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RoflCat rated it
Ascendance of a Bookworm
November 26, 2017
Status: c677
In hindsight, it's a very very well written story.


-Really well written, basically everything that happen have a reason behind it and/or future consequence.

... more>> -The FEELS moments can get tears running.

-The characters beside the main casts aren't just brainless villains/paragons whose purpose is to be enemies/allies, no, they all have their own reasons for the things they do. (There ARE some cliche characters, but they're in the extreme minority)


Frankly the only and biggest downside is the early part that is boring/frustrating. In hindsight that part is necessary to set up the characters for who they are later on (yes, plural, the girl isn't the only one who changed from this) but again, those who read it for the first time can end up putting the series down from this alone.

The current progress of translation have gotten past what I'd consider the start of the girl changing, which makes for more absorbing read, but I'd say it's not until arc 3 start that things really get going, and then it never stop. <<less
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RoflCat rated it
Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
October 18, 2018
Status: c131
It's a laidback story of an OP Demon who isn't self-aware of how truly OP she is, just doing her own thing, because she want to do it, and the people she run into.

If you just want something on the lighter side of tone but still makes you want to make that evil smile, this might be up your alley.

Just do note that the MTL make mistakes ranging from screwing up names (minor) to completely mistranslating a line or even a whole paragraph, and they're hubris/lazy/oblivious enough that they won't... more>> fix anything even if pointed out, sometimes even making up excuses to cover it up.

Basically they've become my go to example when I need to explain why I consider full MTL as trash.

To give one example:


MC: "I'm too full to eat your soul. You've got really good luck"
Guy: ".... Luck?" (more literal translation is, 'luck, you say?'

MTL: MC: "~~~ Consider yourself lucky"

Guy "......... yes"

The tone changed from a demon nonchalantly explain that the only reason this guy is alive is because she's full, and him being incredulous at her reason, to about a demon showing mercy and a guy meekly accepting it.

(which then contrast with his later attitude of defiance)

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