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RiYueLingKong rated it
Breaking Through the Clouds
August 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Totally recommend it. The cases are well-thought out, the twists are unexpected, and it gets unexpectedly hilarious at points where it should be serious.

Especially Yan Xie (the gong) 's mother Ceng Cuicui.

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"When your son was 18, I felt that him marrying a princess was enough and to spare. When he was 25, I felt that if he just found a girl from a good home he could more or less pass his days. Come thirty, my pathetic requirements have already fallen to female, alive, and younger than me."

Mother Yan then took out a white paper from her bag, slamming it down before Father Yan with a bitter and hateful air. "Right now? I've even begun to self-study "The Problems of Gay Marriage"! What else can I ask for! You tell me, besides supporting him with a gold-plated shovel, what else can I do?!"


Hahahahahahaha <<less
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RiYueLingKong rated it
Heaven Official’s Blessing
November 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I have a feeling that this is an extremely polarising novel, talking about the nature of gods and ghosts and their relationship to humans. A lot of the concepts would require a complete anthropological study, not to mention politics and the relationship of royalty with divinity.

Like, the main couple's relationship needs a lens of 800 years of suffering in order to be comprehended, which would require much thought. They get along well - too well. It requires a second read to note that most of the time it was Hua... more>> Cheng playing along with Xie Lian's pace, and Hua Cheng more or less stalking Xie Lian for 800 years; as a ghost, the only thing which really keeps him in existence is his attachment to Xie Lian. At all.

I don't think any psychologist would ever want Hua Cheng as a client tbh... <<less
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RiYueLingKong rated it
Green Dragon Totem
November 30, 2018
Status: Completed
Logic is not this novels strong point, just saying first.

The strongest point is the rich descriptions and poetry, as well as a general idea of the early Tang dynasty.
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