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There is something inherently simple and sweet in this story even as the protagonist strives to fight for her life. *Coughs* That's right, this story is nothing less than an epic tale for survival of one girl and her council of advisors (all of which are herself, but that's just a minor detail) against a world that has it in for her. Katarina (or perhaps the more aptly nicknamed Bakarina by fans) is the heart and soul of this series, the one that makes you want to read on and... more>> on to see what she'll pull off next. The charm lies in the fact that she never grasps the true (and beautiful) consequences of her actions as she goes about her life, just being herself (while trying not to die. It's still a *cough* battle *cough* to live and prosper in there.)

There are regular reaction chapters within the story that retell previous chapters from another POV, which can be slightly repetitive but /very/ worth reading to get a sense of the whole picture. The story is at times touching, comedic, and cute, but never loses its charm or the appeal of its protagonist as we watch her grow up and prosper. Despite some of the darker plots at play, I still feel the whole series feels rather light and innocent, probably because we get to see the world from Katarina's eyes. If you're more into manipulative, cunning leads that win through schemes or tricks, then you should try to find the Katarina in the original otome. This one's been taken over by the MC in a completely delightful subversion. A fun read and easy to digest. I finished it in one sitting! :) <<less
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Ruyi rated it
The Legend of Sun Knight
November 11, 2016
Status: Completed

This is it. The light novel that started my trek into all other light novels, the one that amused me with its setup, surprised me with its depth, and filled my heart with both love and pain for its characters. I really loved reading LSK, to the point that I hunted down the raws and finished the story on my own when the translations were still in progress.

How do I describe the story? It's all about cliches and then overturning them. The protagonist makes this clear in the very first... more>> chapter between how he acts and how people /expect/ him to act. For a bit, the story arcs focuses on the humor aspect and milks it for all it's worth. You laugh at these characters. You make fun of them. For a while, you even feel annoyed by them (and that was for me and the MC! He really does act for his own selfish interests, funny as they are and frequently as he fails).

And then as you read on, you find out more and more about the world, its background, it history. Unexpected things happen that turn the comedy serious--never completely to the point of losing its lighthearted roots, but enough to make your heart ache for the characters you've grown to love. Yu Wo really does a grand job setting up her story and unveiling its secrets in this series. I especially love how she keeps good track of her loose ends and ties them all together by the end (to be carried on in LSK's sequel/prequel stories).

More so than the strength of the plot, is the power of the relationships binding all the characters together. Long after I finished this series, the memories of their escapades, arguments and tears still stayed in my head. I hope they'll stay in yours as well.

Really a gem. Thank you for translating this wonderful work. <<less
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Ruyi rated it
Library of Heaven’s Path
December 26, 2016
Status: c80
Only read up to c8 so far and I'm already addicted! The story is fresh and fun, taking the perspective of a teacher rather than a typical MC transmigration. A character like this would be the side character in most stories, but here he takes center stage! I'm already interested in seeing his interactions with his fledging crop of students and how they'll progress the plot. The best part is how chill he is while his students do all the heavy lifting/training. Looking forward to more chapters soon!

EDIT: Read up... more>> to c80 in the raws and I am in love with this story. None of the people on the summary have shown up yet, but I think it's going to be epic when they do. :) <<less
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Ruyi rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
November 8, 2016
Status: c6
I like this story, and I'm surprised by how calm the elements play out. I expected intrigue and backstabbing and plots, which seems typical of tales in this genre, but there's something very relaxing about this story and its MC so far. You get a sense that she and her husband are capable, calm people with common sense who are equipped to face any troubles befalling them in the future. It's almost... comforting, and a refreshing change from the constant Drama - Tension - Shock - Tension - DRAMA you... more>> see everywhere else. To be honest, I've yet to finish TBAVW so I can't speak on their similarities, but I like the refreshing twist on atmosphere in this one. Looking forward to future chapters! <<less
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I picked this up on a whim because I wanted something amusing and now I've gone ahead to read the raws. It's quite a whimsical, lighthearted story, and there's a bit of intrigue behind the male lead's actions that has him acting that way.

... more>>

Since the MC used to be close to the male lead's brother, and her family (including her father and eldest sister) has close ties to the same older brother, he suspects the MC of being a spy sent to watch him and naturally keeps his distance for a while.


