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Swallowed Star
May 24, 2016
Status: v6c8
I thought DE already the best work of IET until I read this series

the setting are pretty familiar for us, not in the distant world but our own post apocalyptic world, something happen in earth and all living being undergoing mutation including human, animal and plant, and this happen on near future around 2057+

for story I was pretty skeptical at first, because many japanese anime have similar setting in their story, but I was proven wrong once again, it's modern xinxia !! The story are pretty familiar for us added... more>> with more advanced technology and simple cultivation for getting stronger, even using modern and ancient technology in battle. There's some epic moment in the story, especially the MC later turn into 1 man army monster grinder badass, have advanced technology jetfighter with AI, customizable armor that could he manipulate with just thought, superior telekinesis ability that can make him control weapon and tools to fight, and have one of the strongest weapon in the world make him really a badass character in his world.

i really hope more people will read this series, for story personally it's on my top 3 novel for me, but because of irregular translation release, the best it could get in novelupdates ranking probably top 10/15, but I hope this novel series could get in top 3 and motivate the translator to do more release :D <<less
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God and Devil World
June 12, 2016
Status: c323
Earth turn into world filled with Monster, and human trying to survive, the adventure combine game leveling & modern weapon technology to fight monster.

The MC not only fight monster to survive but also another human, don't expect human loving each other here, everyone trying to hold their power or even robbed other people. Rape, murder, robbery, all kind of criminal activity are common in the story, the MC are just college student before apocalypse and have nothing in particular that stand up, but he got good skill at the beginning... more>> also more guts.

Overall I like the adventure, like some people said, this novel author pointed out other country fault to china. I wont say it racism, because he himself criticize the old china government before apocalypse.

I really recommend this novel for those who like game level like power ups and the fighting also interesting. Not only fighting between MC and enemies also fight of army against army. <<less
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March 2, 2016
Status: --
One of best LN around but only getting few recognition

I hope more people read this series, I give this series 5/5

He doesnt know his real parent, his foster parent are wicked, telling him fat woman are pretty >_> and skinny and pretty woman are ugly : (even the most beautiful women in the empire doesnt get his attention because of his weird taste in women XD

His journey start when his foster parent died and he must make money, he decided to become beast hunter, and during hunt, his destiny... more>> start to change, he met poor creature, and his journey starting. <<less
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Martial God Asura
March 2, 2016
Status: --
One of best series I have read so far, I give it 5/5 (4.5 if possible)

Dont listen to any reviews that say this series are about rapist and murderer, that's complete bullsh*t and troll. I also almost skipped this series because of those stupid reviews. Fortunately I still starting reading it, already read 680 chapter when I write this reviews.

MC actually really kind, he has soft spot for mortal, especially kids, been helping them if possible, he cant help everyone who is in trouble everywhere, but he decided to... more>> help if they are in front of him, if there’s duel he not getting in the way, unless it’s a bullying or he has some sort of profit from helping, it’s pretty decent reasoning.

He repay kindness, and whoever have any bad intention to him, he pay them back several times worse.

I like romance in this series, well there’s rape some people may think that’s too much, but he doesn’t do it purposely, tricked and rage made it, and he also take responsibility for it. He treat all his women nicely and do everything he can for his women.

About character, most character will be getting less screen time as story move on, except for his harem, they will stay around him XD mainly because the MC potential are OP, and no one except his harem can match his growth. But I dont mind about that, better seeing MC with female companion rather than going with his bro, hoe over bro XD

About fight scene, it’s decent for me, not the best but it’s decent, and about MC power up, he can power up to any rank as long as he has resources no bullsh*t about comprehending power XD it’s good or bad depend on your own preferences. About the plot it revolves around looking for his birth secret mainly, then helping his harem problem, next about adventuring looking for resources for his power up, also helping good people and stomp every bad gay.

Overall I like this series, ATG still better than this series, but this series are not far behind ATG too.

i hope more people like MGA. <<less
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Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
May 19, 2018
Status: c430
I must say this is one of my top 3 favorite kingdom building alongside release that witch and the world online.

2 of my most favorite part about this novel are first the the side character actually used properly rather than side character for few chapter and say yes sir. Second, the MC arent potrayed as perfect man, but as normal human who make mistakes and suffer misfortune too.

Although it's not perfect but this novel really refreshing because an event not only using main character point of view at the story... more>> but also other character point of view. Some other novel also doing this sometimes, but I think tales of the reincarnated lord do this the best.

uh sorry I forget to press rate, I give it 9/10 or 5/5 <<less
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The World Online
April 22, 2018
Status: c378
This is what I call real kingdom building genre. Overall for those who like detailed kingdom building this is definitely for you.

If I must describe the novel background, it's combination of china dynasty warring era + future technology + china legendary cultivation world.

Although sometimes the detail make you puke, especially when author describe battlefield landscape with chinese name/setting, definitely confusing, and only used once. So probably best to skip it.
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The Human Emperor
January 9, 2018
Status: c268
Finally novel about war as an army, I have read quite a bit of novel, and The Human Emperor is at the top among them.

This novel also include individual cultivation with decent humor. And the best of all, the enemy isnt just one time use that die as soon as it appear, instead they fight with wits and politics.

I hope more people try to read this masterpiece and spread it's awesomeness.
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Spirit Realm
July 30, 2017
Status: c418
This novel is one of the most rational one I ever see, most cn novel use linear progression for MC power up, but this author successfully make the plot working while many high level opponent against the MC. It's harder to create a plot like this than always create opponent who MC can fight everytime during the story.

The novel have many plot twist and it's really refreshing. I stop at cp 418 because I want to wait until more chapter translated.

Translation quality also top notch.

I give this novel 9.5/10, lack... more>> 0.5 because the requirement of manifestation power up seems absurd xD <<less
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Coiling Dragon
March 2, 2016
Status: --
LN That introduces me to China LN world.

Really addicting, I remember binge reading it for a week, cant stop unless sleeping time, I read it carefully to not skip any detail till I read it all, later I found more interesting series but this series still has the best impression really recommend this for 1st time reader of CN LN, the MC has good temperament, family oriented, decent romance no harem, love his bro, and respecting his senior, I must say the MC are working hard, he doesnt have meteoric... more>> tear like qin yu or that goddess visual picture like ji ning, but he work hard to get his power and become real god XD

like everyone else, my only complaint was it's ending rushed, since most IET story are shared same universe, I hope I could see linley and his family again and how are they doing, whether they make their own planet or even realm for their own family XD <<less
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Galactic Dark Net
June 24, 2016
Status: c109
If you like sci-fi theme novel, then this novel might be to your taste. Currently this novel in my top list, I hope more people read this novel, reaching top 10 for this novel in NU isn't a big problem as long as the writer can keep the current pace or make it even more entertaining.

Story about earth who have started to join galaxy organization, but at the bottom, since earth doesn't have technology and resource, but with MC adventure, earth start to developed at rapid pace, although MC kinda... more>> secretly used method that banned by united galaxy organization, there's fight too, but combined with modern warfare technology which is kinda new, most novel only use magic power or martial art, so I like this novel :) <<less
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