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R-gel rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
January 7, 2018
Status: c100
When you view the scores for this novel, keep in mind the following points:

    1. Ignore reviews with high ratings and chapter read below 100, they don't know much about this novel.
    2. Don't ignore the low rating, low read chapter, they are pro-reader
    3. The first ~4X chapter of the story is a "trick" by the author to lead you to think that "this story is a complex story, where the MC and mother just tried to survive, but obstacles keep coming their way"
    4. Most reader probably read, the first few chapters, leave amazingly good review, read further, stops, don't bother to edit review.
So here's my review after reading so far, no story spoiler, Bad points first:

The Author failed to deliver the Planned Genre. Author intended this novel to have complexity and depth while maintaining survival genre, however, the MC survival chapter goes straight into EASY MODE real fast.

  1. 90% of character whom MC found in the first 70 Chapter became Zealot solely for the sake off MC religion. MC gain loyalty and ally very easily, no challenge, no character building.
  2. MC gain Plot armor level spells, there's no challenge or whatsoever even reading until 200ch++, all problems (Life problems, battles, raising army, etc) were solved like flipping hand.
  3. 95% of Characters are bland, and some are straight stupid, most of the opponent are stupid. The MC is smart, at least that's what the author trying to write. But when the opponent is stupid, and the solutions to problems are simple, you can't appreciate the MC.
  4. MC don't try to think about the future (except few lines, in which author tried to persuade reader "YES, MC has lots of trouble", which turns out to be minor troubles), MC does everything, everyone worshiped him like GOD, others are just bots without Brain once became allies.
  5. The mother character is almost forgotten, and barely mentioned and presented just for the sake of showing "She's still there in the story, I (author) haven't forgot about her". No truly significant development, probably until much......... later.
  6. The story are FUWA2, significant amount of paragraph were taken to describe MC and their allies FUWA2 life. Yuck, even when the supporting chara are barely likeable. If you read Tate Yuusha Fuwa2 time, this novel fuwa2 time are far below that.
  7. Although the Battles in the novel were written as if there were strategically planned, no, when you summarize the battle, it's very simple, and no smart thinking were involved. It's just the author way of pairing who against who, and they contest in brute power. Don't expect smart battles where it involves multiple layer of trick & deceptions, at most there's only 1 layer of tricks & deception in this novel (feign, play dead, etc).
  8. Author worship Japanese food, the Food chapter is simply the worst read of all. Author need to broaden his view in RL, there's many other amazing food out there. There's no point in writing isekai stuff, if it's all about Japanese food.
  9. Survival genre was lost completely, and MC doesn't seem to have the Handicap despite it's there (Age, can't lvl up, etc).
  10. World Building is not that great, since everything was easy for the MC, and food were mostly about recreating-Japanese food. Dungeons pops out for the sake of convenience for the MC (And once again MC cheese through it), Cities, Allies, and Ruins also pops out for the convenience of the MC.
  11. I think the god that transport the MC, had given the MC the greatest blessing of all, "World revolve arounds you".

Despite what I had written above, it seems that many readers like the novel, just not my cup of coffee. The novel might turns out to be amazing farther into the chapters, but I just can't muster enough willpower to keep reading. MC 180 degree Personality turn, fated to be hero by prophecy, etc2, is still acceptable for me, but it's just simply impossible to muster the willpower when the other characters in the story are just hollow shells.

New readers can go try read the novel, which I don't actually recommend.

Read up to 70ish chapter, and decide whether you want to continue or not, since it will continue that way for much longer.

If you are novice WN/LN reader or someone who seeks easygoing and lighthearted novel, this might be for you. If you seek quality/suspense WN/LN, avoid this.

Good Points:


Potential to be great story, if you can read that far. It's only POTENTIAL, not guaranteed.

Translated chapters get updated frequently, Frequent updates = frequent donations

Therefore, expect dedicated release.

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R-gel rated it
Monster no Goshujin-sama
February 9, 2019
Status: v4
I'm hoping for faster release as the machine TL are barely readable, and wished more people would be able to appreciate this novel.

This novel is not for:

People who crave battle scenes.

... more>> People who wish for OP MC or party member, cheat skill, super smart MC (Except they are not, as in many niche novels), etc. People that wished for those common niche stuff, should stay away from this novel.

People who expect anti-hero, Hero, revenge themed, dark themed, etc. It is very clear from CH.1 that this novel was not meant to be such novel by the author. Those settings were meant to be a push for the MC to choose monster-family pathway.

People who seek fast-paced novel. This novel can be slow, for example, the relationship with the arachne only significantly evolved much later, despite her being introduced early in the novels. However, it's a reasonable pace, not rushed, not awkwardly slow.

It was enjoyable read so far (V4), protag grows, characters are well laid out, some but not so-niche storyline, okay~good plot.

The growing monster members bothers me a bit but it was hinted from the start that the author aimed for it (Look at title), I'm worried about the author ability to keep up with the increasing cast while maintaining the same quality, but as a reader I have to trust at the author for now.

The Novel title explains a lot about the content, it's about a human which become Master of Monsters, his monsters, struggles, worries, and his future.

This novel deserve at least 3*, the rest of the stars will likely more of personal preferences. <<less
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