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Regentas rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
November 20, 2016
Status: c82
What can I say about this novel except that its awesome. If you are looking for a slow and steady novel with proper character building, motivations and decent plot then you are in a right place. It starts slowly, I think 40~ chapters are for building up the initial motivations, character and experience of the MC and his subordinates/friends. The MC is quite strong but not like in other novels where he is strong because some god gave uber powers to him but through hard work and patience. He is... more>> human and has his own problems and failures but he recovers from the and moves on.

As for romance and harems at least for now there was some romance but it ended bitter for the MC and at least for now (chapter 82) there is no solid female lead in sight. As for harems that is even further away, my personal opinion would prefer a well done harem since as he is a noble, getting heirs and family members should be one of his goals. But I would settle even for a single good solid woman for the MC is one comes like that.

Now getting back to the plot, for the 1-40~ it as said previously is setting up the atmosphere and build up, from 40~ onwards it starts going towards the kingdom building focusing on his travel and adventures while trying to reach his homeland and inherit the tittle. Quite nice is that while traveling he is able so sette some past events solidying his character.

The action and battles are solid and entertaining, often using interesting and effective tactics and utilizing weakneses unlike some other novels where the MC only zergs absolutely everything.

The kingdom building aspect cannot be rated for now since he is not yet reached his lands but the preparations and thoughs about it looks really well and realistic not based on some dreamlike idealism

The main antagonist or the bad guy, seems to be one of the princes of the former empire, helped by the direct noble who is above the MC.

I hope you give it a try and read it, if you are strugling with the early chapters, please try to bear it and read it to about 50th chapter if by then your not interested then maybe this novel is not for you. <<less
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