well, so let me do the honor as well! "Things are way too f**king convenient!" Nope, I am not one bit exaggerating, and I feel that that sentence was too short to contain the amount of convenience the author gives to the MC. You're dead? No prob, I'll take care of that! Weak body? Don't worry, I'll give you a satisfying surprise! You're being provoked to fight? Dummy, you're the (former) number one expert on earth! Someone stronger is provoking you? Stupid! You already forgot my surprise I gave you just now? Aaaannnd some more. Just that I'm already spoiling a bit too much, so go check the rest out for yourself. Actually, this isn't really a bad thing. I'm rather happy about this, since the author doesn't beat around the bush, like beat it until it's pulverized into dust then burn it into ash. It's like, 'I'm only here to see the MC act cool, no need to make the MC feel helpless, we all know he's going to make it out of it anyway, why spend 3 chapters describing how the MC is most likely going to lose this time, but then suddenly something happens to make him stronger.' Well, I'm sure that's going to happen to this novel eventually too, but at least the author knows that it's annoying. TBH I'm very glad that the MC got the best stuff very very early on, because it's always annoying to see the MC wasting chapters and chapters just to get a good cultivation technique, until he's too strong for it, so he sets out to find another one later on.

What else? I'm sure it won't just be me, but I love how I can predict what's going to happen. Try it! There will be some hints of what's going to happen, and after that, it's fairly easy to guess what's going to happen next. Let me be honest to myself, I'm the kind of reader who enjoys seeing the MC being cool, like Zhang Ye! Well, he's not on cool mode at all times, but you get the point (if you know him anyway). Why I'm okay with these cliches is because it's not the only thing there is in the novel. Nor is training (an entire arc of training without anything else happening other than fighting that giant bird and cooking it and then becoming world-class chef at BBQs all of a sudden, wtf?). In short, it's not boring! Heck, we got an adorable waifu, what else do we need?

It's already this long?*cough* I'm actually quite embarassed. Please forgive me!

Anyway, that was a pretty fun read, and seeing how they will release 7 chapters a week, I'm guessing this will be one of my daily reads from now on. (S0, next on the list is saying how thankful I am to Qidian and the translator and editor for the good read, and then I'll be following this from now on (you already did that idiot), and then finally finishing this long ass review. Should be easy enough.) I would really like to tha- <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
January 6, 2017
Status: c190
I rate it 3 stars. First, let me get this straight: This novel is very good. Amazing even. My only problem is... ... more>>


I'm not gonna talk about its positives, others can do that better than me, so let me just rant instead.

Okay, unless you haven't read it yet and you're reading this spoiler (but don't worry, I do that too), you will get what I am talking about. Right from the bat, we are given this kid from the same village as MC, which, in all honesty, made me drop the series back when I just started reading this genre, Xian xia. Not that I have anything against MC liking/paired with the younger ones, in fact, I really like it, especially senpai-kouhai or Niisan-imouto, and you can even call lolicon.... but there's this thing I just realized throughout reading this novel: I hate reverse harem. Well, that can be okay, even if it was, and it was even on the tags, but that can be overshadowed if the harem boys are, like, made fun of, or made funny, considering how the main guy is already set. Sadly... on this one, it's not that way at all. All we have is an obsessive child (ren). Like, wtf, like WTF! Okay, maybe I am just overacting, so let's just let it be, the novel is fun and all even with that anyway. Not like we'd have another obsessive kid that turns into an obsessive adult later on right? Hahahaha... yeah, no. Apparently, the village boy, the one with so many emotional scenes that I don't really get because there was not a single chapter dedicated to show how he even came to like her, has grown up, so, I mean, like, he's gone. Look, the shota is gone. Author, look, he's gone. Hey, do your job, make another one. If someone actually said that, then please tell them f**k you for me. So, walla!!! Here's another shota for you. The previous one was not irritatingly infatuated with MC enough, so let's make one that's even more irritable! I like to call this one, the shota from the... where was it again? Crystal? Let's just say egg cell, although that's prob wrong. Anyway, here's your shota. Enjoy!.... not. Sigh, so we have another one that is, well, obsessive of the MC. I mean, hey, how about letting us relate a bit why these kids like her? Well, yeah, sure, uhh, she's special because she was the first female you were close with and depended on, and apparently no other girl exists besides her in the sect/the first person you see after birth. Yeah, uhuh, both are creepy. Do girls like these? Hey, I can understand if they were girls instead and the MC was male, but in all honesty, this is by the way MY opinion, so my perspective matters, right? Not like there's no amazing female MC novels out there (kenkyo kenjitsu, all right!). Anyway, they're creepy, they're creepy, reading it makes me so uncomfortable, and it's really creepy. The eggcell shota, I don't know why, but every time I read him, I just have this imagery of him being malnourished and having big bulging eyes, that my precious guy on Lord of the Rings. Well, yeah, sure, some things are bad, but hey, the novel's still good, right?... let me just say, I liked not one bit of the novel after she went to the higher plane, and this started right about when the master transcends. Things feel unfamiliar, and I never really got the chance to be familiar with places other than the mountain. Then she goes to another place, and I just can't have a clue where the f she is. Pretty much thrown there, then,.... I don't even know what then. Of course tho, my main issue, the harem boys. We travel to another place and bam, guess what, we get a clone of that village boy, which is equally feeling close but we hate him, and of course, hey author! We need another shota, who is unusually super attached to MC! This one, I'd like to call the bird egg shota. Yeah, there's 4 in all, but things might turn out that there were just 2, but I don't have the patience.

