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Ancient Strengthening Technique
February 17, 2016
Status: --
Review for up to Chapter 11. Rating 2/5 (Read using Bluefire Translations)

The biggest problem with this story is that it isn't a story. This is a show and tell from the author where he tells the reader whats happening instead of a story happening. After reading the first 11 chapters I know almost nothing about the characters, the world, or why I should keep reading. The only three points covered is the MC is weak, his mom dotes on him, he wants to be stronger. We as readers aren't... more>> told that through interaction with other characters but from exposition.

There is roughly only five instances of non exposition dialog in the first 11 chapters and they last four sentences on average. When there isn't exposition the MC trains by sitting and then a breakthrough happens. It's as dull and uninteresting as it seems.

The main character is 'trash' then he isn't. He's the weakest in the village and then he becomes strong. The transition from one to the other happens exactly as I stated above. He just is one thing and then the next with just the bare minimum amount of justification from the author. My review is only based on 11 chapters out of 2500. So I would assume it does get better at some point. The problem though is the first 11 chapters are so extremely dull and uninteresting that its hard to know if/when it does pick up and actually become a story.

If you like reading a book report highlighting the life of someone, interested in a simple ranking system made to seem overly complex, or are extremely bored I would give this a read. Otherwise it is something to put on hold until there is a lot more chapters translated so you can power through the very rough beginning. That's of course assuming the story gets more interesting at some point. <<less
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Against the Gods
February 15, 2016
Status: --
Review for up to Chapter 184. Rating 2/5

Against the Gods has hints of promise but is weighed down by bad story telling. Most of which can be boiled down to its three main flaws.

The first being the lack of substance that makes up the DNA of the main character. Its clear the authors goal is to have a main character the reader wish's they were, but the problem is how obvious its made that's the goal. The main character is the most attractive, smartest, has the strongest of wills, etc...... more>> but at no point is that used well in the story. Your told these things about the character instead of discovering them yourself. He uses none of his assets to advance the plot. Instead plot armor is used to get out of situations.

He obtains things not through character development or interesting story telling but because the plot dictates he gets or has it. He's got the mind of a twenty-four year old in the body of a sixteen year old, but aside from medical knowledge which make sense he has, he also the knowledge of a Casanova with zero experience for it. His moral center is he punish's bad people or people that wrong him, but uses the same tactics as the people he fights so he has no moral high ground.

His actions and goals come from a hallow foundation. Which is highlighted every time he sets off to help a women in his life. The girls he sets off to help are lucky to be remembered a chapters after he leaves before the next female distraction comes into view. All of which leads into the second main problem with the story.

This story wants to be a harem, but only in the sense to have the main character sleep with them before throwing them away. Which is fine in some sense if the author wants a womanizing character, but he tries to set-up the main character to be this larger then life good guy towards them. Each girl he is suppose to love and want to be with, but aside from the author telling you that with the main character actually saying it, its not actually true. The main character has zero attachments to any of them and doesn't even show a hint of caring about them.

Sure he will protect them, but that's the biggest problem in the harem. The story setting shows that the girls can be and in almost every case are stronger then him, but if they don't have a man in their life, their life will amount to nothing. He makes this speech to one of the strongest girls, but at that point he's already made a power up breakthrough by realizing that the world revolves around him so I guess it would make sense why he think's that.

If only he believed it but was wrong it would be fine, but it of course works. Girls throw away their pride and the very things they believe in to be with him. Every girl regardless of what backstory they are given walk away each time from the main character with him being the most important thing to them. They have no will's or ego's becoming very one-dimensional masturbation material.

Finally from a story writing stand point there is way to much redundancy. Not knowing when to stop there is always one to many mob characters, fights, power-ups, and reckless actions in an arc. Any time the main character does something 'impossible' several people will have to comment on it in the exact same way. (He's this strong and only sixteen). Every encounter has to drag out and repeat the same thing before it can end. (Last arc I read he used up the last of his strength and had nothing left at least four different times). Wearing out the same plot point is very common in this story.

