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The Returner
October 20, 2018
Status: c102
Hello fellows~~~
Before you read my comment, I tell you beforehand that English is not my mother tongue, so, there will be mistakes in my writing.
Ok, let's start.

1.-I have seen MANY negative comments, mainly towards the attitude of the protagonist, his actions, thoughts, etc. First of all, YOU MUST REMEMBER that from the synopsis the author tells the plot of the story... 1000 years in a world without our social rules, is not that enough?
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Also, you must consider, that our protagonist, obeys OUR RULES, but not those of THAT WORLD, a way of thinking something strange, but maybe due to the Korean discipline system... That explains why he killed without blinking in that world, and in ours world he lets himself be arrested by the police. You have to be stupid to not be able to analyze and reason this.

2.- Many, many, MANY readers, complain about his lazy attitude, and the reason why he RETURNED from that world... Guys, before CRITICIZING, you have to analyze the text, you believe that he simply returned to drink coca cola, play LOL and masturbate with BRAZERS videos? NO! Don't be stupid! Obviously, there are hidden motives.... which are? DUNNO :v
3.- Guys, see the tags and genres, SEE the tags and genres! Comedy, Action, Parody, Lazy..... Are you blind (*cough-cough* I mean those who have already read this *cough-cough* novel) ? Therefore, you should not question the mentality, comedy and stupidity of the plot, everything is in order to make us laugh.

I think this:
1.- The novel is very funny, seriously, very funny, I died laughing in some parts.....
As I said, this novel is to make us laugh, but of course, sometimes you will have to analyze the comments of the characters, mainly about the protagonist and his life in that other world, since it gives clues about his reasons for returning to our world.

2.- About romance... Well, the protagonist is not dense, and I say this because he is not the typical Japanese protagonist, but wait, you will think at this moment: What the hell is this imbecile saying? I DONT see a romance tag!!! There is not tag because the protagonist is... ******
Well, as a small spoiler, our protagonist is not stupid in that aspect, that he avoids romance is for "something"... You will have to read it to know what I mean.

3.- So far, we only have 1/5 of the story, it's little, but with only that amount, you can realize that there is something hidden after all this comedy.

Well, that was it, sorry for the spelling errors, but I'm not good at writing :´c

Greetings from Mexico~~

P.S This novel reminds me of Everyone Else is a Returnee, does anyone else think the same?
P.S 2 There are references to other novels, such as EER, A monster Who Levels Up, etc.... lol <<less
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