All in all, the MC just tries her best to live as she likes without getting involved in trouble or complex affairs of the court, but somehow... she gets mixed up anyways. She really is a nice person, just frustrated that she can't go home. And sort of cute, even when her acting get blatantly exaggerated at times. So far there's been nothing but slice-of-life shenanigans, but I think the intrigue factor will kick in later... <<less
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Ruyi rated it
The Lazy King
March 10, 2017
Status: Completed
It's a bit like reading the story of a star, only that star's the size of the sun with enough gravitational pull to drag all the planets into circling around it. Even though all Leige does is sleep, eat, and sleep some more, trouble keeps knocking on his door when he couldn't care less.

The story is generous with its use of POVs (probably a blessing, considering how blasé our MC can be), creating a rich and poignant world peppered with unique characters. Each and every one has their own motivations... more>> and desires strong enough to star in a novel themselves.

And yet, as in the story, they're all overshadowed by the insurmountable mountain that is the cheat-level MC. I'd classify this as a funny, serious, and thoughtful read. Though I'm sad there's no sequel, what the author's written will be enough to keep me thinking for a while. Try it yourself! <<less
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Amazing story. I didn't realize I needed something like this until I read it. If you're tired of the same old rebirth + revenge tropes, here's a fresh take on an old fav by pitting the MC against the ML when they're both young children. How much can you blame a villain when you find them before they did anything wrong? How willing are you to kill a child who grew to be your killer, when you have a chance to change him for the better in your own way?

I... more>> haven't read much of it yet, but the childhood arc is already provoking enough. I love the fact that the chapters don't drag on unnecessarily and the plot proceeds at a steady pace. I'm eagerly looking forward to more! <<less
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Ruyi rated it
Jiang Hu’s Road is Curved
February 13, 2017
Status: Completed
It is now 5AM but I have no regrets binging this novel. Amazing. It is amazing. I started out expecting some comedic parody/deconstruction of the Mary Sue trope vs wuxia, only to be completely surprised by the characters and plots that happened inside.

The twist in the first half completely changes the tone of the book in the second; while it still holds on to its humor in spirit, there's a sense of bittersweetness in the comedy that comes from growing up and facing reality--it's not all idle dreams and girlish... more>> fantasies in the world of Jiang Hu anymore.

I personally feel that parts of the ending were rushed, especially the gambits that kept piling on top of each other (though the author references this to be similar to a never ending Go game, the execution isn't quite as elegant and a little too sudden). Still, by that time I was so invested in the characters and their fate that I didn't care.

They're not just 2-D cutouts! They grow and change---or reveal that they weren't who you thought they were at all! Even "villains" (& I use quotes because it's not the "bad guys" that are the antagonists of the story here) and major side characters get depth and motivations/goals. Some parts of the novel that dealt with characters' inner thoughts and motivations, as well as poetic analogies to events/feelings of the plot, were well done.

All in all, a unique spin on a typical genre with different twists and a well deserved ending. Well done, author, well done! It kept my interest and had a satisfying finish for my favs! (Just wished the main antagonist could suffer... even more.)

Oh yeah, and have fun guessing the male lead early on! If you don't read the comments in chapters, you might be surprised. :3 <<less
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Ruyi rated it
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
July 9, 2016
Status: c12
It's really cute so far and the MC's obsession in his past life helps him out a lot in the new one. Breezy and light, with likeable characters so far. I'm very interested to see the limits of his capabilities as a vending machine as the story progresses.
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Ruyi rated it
At the Northern Fort
November 25, 2016
Status: c8
This story is so cute and soft, just like its protagonist. I love seeing the world from her baby fox eyes and how she treats the humans around her. It's also refreshing to have the main supporting cast be a group of battle-grizzled knights rather than typical Girl A or Boy B--this makes the story feel new and interesting. Can't wait for more chapters. &Lt;3
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Ruyi rated it
My Husband With Scholar Syndrome
November 22, 2019
Status: Completed
It’s a simple, low stress heartwarming story about a girl who gets to relive the last four years of her life and decides to do what makes her happiness, thus finding her best end at the same time.

The ML is a precious and genius savant cinnamon roll who will make you love him even as he breaks your heart with his innocence and devotion. The FL is a sensible and kindhearted, easygoing girl. There are no jealous love interests or meddling side characters, just wholesome family antics and fluff everywhere... more>> ahhhh...

Be warned though, it’s got the kind of gentle, aching melancholy moments that just stab you through the heart at the most unexpected of moments... prepare tissues for the sneak attack of feels! <<less
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Ruyi rated it
The Princess Wei Yang
July 21, 2016
Status: c14
I love the level of detail and intricacy this novel goes into. It never drags down the story but adds an extra layer of depth to everything happening around Wei Yang. Despite her scheming, I can't help but like her and root for her. I'm very interested to see how far she'll go as she gets older... excellent story, wonderful translation and overall an enjoyable, satisfying read!
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