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Routa rated it
Douluo Dalu
June 9, 2016
Status: c219
The keypoint that makes me give this novel 5* is Character Development I mean seriously guys, this novel not solely depends on Main Character like many other novel. This novel about comradery about MC and his friends, all of them have they own background story (maybe except 1 that fatty dont have that much background story :P) and all of them getting stronger together to fight with the world. (Dont want to give spoiler about the story or whatsoever so I just said they fight the world)

Aside of character... more>> deveopment, there is also romance that also above other novel, most novel after MC and his wife love each other the female lose the role and she just follow the MC "THE END". This novel romance tho, the tragedy about MC and Heroine, and what MC do for the Heroine was epic.

Just from that 2 this novel already above many other novel, and im not yet explaining how the author really good on describing the battle (i think this also depends on the translator and editor who works on translating this novel so also many thank to bagelson and co @bluesilvertrans)

There is only 1 downside, the Translation is not as fast as 1 years ago TT^TT about 1 chapter per 1 or 2 days. Bagelson hire more translator on bluesilvertrans please :P

For those who said this novel is slow few chapter just talking about battle. YOU ARE WRONG!! Actually the author speed on releasing chapter is very fast for example Douluo Dalu III, in half year its already 300 chapter.

I really want to read all TJSS flagship on right set of time. Douluo Dalu > Douluo Dalu II (Peerless Tang Sect/Unrivaled Tang-Clan) > Douluo Dalu : Legend of the Divine Realm > Douluo Dalu III (The Legend of the Dragon King)

But Douluo Dalu I not finish yet, Douluo Dalu II translation also slow : (, no one translating Legend of the Divine Realm T^T, but Douluo Dalu III (release 2016) already started getting translated.

All things mess up o.O <<less
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Routa rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c4
At first it bit strange on how can he just accept and adapt when he got revive (it just like 1 paragraph lol), well yeah maybe the author just skip all that because there is to many revive novel out there and yeah all the reason that he got revive just non sense and easily forgot but this novel just skip all that @[email protected]

The story, it a bit slow paced and the story isnt really begun yet. But im just curious how the story gonna develope. I give 5* for... more>> now as support to yorasutranslator to translate this novel :D <<less
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Routa rated it
Zhan Long
December 11, 2015
Status: --
This novel looks cool at first.

first disappointment at first the biggest “?” how can weak healer compete in this game, like LMS how scluptor progres. but the author end up making him warrior then he just became strong and start kill this ppl, got this and that secret skill, and became powerfull warrior.....

and 2nd disappointment when they start story about halfass police vs werewolf in real world...
i dont have comment about this one it just sucks.
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