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Rodriguez II
Rodriguez II rated it
Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha
December 27, 2018
Status: --
There are reviews which critics the story so far, but do try to stick until the chapters gets translated to 35-37 and above. I can read some Japanese so it does get so much better that it will feel like reading a lighter, faster-paced and a more comedy-oriented version of Tensei Slime in a school setting. Once the MC gets his first close male friend at the academy (he too gets his own girl) and adds more other girls to his list of secret admirers (the 2 main... more>> heroines are still the closest to the MC) it gets much better.

Currently at chapter 7 the story has not even reached 1 percent of the meat of the story, so please reserve judgement until at least chapter 35, as the story gets more gripping and edge-of-your-seat as more powerful enemies shows up in later arcs. The requirements for liking this novel are quite simple, and they are : 1. You find the MC cool and badass. 2. You find the girls cute and strong. 3. You find MC's male buddy and his GF as cool and interesting characters.

The enemies in the first few arcs might seem like cannon fodder to serve as plot conveniences to make the MC and his comrades look super OP, cool and strong, but if you be patient there will be stronger antagonists in later arcs that could provide better challenge to the MC and his friends.

At the very least, the story will have much better characters that you actually care a lot about compared to most other template harem JP novels where MC's male friend doesn't play any big role in the story and where there are no big stakes involved in threats to the world and MC's friends. In fact, I can argue that this novel is the best JP fantasy magic school action novel I have ever read so far, as it doesn't depend on much Ecchi fanservice, and has a much more interesting plot than any reincarnated MC novel or fantasy academy novel. <<less
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Rodriguez II
Rodriguez II rated it
Magi’s Grandson
February 20, 2018
Status: c67
I'm writing this review in response to Xenagos' review.

First of all, yes, the other friend characters like to tease on and make jokes on the MC, but I find it a refreshing new take on Light Novels, as I have always read most harem LNs where the female cast always makes fun, tease or bully other male characters not the MC, especially MC's best friend, so I find the story here a nice change from those other stories I read where other male characters who're not the MC are always... more>> dissed and portrayed poorly by the author just to make the MC look better. An example is Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, where there is no other male character that acts as a stopper for the MC like the prince here, which I like very much. It creates a good balance in the interactions involving the MC.

The MC here in Magi's Grandson is quite OP enough, but his being teased on by his friends makes for good comic relief and creates good balance in the character interactions, as it's a change from the usual LN formula where other male characters not the MC acts as comic relief instead. The story here is a good stress-reliever for those tired of other LNs where the MC is the only male character portrayed positively with the other males looking useless. In Magi's Grandson, even though the MC is OP and is the main tutor responsible for making all of his comrades stronger, it is balanced well by other characters, such as their political leader the prince, and the MC's grandma, so it makes for a good realistic portrayal of human relationships (as there are many of us who are geniuses or good at something specifically but despite that, there are still other people higher in our own social strata that we can't seem to defy against)

So I highly recommend this story to people tired of MCs from other novels who are aware that they're OP but act arrogantly and condescending towards other male characters. In contrast to that, Magi's Grandson's MC is unaware that he's OP and acts cool and ignorant about what he thinks is normal due to his lack of the world's common sense, so that makes him more likeable for me, as even a Superhero needs to have some psychological or mental disadvantages/weaknesses to balance out his own Overpoweredness in comparison to other magic users, as such contrast makes the MC seem more human and relatable to. So the MC here getting easily irritated, angry and annoyed at being teased and joked on makes him seem quite human compared to other OP MCs from other LNs that act like totally emotionless people that don't care what others have to say to him, like as if he thinks he's too superior and arrogant that he doesn't need others to understand him (Examples are the MCs from Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku, Grisaia no Kajitsu, and Mahouka Koukousei no Rettousei, where they are all emotionless and don't show much of their emotions freely).

Shin's catchphrase, as popularized in the Manga, "Have I done it again ? ", Is quite relatable, as I too have complained and b***hed with that phrase many times when I did a careless mistake that I'm unaware of, and when my dad calls me out on that mistake, I usually make an annoyed and irritated face along with thinking that phrase in my mind. Therefore, if you're an emotional person, you can relate quite well to Shin Walford, as unlike most other Beta MCs from other LNs who's afraid to express their emotions and true feelings and thoughts, Shin can be very vocal at times as he expresses his emotions freely and is not afraid to complain and b***h about it if other characters tease him, so I find him quite relatable and very human, compared to other robotic MCs from other Japanese novels. I guess that's why some Japanese readers posting on some of their threads discussing about the manga version find this MC, Shin, repulsive, as Japanese society values people keeping their true emotions hidden from other people so they dislike this MC who's too expressive for their culture to tolerate, perhaps ? I'm not Japanese, so I find this MC highly relatable, as I'm a Westerner and prefer MCs that express their emotions freely and openly. So his expressing his emotions openly when engaging in a banter with the prince is something I find very entertaining and relatable, as I too had many quarrels and fights with my best friend but despite that we still get along well in the end. With that being side, Shin is also a very nice person who cares much for his girlfriend and other friends, and I like that about him. He is very strong, but has lots of human qualities expressed from his personality and emotions, so I recommend this novel to anyone tired of the standard "Typical timid Japanese MC afraid of expressing his opinions and feelings". <<less
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