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Qvintex rated it
So What If It’s an RPG World?
December 14, 2017
Status: v7c32
Early volumes might be worth 4 stars, but later volumes go downhill (at least those which I managed to finish reading).

First five volumes were a decent read. Some plotholes and random stuff but not too much. In 6th volume story was getting slightly annoying and reading 7th volume was a chore. As for 8th - didn't even manage to get past prologue.


In regards to story, it is ok early on. World building might be a bit shallow, but it doesn't have big impact on the story. MC is OP with prety decent plot armor. There is some foreshadowing for harem, but sadly MC too dense. Many girls introduced, but nothing happening up until vol 7. No idea how it is later, but this point alone takes one star away from me.

Fights might be a bit bland, but don't expect too much when to use skills all they need to do is to press one button.

This review is uninformative and might be a bit negative, but I still enjoyed reading this story. But be warned, later volumes will become repetitive or annoying. And if anyone manages to get past vol 7, feel free to message me and tell if it gets better.
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