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Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charming
November 19, 2017
Status: c722
Edited Due to Current Chapters

It's funny how people want this MC to do more for his rebirth / reincarnation. Clearly they didn't expect it to be a slice of life. Just because theres reincarnation and or rebirth doesnt necessarily mean MC will save the world already. By the way, there's romance in this novel.

tl;dr: If you want a slow paced, realistic to some extent, slice of life that has the reincarnation / rebirth with romance, you might want to give this novel a go no; You should give this novel... more>> a no. I am actually appalled by the vast amount of 1 star ranking on this novel. Apparently a lot of people have sh*t taste. To each his own. As I had stated in the past, you might want to give this novel a go, but, it gets... terrible on the later chapters. Explanations Below.

Plot - 4/5 2/5

Not the greatest plot. But for a slice of life, its a decent slow paced novel.

The above is true until it became terrible. Everything was going well until the author suddenly became overly nationalistic. Too much for my taste.
Characters - 3/5

Contrary to popular belief of the majority here, characters here are not as one dimensional as you think. Maybe they've read a lot of other novels where MC can basically fish a girl out of nowhere and are taken aback by this novel's MC not being able to get the girl that quick. To that I say, Slice. Of. Life. This isnt your wuxia/xianxia genre where girls go wet whenever someone is fighting. Character development is there but it just takes a little bit of time to show. Nothing is rushed in this story cause there's no reason to rush it. Simple. As. That.

The above is still true. The only problem is that the author, unsurprisingly, downs all other nationalities and stresses that "China is so great" every other chapter. I don't have anything against China or Chinese Nationalities but, please. Maybe this is what I get from reading CNs with reincarnation.

Personal Enjoyment - 5/5 1/5

I had a fun time reading through it all.
Nope. Not anymore. To the trash this goes!

PSA: Learn to read the tags before even starting a novel. Don't expect for something that is not there. Please.

Don't be irresponsible with your reviews. Don't spout outright lies. There's romance if you read more but clearly some are half-assed in making a review on this novel. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
November 30, 2017
Status: c125
I've binge read this novel and as of this chapter, I regret doing so. This must be one of the harshest review and nitpicks i'll give. I'll just finish this arc and drop this novel altogether. tl;dr: Its a novel that will get you disappointed a lot of times more than it will give satisfaction. If you're into that then feel free.

Plot 2/5 - A popular theme with Chinese novels and girl protagonist, nothing new.

    • Reincarnation / travel to the past
    • Female protag is a doctor and has awesome life saving skills
    • terrible family
    • Cold male lead
    • etc.

A mash up of various cliches molded into a novel called Princess Medical Doctor.

Characters 2/5

Female lead - Portrayed as an independent individual that falls for the cold protag. Typical. Knows a lot of stuff. Typical. Typical. Typical. You can pretty much says shes likeable and tolerable. 3/5 for her

Male lead - Portrayed as one with disability. Typical. Cold. Typical. Stupid in relationships. Typical. Also portrayed as someone strong and powerful and always in control. Meh. 2/5

Supporting Characters -

Can be classified into three:

Allies that have some brain

Stupid people that are considered as ally

Scheming Enemies.

Typical. Theres no depth or two-faces or any backstabbing or a plot-twist that is so good as of 125 chapters.


growth -

There is? Well hot-dawg. As far as I've seen (Aside from some slow romance slowly coming [the pacing is kinda retarded by the way but who am I to judge; its an opinion. Don't bite.]) theres little to none. Yup yup. Female lead slowly falls for ML, Aaaand then ML fails to live up to expectation. ML likes FL buuuut heeees prideful. Servants are uhm again either stupid or has some brain. Does their attitude toward FL change? Yes. With depth? If you consider simple admiration as a depth then oh boy. OH BOY.

Writing 1/5 -

The icing on the cake on this novel is its author and how he downplays every sh*t the female lead goes through. Im not sure but I think in this novel, nearly dying and being untrusted isn't as big of a deal as it should have been. The author also shows how to properly deal with drama. Time lapse. The only regret that I have aside from the fact that the Female Lead can't get away from the Male lead is that I've read this novel.