So my problem is, the side characters. Maybe it's just me, but the side characters are not fleshed out enough and then they suddenly play out big roles, you can't help but be irritated ya know? But be that as it may, there some things that I liked about the novel. And these things were the one that made me hate the novel as well. Why?

They disappeared. Maybe I haven't read enough xian xia, but after the first antagonist, there's no more, or maybe not as much, counter xian xia plots. That OP Harem Protagonist guy, I liked the concept. But after that, the others are not as striking. One other thing that I really liked was that little radish, her disciple, but what the f**k, after, like, 1000 yrs, she somehow finds her about to be raped right after escaping that world thingy? There's a limit to coincidences. I mean... 1000 yrs, but it just had to happen after she arrives? Woooaah, and I though that MC from against the gods miraculously arriving on time when that empress of the something country was about to lose to the army of that phoenix thingy empire. Oh, spoiler alert. Bit really. But anyway, after this, she talked to for a bit and.... she... no, there's no and. She leaves the little radish alone, she goes to blacksmithing, cuz apparently she's amazing. Hey, your disciple, I think she misses you a lot, hey! And then, she saves the world, and never gets to say goodbye to little radish. Ummm, wtf, what happens to her, what was all that blood bending sh*t if she's not fleshed out, holy sh*t, I really thought she'd go OP and wreck her entire generation or some sh*t because MC didn't do that.... but what the f**k do we get. She gets to be the poor girl in a tragic love story.... really? You can have your shotas, duck you, but don't neglect little radish. I don't even know anymore after this, pretty much went downhill.


Some things were cool, like when she was a dragon, and turning little radish into a genius, which never happened for all I know, but this novel made me disappointed even more than the time that I actually realized that MC from Something Gods and Demons was actually a lump of sh*t by acting all righteous but actually was literally a pile of sh*t of hypocrisy <<less
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RynDeeVuo rated it
Dungeon Defense
December 27, 2016
Status: v3c6
It's amazing.

Likeable MC, check. One of the best out there, he's really intelligent, and like the others said, an intelligent person, not some dumb, dense, idiot "genius", *cough* the so-called geniuses who are actually passive and usually react to conflicts via genius skills, not genius genius way of thinking *cough*.

Likeable plot, check. The MC vs. Allies, Demon vs. Other Demons, and Demons vs. Humans, also some Humans vs. Humans. I like the stage of the play.

... more>> Likeable supporting characters, check. Laura is waifu, waifu is laifu, laifu is Laura.

Likeable villains, check. The imperial princess, no need for words. It's like the MC and her are dancing. That bald northern commander, we get to connect with him. The other demons, where we can't really say they are allies or enemies.

Good writing, check. No doubt the best I've seen. The way we see the enemies POV before and during conflict, it gives me the feeling that the story is well thought and already has a plan on what it's doing, not suddenly adding sh*t like, oh we need a villain, why not add one right now. Volume 2 was pretty cool, and if you've read it, you'll know what I mean.

For negatives, I guess it's that what happened to the "dungeon defense"? Not that it matters though. The only time they actually defended the dungeon was when they lost the dungeon castle. Though I guess it was called this way cuz of the Dungeon Attack game.

All in all one at my top 3. <<less
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A Will Eternal
March 17, 2018
Status: c251
Something I've noticed in certain types of comedy novels is that at one point in time, the novel HAS to turn into a grimmer and darker turn for various reasons such as keeping the freshness as well as taking away the limiter on the characters' development. Take it from The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich for example, where although it still is funny even after hundreds of chapters, the characters feel more deeper and humane rather than just being straight out silly since the novel took effort in fleshing... more>> out the darker side of the novel. Or maybe to an extreme extent like Marquis of Grand Xia that has basically already removed the comedy aspect and pretty much turned into The Torture Log of the Crippled MC. While that may sound a horrible and wrong way for an originally funny novel to go, it has actually transformed the novel into a deeper and more meaningful piece of art where each of the later chapters cuts directly to the heart.

