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RedHorn rated it
Kill the Lights
December 5, 2018
Status: sidetrack 4 part1
Written and translated well enough that its hard to put the novel down after you start reading it. Main issue for me is the characters. I dont see the romance at all tbh. Basically Mason a mercenary dies and gets reborn into the body of a slutty gay drug addicted actor Haley. The Ceo ML admires the original Mason cuz of a past event and his disappearance/death brings back trauma. He has been stalking/watching over him until his death but the thing is he doesnt actually love a Mason in... more>> his original manly body (he actually says this) and only starts becoming cliche horny and pushy ML after Mason is reborn into the slutty girly Haley and thats what sticks out for me, its like he needs him to be reborn into the body of an uke before he starts getting ideas of fking him until he faints?? I dont get it at all. After ML discovers Haley is actually Mason he starts being extremely pushy and arrogant as the rich guy he is but I dont see any actual romance between their personalities or ML liking Mason for who he is other than his saviour or for his new slutty body. Basically all of Masons newfound sluttiness is blamed on his new body and I dont even remember the ML telling him straight out that he really loved him all he does is praise his slutty body and im like so do u like mason or his body which actually isnt even his?

I wouldnt mind if this story was the all smut no plot type either but somehow its stuck awkwardly in between? Like it takes ages to clear up the misunderstandings and all we get in the beginning is Masons wet dreams in which you dont rly get whats happening and ur like so do I fap here or not?

Some ppl might praise Mason alot for being an uke with an actual brain but in the end thats rendered useless in the face of his new body which makes him so weak and slutty and the only basis for his relationship with ML.

Tbh story could have been so much better if it was about Mason in his original body rather than forcefully pushing him into a new body just so he could fit into the typical uke box of being girly, slutty and ofc shorter and less fit than the ML like its some inherent requirement. <<less
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