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Razorace rated it
Shinka no Mi
March 28, 2016
Status: c77
Incredibly underrated series. First of all, I'd like to stress that the selling-point of the series is comedy, so those who are reading should keep in mind the nature of the work while evaluating it. While the story and plot are rather familiar and may even seem repetitive to most (JP transported web novel) readers, it does not come off as generic due to the light-hearted narrative and easy going storyline. However, this runs second fiddle to both the heart-touching but hilarious moments which are ingeniously reproduced in a style... more>> similar to what is prevalent in Gintama. To summarise, most of the negative reviews are due to the misguided initial anticipation, and not looking at the series as a whole. It's an incredibly entertaining and well thought out comedy. The MC still does what he needs to do rather than act completely spineless. This is consistent with the setting and feels way more natural – which is extremely difficult to write from the author's perspective and rarely found in web novels. <<less
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Despite the initial setting of the MC being bullied, he is not overly self-depreciating and has a minimum amount of confidence to make proper judgments. There is enough dialogue between characters to give them some depth, enough so that you feel the necessity for their existence.

Main flaw which persists throughout the first two volumes is that the author focuses too much on the combat aspects and the skills (perhaps due to the title). However, there is enough progression and change in relationship between characters that you don’t feel bored by... more>> the pace.

Volume two ends on a cliffhanger with possible progression into NTR due to female MC (Arisu), separating from male MC and follows the main antagonist which just so happens to be her brother. However, with prior knowledge of following volumes, the female MC stays true to the male MC and gets rescued during a critical moment, male MC then goes on to kill her brother. This twist also allows male MC to develop physical relationship with other members of the party to establish the harem.


To summarize, despite the darker theme of the story, while maintaining suitable tension, the author manages to leave a generally satisfying outcome which doesn’t particularly feel forced, all the while employing some less-generic side characters with enough depth to make the story stand out. <<less
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Isekai Cheat
January 31, 2016
Status: v2c15
As of end of volume one, better rename the series to Isekai Spreadsheet...

Relatively short chapters composed of mainly a mumble jumble of (so far) redundant stats/skills.

Can't quite find a single, notable redeeming aspect in the whole of volume one. The writing simply comes off as immature and cliché, similar to what someone in the first half of their teens would write.

Update: Not really seeing any improvement in the second volume, recommended for those in the early years of elementary school. Ideal example of how not to write a web novel.
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Razorace rated it
Heavy Object
December 24, 2015
Status: v10
Each volume is focused on some specific theme, for example politics, pollution, natural resources, war, governance and even international sports events.

While the series is littered with comedic elements, most of the jokes gets old and persisting elements simply gets repetitive and boring when the number of volumes is taken into account. Imagine the same joke told three times each volume for five volumes straight, without fail.

While conflicts, which in turn leads to action scenes, are consistent throughout the series, there is a fatal flaw in plot progression:
... more>>

The fact that the author hints and sets up romantic interests around the protagonist but doesn't progress with it at all, seemingly scared of breaking the balance and putting off readers who support either female protagonist is disappointing and frustrating over time. The way the plot progresses makes the reader wonder whether the events in previous volumes even transpired, as though the relationship between characters just simply reset themselves when they should have grown much closer over all this time spent together.

The only noticeable progression we see is between the male sub-lead and his romantic interest over the course of one of the earlier volumes. The fact that the author pairs up the two male leads all the time creates an endlessly stoic environment for mindlessly increasing the number of volumes/books sold, exploring problems surrounding modern day society with insight no more than that of a typical high-school student.
Essentially, to summarize, if the author took the plunge and either progressed character relationships or even wrapped up the series earlier, would have earned a much higher evaluation as a whole in différance to other similar works.


Therefore, I recommend the series as a light read, for predictable but descriptive action scenes and some basic, elementary world-building from a shallow perspective. <<less
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20 chapters in and essentially reads like a stats catalog for a badly designed game with many redundant skills. Author tries to be funny with some of the skills and simply fails imho. Close to no plot progression and maybe one event of any significance. Furthermore, the mentality of MC is just all over the place and lacks consistency.
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