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Queball rated it
Fairy Tale Chronicles
May 15, 2019
Status: c8 part2
Honestly I would disregard the previous review. The point in question in the story is typically used as a plot device for character development in the future as it contained background trauma with the male MC. That is if the author chooses to make use of said plot device, but it seems to be a extremely large part of the male MC profile that if they don't it would be a large failure for character development.

the case in point was the exact reveal of his trauma and only affected the only part of the translation where MC had a hard exposure to his trauma


The story is still early in its development and seems to still be building the world as sometimes overly technical information is provided that seems excessive to the world building. Which if you are into can be a good thing.

My biggest problem with the novel so far is the lack of distinction between who is speaking. From comments of the translator it is an issue from the author not making it clear. It can sometimes be deferred based on character speech patterns but other times is loss in translation.

Personally I enjoy the novel so far and the development is turning into an interesting arc. The translation for the most part is done well and has shows to have a steady release rate
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