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Rexorcall rated it
March 29, 2017
Status: Completed
I've completed this series and i've seen it highest and lowest point. Even at it lowest point it is still bearable there is no single chapter where I go like 'god I dont want to read this' and for starter that is a good sign.

First of all this completely my own opinion.

1. This is the best harem series out there (i mean it). All of the harem member is important, useful and decently develop (considering the size 15+). All of them are pleasant characters (not annoying or bad).

2. The main... more>> character seem like your typical weak/average MC but its only at the earlier parts. In the context of this story it is also understandable why the MC act the way he is (inferiority complex). It's a joy to see how his character develop throughout the series.

3. The 7 ancestor is the highlight of this novel they are simply the best character in the story full with personality and charm.

4. Not much plot hole. A lot of mystery and questions are nicely tied in (answered) by the end last 2 volume.

5. Simply an epic story of a boy overcoming all odd. Start from a humble beginning and end up becoming a legend. It also contain a good amount of heartwarming and funny moment with some twisted moment thrown in once in a while. However, the earlier part pacing is slow and the character introduction especially the MC is also be kinda weak which can turn off a lot of reader. The writing is simple for the most part (which I actually prefer), there is no Tolkien level of writing here. The villain is decent but there not much to it. The villain work for this story but for me the villain is a bad/weak written character (totally 1 dimension). Ovarall, it is not the greatest story out there but it an solid and enjoyable story. I enjoy this a lot and I can recommend it to anybody that just want to have a average-good story to fill their past time. <<less
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