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Rujiro Taicho
Rujiro Taicho rated it
God Of Soul System
August 17, 2017
Status: --
I'll try keep it as brief as possible.

Story- 5stars, I love one piece and bleach. I cant wait to see how the story progresses based on the authors perspective while drawing inspiration from two groundbreaking unbelievable hit stories.

Translation-4 starsu, I think its good. I can easily picture the scenes in my mind and it has a good, slightly fast paced plot. Cant wait for more

Site- 0 stars, At first, the ads were acceptable. The translator needs to earn some money and it didn't affect me at all. I use ads... more>> too. But now, I cant access th site on my pc, before opening the page, it redirects. When I use my phone, it opens... for 3 seconds, then redirects. Thats not too bad, I just go back, but I cant even scroll now. Every time I scroll, it redirects. Recently, I'm seriously considering whether I should keep reading it. To the translator, please consider your readers, even if just a little.

Overall- 3 stars <<less
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Rujiro Taicho
Rujiro Taicho
Hidden Marriage
December 21, 2016
Status: c1
A story of a strong female character, a cold strong male character as a father and an adorable little ancestor (little bun). Watching the clash between strong characters in a difficult background makes for a great story. The characters are well developed by the author and the translation is clear putting across the message clearly. I LOVE THIS NOVEL. I kinda wish I found it a year later because then there would be over 100 chapters for me to binge read. I really can't get enough. To the translator, thanks... more>> for the good work and giving us a great novel to follow. Keep it goin <<less
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