There is some alright things in this story, but given all the above problems not enough to make it worth reading. <<less
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
July 6, 2016
Status: v4
The story and plot are interesting, but I've never hated a main character more then I did while reading this. I'm not saying the main character is poorly written or that the book series is bad. Just that every chapter I read I wished the main character would be killed off.

My rating of the story is based off my own enjoyment of the series. Not of the series itself.
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So What If It’s an RPG World?
July 6, 2016
Status: v9c1
The story has no plot or a foundation to hold it from one story arc to the next. Things happen because they do and most of the plot is to setup a joke reverence to another work of media. If you're into nonsense and randomness for the sake of being random its worth a read. If you actually want a story or characters or plot or anything not gag related look elsewhere.
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Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
July 6, 2016
Status: c136
I've read 136 chapters and I can honestly say the same exact information and plot could be written in only 40 chapters of the same length. So much of this story is copy and paste of previous chapters. The same lines of dialog and reasoning is used time and again. Nearly half of any given chapter is copy and pasted from previous ones with only 10% at best being something new happening.

Since this is a wish fulfillment story the main character obviously has to have a cheat. The cheat in... more>> this story is so damn stupid in of itself that you couldn't find a more convenient plot device if you tried. Making the wish fulfillment story complete with a Mary Sue main character. He can do anything and everything based on the situation. The only weakness is just how dumb and paranoid the main character is of his own shadow.

Speaking of the main character in the first chapter he is driven to suicide based on bulling. In the following 135 chapters I can honestly say I sympathize more with the bullies then I do with the main character. I'm not advocating for bullies or want anyone to be bullied, but at the same time I get why he was bullied. The main character does not have one redeeming quality.

The girls in the harem are the only ones even kind of interesting and probably the only reason to read the story at all. However they are just masturbation material with no real personalities. They are set up just enough to be the embodiment of X stereotype and have less substance then an ant puddle. <<less
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Review for up to Chapter 23. Rating 2.5/5

This novel shows some promise with its story telling. There is 1001 potential characters to use and the author smartly limits that to roughly ten so you don't get mind over loaded with to much. However even then most everyone is hallow and one-dimensional.

Instead of giving time for the characters to breathe and come to life the focus is on advancing the world building. Which could be fine and work except the approach to the world building is done using one note characterizes... more>> pretending to be characters.

The novel is flooded with cliches as well. Little girl with a big weapon, head pat reward, all girls after the main character, etc... If you made a check list of things you'd expect to see in a story like this there is a good chance that within 10 chapters almost all of them are checked off.

Granted not all stories need to reinvent the wheel, and if your not looking for anything of substance you probably could find worse stories of this genre to read. It just doesn't do anything new or impressive. <<less
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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
July 6, 2016
Status: v15c3
Rating: 4.5

Reason for a half point taking off is the one problem I have with the story. To much of the exposition by the author is repeating things we already know. Instead of letting the reader infer the reason the characters are acting like X its spelled out for us. Doing so for things that happened books ago would make sense, but things that happened a chapter ago do not. Its unnecessary and bloats the story.

Its more of a problem I have with all Japanese works since its a common... more>> trope among all Light Novels. That doesn't excuse it though.

As for the rest of the story.

The harem in this is probably the best done one of any Light Novel harems out there. All the girls have a reason for wanting to be with the main character and the main character has a reason for not advancing a romance with any of them. The cast of characters are all flawed with their own back story and motivations. The romance isn't their raison d'être like in most stories. Rather a byproduct of circumstance.

To get more in depth with how the harem aspects works in the later novels would spoiler a large part of what this series is. At first glance you see a fluff story about a group of strangers fighting over a pointless thing. By normal standards its nothing of noteworthy to mention. It would be forgotten or thought of as a nice read when there is nothing else to pass time with. Yet that's not the case.

Without spoiling to much there is a shift in story telling that takes place a few novels in. Once it happens you realize the series has more depth and layers then what you can see at first glance. In that regard this series is definitely an outlier amongst its Light Novel brothern. Each story builds on the last and each one gets better. <<less
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