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So many of these commenters are idiots- this is NOT AN ISEKAI- it's TIME TRAVELING/REINCARNATION; it just happens to be set in a FANTASY WORLD. EARTH IS NEVER MENTIONED, NOR JAPAN OR ANY OTHER COUNTRIES- NOT ISEKAI; NOT TWO DIFFERNET WORLDS. It also has relatively zero game elements in it as well, the only thing reference from gaming is "exp" and that's to be expected in a magic based story since EXPERIENCE is generally needed to control and to harness magic proporly.

The MC is OP because he came from a... more>> more advanced time period, not just because. He became powerful with CENTURIES of hard work and effort- clibing up from the bottom of the pile to the top.

Mathius reincarnated himself so that he could achive things he'd never been able to before- he'd expected everyone to be around his same power level as he had been back then by the time he was reborn; however thanks to the reactor meltdown that caused Iris's wings to become useless advancements were lost completely and humanity had to start from scratch. Demons also came into play and manipulated mankind so they wouldn't get as powerful as before.

This is a FANTASY about a guy who wishes nothing but to be the BEST HE CAN BE. Along the way he also starts to REHABILITATE humanity so that it can retain it's former glory and eventually surpass it.

As soon as all of you guys read a fantasy WN or LN nowdays you IMMEDIATELY ASSUME it's isekai- which is NOT ALWAYS thr case. In my opinion this has quite a few western vibes mixed with Japanese LN tropes so that it's TARGET AUDIANCE- THE JAPANESE- CAN RELATE TO IT and it can catch popularity in it's home country and stuff.

Many of you also bash on the common sense- if you were teleported to a place with no electricity and magic and no plumbing or running water how you act? You'd be pretty fumbly and bad. You would probably act on first-world instinct for a lot of things and think if items to rely on that aren't available- you'd be completely lost and probably end up a begger or dead if you lived on your phone and social media. Once your thrown there you have very little to get you to a happy life, surviving the winter and wildlife and bandits and such would be hard, learning to farm all your life might be tge only option- and that would give very little pay. Our sense of money would be completely different, and it'd be so I trained into our brains that it's take YEARS for mist if us to get used to ANYTHING.

For the MC he was basically thrown into the age of the black plague of magic. He was from a technologically advanced time/place as well in addition to the magic, then he's thrust into the middle ages that's basically being manipulated by another intelligent species- demons. For ONLY six years there he's adapted quite well, he wasn't a genius either, he just worked harder than others and PROBABLY ALREADY THOUGHT UNUSUALLY EVEN FROM HIS ORIGINAL TIME. He is a genius and is great at adapting to the situation- but he still expects things to be there that aren't- AND SO WOULD WE IF WE WERE IN HIS SHOES.

So please, stop looking at it as "Generic Isekai Tropes" when it isn't even an Isekai and the Tropes have an actual reason for being there. <<less
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