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R.a.m.p.a.g.e rated it
Castle of Black Iron
May 25, 2017
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If you can ignore some the vulgarities from starting chapters, then it is a superb novel. As of now, it has nice plot line a good system for power development and as you read along the chapters you won't get bored. Though you may find pace of the story a little slow.

As of now about our protagonist, MC seems to be a little naive sometimes but, his temperament changes as he faces some challenges. Most importantly he is not weak willed, he is not a ruthless persona or a shiny... more>> knight who justifies everything, he is the type of protagonist who is a little intelligent as to how he deals to some of his adversary shown in the recent chapters (HE IS ONLY IN HIS TEENS). As it happens with all the protagonist in Chinese novel there is a fortuitous encounter and it is not some overpowered sh*t, he has to tussle and fight to gain the fruits to enhance himself (you can take it literally).

Overall, there is a good (world, supporting character) building. Nice plot that keeps you going and most importantly don't mind those reviews. Give this novel a try, for me it is definitely one of the best novel that Qidian is currently translating. <<less
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