PS: Get ready for Forced Drama as well if you're reading this

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Pyushis rated it
Magi Craft Meister
November 15, 2017
Status: v9c49
I'll give it a generous 3/5. Make that 2/5

tl;dr - Not the best novel out there. Wouldn't recommend unless you have plenty of time to kill. at all.

Plot 2 / 5

Started great and interesting but now its boring. Unlike other novels where you can still stomach even if the plot is so predictable, in this novel I don't think you can do that because it has little to nothing left to offer. The romantic interaction is boring and is almost non-existent. Fight scenes are predictable. Enemies are... boring as well.... more>> Even if there's background given to them. Island building is interesting aaand that's it. MC upgrading his golems / automatas is... boring. Basically the upgrade is like the equivalent of a typical shounen novel / manga (Fight -> lose a bit -> get better -> win -> new enemy) but in this case its a (Make automata stronger -> win -> Make automata stronger -> oh we reached the best items for upgrade? don't worry after a few chapters heres a new ore that the MC will use to upgrade automata and steamroll the enemy).

Characters 2 / 5

Unlike other novels, the character development here is so slow and shallow. There are minor character background stories... and then. thats it.

Personal Enjoyment 3/5 2/5

... It's boring. I don't even know why I read this
I'd read but I wont recommend. Whenever I finish a chapter my general reaction is : Kay. Don't get your hopes up. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
December 24, 2017
Status: v3c16 part1
This novel is worthy of a poem:

The premise was good, the beginning was great;

But then fan-service arrived and now the plot is sh!t taste.

... more>> Seriously, I even forgot this novel existed and when I did remember, I got disappointed once again.

Why did people rate this novel highly? Well here's why:

They're delusional perverts living their fantasy through this novel. HELL, HAVE SOME TASTE Y'ALL. There's a better erot*c novel out there. Don't be satisfied with mere sub-tier. At least in other erot*c novels the characters there are not as flat as a board. [character development wise]

I've read until v3c16. And I can honestly tell you this. It pains me to acknowledge I wasted my time when I could've read other novels. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
November 16, 2017
Status: v16c10
tl;dr - Read it at your own risk of being disappointed.

Plot 2/5 - TPed to another world. OP MC. Cliches? You name it, they got it. Most-likely.

Characters 1/5 - "Character development? Whats that??" questions the author. "It just needs a beta character in which all the females falls for. For the girls lets make every type possible! But lets make it for younger audiences as well so nothing too much." And thus the characters of this novel was created. The only growth there, in my opinion, is their levels. Seriously.... more>> Thats how bad it is. The cuteness can only go so much.

Fight scenes 1/5 - You can probably skip chapters of fight scenes and wont be surprised at the conclusion.

Personal Enjoyment -

I dont. At least not anymore. 0/5

Different strokes for different folks. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
November 30, 2017
Status: c135
I'll give this a 3. The novel is good but its getting boring for me. Aside from the fact that theres large amounts of time jumps (ie present then suddenly talking about past), The story always rubs MCs c*ck on how strong he is (but not really). Its getting pretty much repetitive no matter what trait he is being tested on. Rather than seeing the time jump as a good unique trait, I think the author just has some poor story board planning. Not my cup of tea. Either stick... more>> with the present or stick with the past but for now ill stick this novel in the trash.

Tl;dr - not my cup of tea. Go ahead and try if you like <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Release that Witch
November 16, 2017
Status: c539
tl;dr: Top-tier novel. Worth the time spent in reading.
Reminder: this novel also includes Sci-Fi / Fantasy. Now if you try to add total Realism and Sci-Fi you have a problem cause that's just plain stupidity.

Premise 3/5 - Beginning is not that unique. There is already a lot of reincarnation in another body that I've read. Witches are regarded as devil spawns even if they're innocent. Won't spoil more. Can you skip some chapters? Yes you can. But if you do, I wont be surprised if you suddenly don't understand how something is accomplished. If those are backstories then yes you can skip it.

