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Qregis rated it
Valhalla Saga
January 14, 2018
Status: v14c1
To be honest I am a little disappointed.

The story started pretty good and it is an interesting concept, but it rapidly developes into a generic MC gets rapidly stronger plot with slight hints of a harem.

At least his plot armor got an explanation:

it is the blessing of his goddess

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To sum it up in one word: leisurely

but in a good way, the translations are easy too read and the plot thus far fast paced and interesting (yeah yeah I know leisurely but fast paced? How is that possible? Well this one managed it)

It somehow reminds me of Death March in its funny and easy-going way

One little thing that bothers me:


he always calls the second prince cute... I really hope he ends up to be a disguised girl... please... no BL (T_T)

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Qregis rated it
Peerless Martial God
February 9, 2016
Status: --
great translator but a really superficial story,
there is some underlying plot where he is looking for his origins or something but it doesn't really matter for the most part

mostly it's repetitive about the protagonist meeting some random moronic guy provoking him which ends with MC killing that douche... slowly and a little exaggerated... followed by him adding a victim or some girl he met to his harem

admittedly REALLY exciting and enjoyable for the first 5~6 repetitions (no sarcasm intended! I actually mean it) but as time passed... more>> it gets a little dull

it's current rating of about 3 is pretty fitting in my eyes

looking forward to the translators next work <<less
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