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Rigel rated it
Supernatural Girlfriend
October 17, 2017
Status: c123
This is a cute comedy with a side of the supernatural! Our heroine has the ability to see ghosts, and this extra sense leads to plenty of highjinks as she investigates just how her ghostly companions have met their untimely demise. It's a murder mystery meets screwball drama with a side of romance. The male lead is rather gloriously stunted in the 'interacting with actual people' department, and his penchant for acting out the storylines that he's writing in his novels in real life is what brings the heroine into... more>> his world. Our poor goldfish has to balance the strange and often unreasonable demands of her new boss with uncovering 'whodunnit' and giving the restless ghosts some closure. This novel has all the great tropes of a classic kdrama romcom with some light horror elements. Highly recommended!!! <<less
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