Now A Will Eternal, 250 chapters in, has not yet made this turn, and not any time soon as well it seems from what I can tell by the 400~ chapter reviews. It might've been all well in the beginning arcs, but ever since he's infiltrated into a sect where the disciples supposedly kill other people as breakfast, this type of lighthearted writing felt off and dissonant. It's weird because the writing feels like it's trying to show the more relevant and important characters in said evil sect as good people just because it would look bad on the MC to hang around with people who probably performs demonic rituals and human sacrifices every month or something. And if they don't do those type of things or any other deeds in the same caliber, then the whole evil sect fiasco would seem like just a big piece of farce that Er Gen decided on since he probably thought it would be cool to have the MC go to a sect that's the direct opposite of his original one.

I loved this novel for its comedy. I still remember dying in the middle of the night when I first read the north bank vs south bank arc, as well the following arc where he focused on alchemy. Now there's just so much the author is trying explain and add in the novel that there's barely any room left for comedy. In fact, some of the supposedly funny scenes sometimes get too much. There's this ongoing gag where other people gets misfortuned due to the MC's crazy antics like his bizarre alchemy side effects. And now there's this weird thing going where the people affected are actually affected in a way that would make the MC a big asshole, except the readers aren't supposed to be bothered about it since they're somewhat kinda the bad guys anyway? Like I said, it's weird. There's this one guy who acted as a major antagonist for an arc and now he just gets constant abuse from the MC and his clan.

Now of course comedy isn't the only aspect of this novel, although I might as well say that comedy is the only thing going for it. There's a weird harem that's very undeveloped where most of the members are mostly offscreen or sent away to return only much later on in the novel, probably. A not so strong and important girl MC meets and comes to like when he still wasn't strong yet happens to be a spy infiltrating the sect (for some reason...) with a very big background of a much stronger sect (daughter of the sect master or something, don't remember). To be honest the way it was revealed was like the author thought it would look bad if one of the harem members was a low teir sect member so he decided to suddenly add a big mysterious background to her, making it very unconvincing considering how this supposedly "I'm someone important's daughter since I have this strong and mysterious expert come pick me up just when the MC and I were about to hit it up" almost died in this supposedly unremarkable place to her, and quite miserably at that too. All the relevant females are either harem candidates or are too old to be considered. Too bad MC doesn't spend too much time with any of them, except for this one big sister type girl who he constantly thinks is seducing him.

The cultivation system is simple and easy enough to understand, except we never really get a grasp at how strong the MC is recently. We only know his limits when he fights enemies and beats them 'just barely.' He's got this heaven foundation thing going on for him, except it doesn't really give him much of an advantage despite spending an entire arc getting it. And it's ridiculous how he's not sweeping the floor with the others considering how much he leeches off of all the blood energy stuff in the sect he infiltrated that he happens to be so good absorbing (cause MC has a special cultivation method, amiright?). Although now that I say that, it did say something about hiding his identity and not being able to use most of his strength and skill, blah blah blah. Going to an enemy sect without informing anyone in his previous sect does sound really stupid doesn't it, although it all luckily went well for him since he can cultivate faster there with all the blood energy stuff (which he had no prior knowledge of). Yep, so many things are coincidentally going way too well for him, the author should've included something along the lines of that karma thing in ISSTH by now to easily explain all of this. Like fate must've guided him there and whatnot, I'd buy that.

I was originally planning on keeping this short, but once I started I couldn't stop myself. Before I make this too long, it's about time to give out my verdict.

Despite all that I said, this novel is still deserving to be one of the better-best novels on this site. It was unfortunate for me to have lost my interest in it after being drifted apart for so long. I just didn't like it as much as I did back when the previous translator was translating it. Don't get me wrong, the current one is by no means at all inferior to the previous one, in fact the previous one had quite a lot of issues. But maybe there's just something special about being the first version that I read back when it was still translating (I've read both), and having lost that special something, the novel never felt the same way and from then on it just wasn't as good as it was to me before. Recent chapters were kinda tedious to read and there's barely anything to look forward to at all in the novel. I got bored to hell by this trial by fire thing going on, I hardly care about the results or the people participating in it, in fact at this point you might as well say I hardly care about the MC anymore. He's always been rascal, but I wished he at least could've matured mentally.

Well who knows, you might still be able to enjoy the novel to beyond where I stopped at. Regardless of all that I've said, this novel is still definitely worth a try. It's a lot more decent than most of the novels here, just an unfortunate case on my part where I wasn't invested enough into the characters to overlook and ignore the flaws. This novel still deserves a 3 stars from me. <<less
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