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Rezonance rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
August 13, 2017
Status: c300
Pretty good novel actually. Sneaked in some chapters in the raw and it gets really good. This novel is not based on levels but they do get much stronger through experience as well as mutation and training. It takes a while for MC to do the usual OP MC stuff as well as gain experience but when he does... it gets even better than now. The world setting is vividly described even through raws so I can imagine how much better it will be translated. The characters (All of them)... more>> have their own personalities a well as progression although most focus is on MC. There is Almost no stereotypical character from how far I have gotten and even if there is they are either completely irrelevant, have some type of scheme/goal or they change their ways *COUGH* Blood Queen COUGH* *COOUUUGHHH* Mantis/Viper (whatever the medic is called) *COUUGHHH* ugh..... it could be either one of those (not a spoil). I suggest you take a good look at all of mantis's action from now on. Last but not least, this world... is big as hell. So much so that I cant say with confidence that I have a basic idea of it. And it said basic idea, meaning even 300 chapters later there are still insanely powerful people and places hidden from me that its almost scary. Anyway if you can't be bothered to read all this, take this out of my review; Recommended, full of potential and gods. <<less
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