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RochellaRee rated it
Wife, I Am the Baby’s Father
September 25, 2017
Status: c122
It started off kind of sweet, but plunged downhill very quickly. Rant and spoilers below, sorry:

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So basically, it's a cesspit of misunderstandings where the wife essentially takes all the sh*t from the husband who thinks she betrayed him - to the point where she's beaten/slapped several times and has her hair pulled, is emotionally and verbally abused, and r*ped as well by him.

The author makes it out like she's an idiot where right after she's been beaten or r*ped, she just smiles and thinks 'oh I'm so happy' for some stupid reason like him keeping her old clothes in a closet. LIKE ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME, that guy is not right in the head at all, you were just slapped and called names and forced to service him, what is wrong with you lady!!!

Also, no one who deserved punishing actually got punished. Evil lady whose obsessive love for ML was the catalyst for the shitstorm - nope, she didn't get punished at all. ML who was an as*hole who r*ped and beat his wife, and didn't even apologise to her when he found out she actually hadn't betrayed him - nope, not punished either.

On the other hand - kind old uncle who believed in the wife and helped her and saved ML's life dies to 'atone for other people's mistakes, ' and the sweet doctor who basically cherished the wife and raised another guy's kids with her for four years while cherishing them too got the short end of the stick and thrown to the side because the wife decided to run to the psychotic rapist husband.

NOTHING MAKES SENSE HERE. Husbando causes the deaths of her parents who die right in front of her and then she sleeps with him once (with him being under the influence of drugs), and then she mysteriously gets amnesia and ends up with a nice doctor chap for four years. Four years of being loved and looked after and raising chlidren together, and she essentially runs back to the as*hole husband (and even considers ditching her children to be with him).

Plot holes are also popping up everywhere - like do we ever find out why exactly he wanted her parents dead?? Poor little son as well, both children love their doctor daddy as he's been the one looking after them for so many years, and then all of a sudden their mother starts yelling at the son to call this random dying man 'daddy' instead. Way to go to confuse and traumatize your child by not even bothering to explain that his cherished father isn't his real father and just expecting him to call this other dude their dad from now on without skipping a beat.

And what happens in the end?? Like, what happens to the evil chick who killed her brother and almost killed everyone else with her obsessive love for some guy who hates her?? What happens to the doctor who gets thrown to the sidewalk and has his 'children' ripped away from him?? What is the meaning of life?? I have so many unanswered questions.


tl;dr This novel makes me mad in so many ways - mostly due to gaping plot holes and annoying-as-hell characters who I just want to karate chop to the sun and beyond. <<less
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