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September 2, 2017
Status: c82
I love this story it's almost painful how many times its been picked up and dropped, I like it because it's different then alot of the usual, stuff out, but the fact is we only have about 82 chapters translated, and it's been dropped again this time though she/he the translators didn't want to but, the evil overlords did something and took it away, I'm not sure on the details, because I quit reading for a few months to let my books get some meat on their... more>> spines and when I came back there's been something with the main webnovel publisher not wanting translation sigh sucks like I said bit foggy on the details and have yet to read through all the drama. This really sucks though for those of us who can't read chinese, and its not like they are transtlating them into books I can go buy which I would prefer, there's a demand over here for the genre, sad that they aren't fulfilling it. <<less
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RooRooMEB rated it
Martial Peak
July 13, 2018
Status: c3878
I like the story over all. I can say that because I've read almost the whole thing, unlike some people who give it a 1 star because it has 4000 chapters erg.

My biggest issue is that he lost a charater that he shouldn't have, I think the author just forgot. BUT MY BIGGEST, BIGGEST ISSUE IS AFTER HE GETS THE THING, he still always leaves everyone behind like a dumb a...

And if your going to take ur side characters, you can take ur wives to erg so annoying...

This is a... more>> recurring arc novel, but each arc has its own interesting things. It pretty much goes weak to strong area, like video game, beat the boss invasion. Find out there are greener pastures, go exploring, set up, bring family and friends along, after is top dog of the area. Sees them for maybe a few months and then does it all over again. Which is a little annoying after he gets the thing he doesn't need to leave them be hind but he still does. Sigh.

What I like is that there are lots of interesting things, that the author puts in there to read about, I really wish that they would make some of these into anime. I can't say what those interesting thing are, but there are a lot of them. I don't like how he kinda drops stuff after a while, that should still be important tho. Over all I liked it, though suffering through machine translation for almost 4000 chapters is balls.

Also even if he has a bunch of girls, he really only has relationships once in a while. Which is interesting, though the author seems to make his personality go back and forth on this point all the time... <<less
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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
January 19, 2019
Status: c433
I both love and hate this novel. It's a food porn novel, almost every chapter is an over the top description of whatever dish he's making for almost every meal.

Sadly the main character is basically a slave to both his monsters, and the gods and goddesses.

Which makes it frustrating to read. Also, the power lvls are wack, which I think is the most annoying part.

... more>> He'll have twice the lvl of the other characters that came with him, but only a quarter of the stats. Which is annoying.

Also, one of his companions right now should be twice his lvl and is under him, but like 100 times stronger.

His lvl is 90, and he hardly fights, while hers is 50 and she fights constantly.

But her stats are way above his which makes no sence.

Like he started at just about 100 in his stats, but at lvl 90 he's only 480 or something close to that.

While, the people who came with him were in the thousands almost right away... <<less
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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
September 25, 2018
Status: c157
It's not that there isn't romance, its that the protagonist is only 8 by the end so why would anyone think that it would be a romance, romance? Also this is an unfinished story by the orginal author even though it says complete. It's also all over the place like the story was translated out of order. The problem is that the author mostly wrote fluff instead of the main plot. So we'd have the same day explained from 3 different povs. It was a little annoying, but I... more>> think that's because the author was pantsing the story. But despite all that it is a good story, if not a touch unrealistic. <<less
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Ze Tian Ji
September 13, 2017
Status: c581
I really like this novel. I can't believe how good and lame at the same time the drama was. Sigh. I kinda wish a different country had produced it. 1. Because I think they would have stuck closer to the story. And 2. Because the different races would have actually been made to look different. Instead of all humans in different clothes. And I think we would have gotten to see the transformations and stuff. But what I really don't get is why they made are main character a sickly... more>> whimp... and 19. Sigh. They changed to much. And still wanted to be firm about killing him before 20. Since they aged him 5 years they should have moved up his death 5 years to. The one thing it did right was give the empress a bigger part, she actually does stuff sort of. But for the most part she crys a lot, falls down alot, and makes flames a lot... idk, I think she's an even bigger plot device in the drama then she is in the book. I watched to get answers because the book isn't done yet. But I'd say wait til after the translators are done to watch it, or watch it before you read the book. Because its hard to enjoy the drama, after you've read the book, because they changed to much. maybe, if I could read chinese and, could finish book, I'd know if the latter half of the drama was close or not but I know that the beginning is way off. They cut characters then mashed things together. Anyway thats my opinion. I think if the drama didn't claim to be this book. It would be okay. But it claims to be, and it's off in left field. So, it's not as goodnas it could have been. <<less
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Zhan Long
October 21, 2017
Status: c533
School beauties personal body guard. (Drama) Is based off of this novel. I can't believe that it wasn't given credit. The real life side of the book anyways. Hope they finish translations soon. I really liked the book but ive only rwad a little over 500 chapters so I can't give a conplete review yet.
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