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Cute and fun!

Ideal to take a breather, though I recommend not reading when people are around, they might think you're weird for grinning too much. X)

It's being translated, so not now, but when there'll be more chapters, you shouldn't read too much in one go, I think it's better to read a few chapters each days.

EDIT: 100 chapters!

... more>>

They confess and start going out together! In many Love Comedies it would be the end, but the author says that he's always curious about what happens "next", so from the start his plan was Vol 1 Becoming friends, Vol 2 Becoming lovers, Vol 3 Being lovers.

So yeah, we'll be able to see the "after" part!

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Riku rated it
Isekai Tensei – Kimi to no Saikai made Nagai koto Nagai koto
April 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Finished it and the sequel (until latest chapter) too. Absolutly loved it! I’m not really good with reviews, but if you want to know if you will like it or not, ask yourself this question:

Do you like stories with a LOT of humour (eccentric personages and a MC who throw tsukkomi as naturally as breathing) ? Even during the serious moments?

If not, you might dislike how the tension is “broken” during serious situations, otherwise, you’re on for a great ride!

PS: Good luck to the translators, the way some personages talk... more>> will be a real pain to translate. ^^’

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