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Qwerty10856 rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 4, 2018
Status: c779
All you guys need to realise that it's a s*upid argument to compare this novel wit other xianxia novels. It's a matter of taste. Thanks MC is not retarded like the rest of the MCs in all CN novels. Every action he takes is very logical.

He never actually complains that he has no luck infact all those treasures he has acquired have not fallen from the sky. He actually researches about it first. He doesn't recklessly charge at the problem but first gathers information which is quite logical.

Even if it... more>> appears to stray a bit after the first arc, it mocks every dumbfu*k of a protagonist in other CN novel at every turn.

It isn't nauseating to read like dumbsh*t works like Dragon Marked Wargod where every Fu*king high ranked saint or whatever the sh*t they are behave like hoodlums and deliquents caught off the street. In this we can see that the antagonist too have a story behind them and aren't just cannon fodder for the MC to kill. E.g. When madame Kang sacrifices her life to save her son's and how her husband goes in a mad rage to kill the MC.

Overall it's far better than those harem seeking, hypocrite, mass-murderin as*ho*es they sell you in other novels. <<less
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