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Reandayo rated it
Face Slapping The Slag Gong System
April 27, 2018
Status: c2
Interesting! Truly interesting.

This is the first time I've wrote a review for a story with less than 20 chapters but the story is worth of y'all's attention if you like stories like "Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil"or "I'm Scattering IQ to The Protagonist".

The difference of this story is that if in the stories I mentioned above the MC are face slapping the villains in each story, this time the MC will face-slapped the cheating male characters until their "hurt" parameter gone 100% so that they could go to... more>> the next world. That's what makes it more interesting.

Too bad there are only 2 chapters that have been translated so far. I hope this story get more translations in the future, because I hate reading it with google translate on the website. ((This is why I wish I could learn Mandarin))

Anyways, good story; interesting, unique plot, and good translation; easy to understand words. Ten outta ten. Hope I could read more. <<less
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Reandayo rated it
Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu!
May 27, 2018
Status: c35
THE BEST AND REFRESHING STORY I HAVE READ FOR THIS MONTH! (if you didn't count the BL novel I've been reading)

*cough* anyways

I found this book by randomly clicking onto a recently updated page on NU and thanks to the reviews here I am able to convince myself to read this book. ANd I aM Glad I DiD

What's good?

... more>>

No reincarnation, no transmigration, no reborn. It's just that MC stumbled upon a romance novel which turns out to be a prophecy written by the prince's wet nurse (also the prime minister's wife cmiiw and currently the workaholic MC's employee).

The MC herself is so smart, and straightforward and sassy and not silently scheming which I found pretty refreshing. Even his majesty the king admit that. Until to the point where he will find a way for her to marry his son and get into the royal family.


Reverse harem?


Imho, I think it is the best to add a reverseharem tag. Because as I read so far, there has been no progress on MC romance with any male, maybe the prince, but she also got a bunch of male admirers surrounding her.

A male character was introduced in the next arc, he found MC interesting and different, then he joined her circle of friends. I believe that is the cycle of a reverse harem.


Anyways I'm pretty much hooked by this story, it's better if you try to read it for the first 10 chapters maybe. It would be a waste if you leave this masterpiece. <<less
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Reandayo rated it
The Wolf Lord’s Lady
November 12, 2017
Status: Completed
What is this.. This story is so good my tears cannot stop.

I have always read cute adorable story that reading this seems more realistic to me. But it's cute and touching in it's own way.

The author's writting, the plotline, the character development, the plot twists that makes me either touched or shocked. Honestly, it's the best.

... more>> I'm so grateful of the translator for bringing this story so that internationally it can be read. This is a masterpiece for me, really.

But I suggest for those who's not in the mood of reading something deep, please do put this in your reading list for you to read if you have the mood to do so. Because this story is worth a try. <<less
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Reandayo rated it
Our Glamorous Time
December 15, 2018
Status: Completed
I'm so sick with all the misunderstandings and unnecessary dramas with schemes on every fcking stories I've read oh my gosh AND GUESS WHAT this story is so refreshing!!!

Finally a decent romance!

A military background ML who suddenly jump into the business world because of his deceased brother and repair the company that was about to go bankrupt because of it's former CEO. And yeah he basically seems a bit noob at the start and the somehow the MC underestimate him but of course our ML has to be the... more>> perfect husband, he immediately adapt to things perfectly, and handle them in a smart way. Which also once made the MC insecure of her own intelligence lol. But eventually they'd be at the same level and I LOVE THEIR INTERACTION.

Don't forget about the MC's protective brother (he has his own story, titled Dont Turn Away From Summer), a billionaire. The MC wont make calculations with ML regarding company shares and everything bcuz they're in love already but then her brother be like, "It's okay, just leave all of the calculations to me" lol he really love the MC and doesn't want the MC get mistreated.


Ding Mo's story, as always, leave traces at my heart. <<less
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Even with a female protagonist, don't be expecting a sweet romance out of it. It's setting is in the military where they still uphold the strongest in material arts. FL is a cool, swag, handsome, domeneering (fe) male that unintentionally made a fanclub out of her strength and intelligence (she got a system in her head with is the god of virtual world and a high-class hacker).

This story is all about how she will conquer all the obstacles that she faced, fight scenes and bromance. Maybe there will be romance... more>> in the future, but currently she and the ML are still strangers so we're still at the strength development part. It's my cup of tea so I enjoyed it. <<less
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