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Rycans rated it
The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady
October 10, 2016
Status: c255

This novel is really different from other "time-travel" story I read before. Although like other story her power, her knowledge upper from other (but not the highest) still the same.

The one that I love and maybe that's the spoiler, until now, I don't know who is the Lord that in the "description" above (I read 255 chapters in 2 days - RAW, oh God my head). And the MC is really dense, make 'them' act so cute, hahaha~ You must read it, to know my frustration feel when other man appeared just to catch her attention, she just go with it, don't know about mmmm, best friend feeling (OF COURSE NOT!) JEALOUS.

One I love again is the MC has a lovely brother that will always there for her (although he is in the barrack and a little bit stupid. #SometimesIsmellsomethingfishyhere).

I really recommended this for you if you like the time travel story with MC female lead from modern days. I guarantee you it's different from other. (Although I still read them like : Genius doctor black belly miss, the demonic chase his wife (this really recommended before I read this story), The good for nothing seventh young lady, the favorite golden fei, the mistake marriage match a generation of military counselor, Descent of the phoenix, evil emperor wild consort, and etc, I forgot hahaha~)

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Hi, this is my first time to make a review.

I LOVE this story much. They are really cute couple. At first, I just hope she will fall in love first to the male main character but in the end, he is the one who fall in love first, hahaha I just remember, and I forgot the chapter, he said that it's karma because he despised woman, he gifted by heaven a violent woman, hahahaha, that's really hilarious because every time he near her, he always get injured.

I really recommended this... more>> story, although the translation is not end, it's worth to waiting. Just wish Nutty-san and L3D-san can finish the translation.

LOVE GU YUN & SU LING. Hohohohoho~ <<less
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