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Rosemn rated it
Soaring the Heavens
December 16, 2017
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This is hidden gem, these who rated this novel low is never read this novel, idiots.

Politic and scheming is whole another level in this novel, every worth MC says, every actions is very carefully planned. I still remember what MC said: "There's no one up there who will speak for me."

His enemys too not that aggressive like other trash huanhuas, very realistic characters, thinks carefully planned too good (before action they always carefully think and plan to hundreds year ahead, amazing isnt it). You can even say that most... more>> of enemy is not exactly enemy, sometimes they side with MC sometimes not.

Novel have feeling comedy, slice of life, revenge, qonquest realistic type MC


Truly good story. Not recommended for childs or teens. Novel is Xianxia but theres lots of realistic things. Others xianxia novels too overpewered and very unrealistic aggresive, but this novels MC arrogant but knows very well that his safelane and connection. Other novels harem girl make no sense, just love MC and MC always save them right in time. But its different. Harem members loved MC, someone seperated in their own ways, someone died, someone ntred, someone divorced really good sense. I even thought that " f**kin save your girls". But now thinking it its really unique.
Story is good I will give 5/5

About harem MC had 11 girl I think. Maybe more, someone died or seperated anyways. Everyone have really unique personalty, they get stronger together with MC, not left behind.

NTR will not happen until 1000ch so its good, author is really good at BOOM!

i give ntr 5/5 to rage. If that didnt happen I bet this novel is #1 Best in Xianxia genre
Cultivation is really slow, no reincarnation, no past memory, no heroic things (cant protect his own harem) but scheming is whole another level. So its 4.5/5

Last is I give 5 Afterall its really few good written ntr novel
Just seeing the Propic, full of sadness disadifications. Our MC whole sad life making me cry. Truly good

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