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QI_PR rated it
Elixir Supplier
December 14, 2018
Status: c900

If u don't like a slice of life type, don't read this. Yeah, u may call it filler for 500ch. For me, it is quite ok. Kinda of like gourmet food supplier but a lower quality version, instead of food, u got a sick person.

NOw let's talk about MC. MC is a turtle (such a coward which is the reason the story didn't move on), hypocrite (typical Chinese MC; made rules to be broken later)

How about the love story? Ouchh. It's like drinking salt water. No sweet, no sour,... more>> so boring.

Now then, u are curious how I can read until 900Ch? U see my name, then u know. And u are curious how I rate 4 stars? Again, see my name.. Hahahhaha.

Ch500-700: Yes, finally the author try to move on. A baby steps to make the story more colorful, more enemies to be introduced. However, the author is the same with MC (turtle head move out and move in). Hahahhaha.

Ch700-900: Martial art, poison, ghost, and the military is introduced, and still slow pace.

The story is about curing illness, so it takes time and the patients are coming continuously. SO the story jumps from A to B to C and back to A kind of like that. If u don't like this kind of writing, don't read.

Anyway I kind of like this slow pace with OP MC (super OP). The story is like Fishing the myriad heavens (FMH), but FMH ruins the story very fast. At the end, this story is going to move to that kind of direction too. So, I recommend that u only read this when u don't have the stuff to read and u need hundreds of chapter to enjoy this story. <<less
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QI_PR rated it
Silver Overlord
January 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Hi guys... I am excited to write a review about this.

First of all, good news for readers of Castle of Black Iron. Yes, same franchise. ... more>>

The old MC will appear at some point, hopefully, it will continue and finish the old enemy of CoBI.


Overall, the story is moving in a quite slow pace if we compare to CoBI.

The genre is more to kingdom building later on.


Ahh.. so much spoiler I want to throw but no no no I can't do that or I will get my ass kick by the evil company. (see my name) bwuahhahhaha...

Another to add, the kingdom setting is typical of Chinese kingdom style. So it will be frustrating for western reader to accept the logical thinking of MC and the bureaucrats.

The very annoying point is the stupid reviving drowning corpse by mobuxistion (i even forget the exact name), coz I need to forget this part to continue reading. The story is worthy to google translate reading. Ahh like CoBI, the romance suck... hahhahaha

New review after finished the story: the rating go down to 3 stars.


Damn the author.. he decided to end the story before picking up CoBI. The rush at the end of the story, that's why you should choose a good title. He could not continue the story because of the title name silver overlord.

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