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The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
November 18, 2017
Status: c100

The main MC has been through a lot of crap and he get reincarnated goes through more crap goes through some more dies and has a rough start has a pretty good feeling and is interesting to read kid acts like a hybrid of adult and child. The kid meets a ghoul who he saves invited back to their village meets the ghouls daughter who states intentions of having him be her second husband after she gets pregnant, he helps her get pregnant with a fertility device he creates and while he feels discomfort over it he resigns himself to just being a "child". And yes after the pregnancy she still shows interest in him afterwards as a love interest.

So our MC is a willing cuckold :/


So yep other than that and some minor things a pretty interesting story to read.
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So the story is good and the MC and his harem are safe... so yes read it
... more>>

so this is to help you before you read there is one main yandere she is extremely manipulative and the women that MC helps, or takes a liking to makes them into Yanderes... also about the whole masochist thing that trait belongs to our females not the MC. Oh ya MC has no clue that Arina being completely over powered. Also on a side note Arisa has a hidden past which we aren't clear about besides MC takes care of her and has failed to help her once. Well that's all I can give you...

Current Confirmed Harem Count : 3 -Arina- time traveler, Yandere, masochist, cold blooded, childhood friend, Hero, and ? (she has a lot unknown about her) ;Rose-princess, was "changed" by Arina, oh and also a yandere (sort of,.... blame Arina;and Mist-who was a maid in a terrible house (you'll see), again she was also "changed" Arina,.. well she is a yandere (I think) without Arinas help... or she just really really liked Yuuki.... Well she's also a Yandere.

Oh ya also if you want to know who becomes the demon queen/king it is the nun who was raped, violated, and abused by Gellen. Also if you were worried the story hasn't had any of the heroines raped... The story has Arina the yandere hero who is OP who basically protects the harem because the MC would feel sad without them....

Well ya that's about it without revealing the story so injoy it gilt free :)
Oh also Arina is scary.

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Peerless Martial God
September 26, 2015
Status: --
Its cool and entertaining and the group translating are really great and are putting a lot of time and effort into the series :)
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This series is pretty cool but sad :/, hey if you read this you'll understand.I can give you tons of spoilers but I'll leave you with just a few because it's more fun to make your own opinions and ideas now /spoiler Here's the thing our MC is killed (I won't tell you why) but he does this while saving the main female lead (?) and instead of being vicious in his time of dying he inflicts physiological damage on them. Other thing is there is a fairy that... more>> has a (similar personality to thet main girl) following his death in a different world - so ya she probably can only exist in the other world and so what will the MC do ? <<less
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