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If you are looking for a story with depth, development or a sense of immersion then this story is not for you.

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The story is extremely light and whimsical with everything it does, so much so that it can quickly become a boring tedious read because it doesn't drawn in any emotional investment and can sometimes be frustrating because of how irrational or nonsensical things get. For example; in a world where magic is rare and having 20 spells is considered amazing, the fact that the MC (Named Lucio) quickly learned 1000 magic despite being a child doesn't bother anyone. His Noble grandfather and the idiot King hopelessly dote on him without any care for the dangers that much power -should- bring. Of course Lucio doesn't really face threats or consequences for anything in this series and almost everyone does nothing but heap endless praise and worship on him.

Lucio himself doesn't apply common sense or consideration to the actions he takes either and just spends every day screwing around with magic he learned from reading manga and playing with his ever growing number of loli. Which is another stupid thing, The story quickly gives him 6 and 7 year old wives and they spend time playing in their own home because they became independent from the adults, except no visible effort is made into giving these child wives proper education or even Lucio as apparently children are expected to raise and educate themselves in this world once they are 'married'. He ends up pressed into a manga librarian job after saving the princess, then promoted to duke after meeting the king just because he was liked, he soon enough gets sent to manage a vassal country where he meets his third wife who was the previous queen who was an adult women, but it's okay because he just uses magic to turn her into a loli and nobody in the country notices this missing queen... it really just keeps getting more ridiculous as it goes on. While the premise sounds interesting and I gave it two stars before I now say it's one star and I really recommend avoiding this series.

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Razieli812 rated it
That Person. Later on…
June 16, 2017
Status: c134
The chapters are short so it's an easy read and you can end up reading it just out of habit, hell that's the only reason I can figure that had read it to this point.

As other reviews have mentioned the MC is OP in stats but he is super weak mentally, that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't complicated by the writing itself being even weaker. There is almost no character depth for anyone, characters behave in certain ways purely for cliche, many things are done just to be... more>> weird and the harem itself is handled horribly.

On the point of the harem, which I feel is the biggest issue, each girl just falls in love with the guy so easily that it can actually feel insulting. Just calling it lazy writing or build up doesn't really do it justice. For example he saves a princess by kicking an assassin out of the way and she falls for him immediately without a word said. Not only did she fall for him from that, but it's to a very stupid and over the top level. That kind of pattern applies to most every harem girl, they all just fall for him with no real justification and it quickly turns the harem into nothing but a cheap collection rather than a valued or even just invested relationship. It's worse after they join the harem because the author then effectively strips away their individuality and turns them into one composite character. That's not a joke or exaggeration, once the first few girls agree on the idea of a harem, they stop quarreling with each other, then act and even speak in unison. When they meet up with a new harem member they quickly drag her into the fold and their individuality is stripped away.

If you're looking for a harem story, there are far better ones out there to try before even glimpsing this. I should also throw in that the comedy is horrible, it handles the butler character and constant bandit attacks in ways that make it feel like it's desperate to make you laugh but it has no comedic sense. The only chance of salvation this series could possibly have is if the company who bought it goes and completely rewrites it from the bottom up to invest in and properly develop the characters individuality, the events that take place, and their interpersonal relationships. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one was because it was so easy to read it could become a habit, but that is probably more a credit to the translator than the story. <<less
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Razieli812 rated it
Loner Harem Meister
May 11, 2017
Status: c23
Poorly written with terrible pacing, inconsistent character behavior and no character development. I could go over every single instance in detail, but given that there are so many problems with this stories composition and it happens in virtually every chapter with some chapters having multiple instances, this would becomes and endless wall of text.

FYI, I meant to give it one star, and misclicked on two.
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