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Rodalord92 rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
February 16, 2017
Status: c144
This is one of those stories that improve the more you read to the point of wanting more, especially if you like themes like wars, medieval age, knights, violence, kingdom building, nobles, and more. I couldn't stop reading it all these week until I finished all translated chapters.

This novel start slow but gets much better after chapters 30-50 more or less I don't remember well.

What I like about this novel is that the MC is strong, but it is shown or at least it is said how it becomes... more>> strong and it is create a solid background for the MC and its relationships that allow the story to flow more natural and easy to to accept.

The MC is like an old man in the body of a young adult, reason of his bland personality and lack of ambitions in the beginning of the story but changes little by little by the force of the circumstances of his family, friends and enemies.

what I find lacking, it's the personalities of the women that appears in the story being only support characters only or disappointing characters lacking in character or brains o maybe both, they don't play an important role in the history and I only remember them because there are few women with names in the history, but most of them are weak and unimportant in the history to the point that I had read, with one or two exceptions maybe. <<less
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