Characters 6/5 - This is where this novel shines brightly. The characters (Witches) are slowly built, their attitudes are fully laid out slowly and development is apparent throughout the chapters. Romance might be slow but it is not annoying unlike other novels. You can sympathize with the characters in their ordeals.

... more>>

Roland - the MC, knows a lot. Quite questionable how he remembers and knows a lot of stuff but at least he's not as omniscient as other MC in novels are. Theres a degree of realism. Readers can relate to him because he doesn't have any powers at all. Just modern day knowledge.
Witches - The witches are not tools as some would say. They are hired by roland. Two different things. In case you haven't noticed, I won't blame you. Now if you'll argue that employees are tools maybe you should go and have a therapy or something. Their characters aren't sloppily made as some would claim as well. Their attitude changed as time went by.


Fight scenes 3/5 - A healthy dose of both super powers and military might. Strength gain is increasing in a logical and reasonable manner. Predictable? To some extent. Annoying? Not at all.

Personal Enjoyment - While it may not be as good as other novels, It has enough to make me crave for more every single time. That is enough to warrant a point higher than the maximum.

PS: I'm reading a lot of intelligent novels as well. 6/5 for personal enjoyment. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Helping with Adventurer Party Management
November 16, 2017
Status: c33
If you want to question your attention span this novel is FOR YOU. Introducing the shortest chapters ever!


  • Cliff hanger galore!!
  • Dialogues are made into different chapters! Its that short!
  • New and improved backtracking now introduced in a novel! You'd have to go back some few chapters just to remember the premise of the whole situation because of its terrible wonderful segmentation.
  • A plot so unique you'd want to open your own shoe store to help adventurers. Fighting demons? Fudge that MC is too old for that shiz. He'll just help other people.
  • Ever thought of Wuxia and Xianxia characters not thinking out loud enough? MC here thinks and has a monologue for a whole chapter. AMAZING
  • You can drop this novel and forget about it. Because as unique as the plot or premise may be, it is not memorable nor striking.
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Pyushis rated it
Dungeon Defense
November 15, 2017
Status: v5c3
Was baited so much by the first few chapters. I totally did not expect politics and power tripping will follow the suit later on. This is the type of novel where you either hate it or you like it but you cant say that its bad.

tl;dr - Highly recommend for you to read the first two volumes. Then you can decide to continue or to stop. I wont judge you if you dropped it. JK I would.

Disclaimer: game aspects of this novel is slowly being discarded in the latter chapters.... more>> MC is f*cked up as well. You have been warned. Plot - 5/5

This is a top-tier novel in terms of plot. The fights in this game is both the combination of brains and brawn with a side of politics. It is not the typical fight and get stronger where powers are being wielded left and right. There is little to no cliches. The romance for me is not rushed at all. It has been properly laid out. The introduction of characters are quite nice as well.

Characters - 5/5

Character development here is so delicious. The enemies here aren't just mere enemies to be consumed during the fight. They are properly given life and personalities. Allies have an outstanding character development as well.

Personal Enjoyment - 6 / 5

Do I even need to further explain why? Its top-tier. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
My MCV and Doomsday
November 19, 2017
Status: c82
Tl;dr: Its not that good. Go forth fellow daoist and find other novels out there. This novel is just used for killing time. Wont even bother putting individual ratings. If youre expecting to read this novel to kill time well you might kill yourself with the amount of fillers and the slow pacing this novel has to offer.

Plot - MC gets cheat (?) and gets a redo of his life. Generic plot. Events are... not that exciting at all. Everything just screams "Coincidence??? I think not!"

Pacing - Slow. Some... more>> chapters are dedicated for self realization and or comments with an event that happened the previous chapter. Its on par with a xianxia/wuxia novel where mob characters are circle jerking on what MC did. Scratch that, even in xianxia/wuxia novels the circle jerking isnt as hard as it is here. A whole chapter was dedicated to MC just shooting random stuff.

Characters - not that likeable at all. As of this review (chap 79) I can't even see any character development at all. He leveled up. And thats it.

Fight scenes - *yawn*

Personal Enjoyment - lets not even go there. This is like a side side side hoe. Id read it cause I dont have anything else left to read Nope. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Instant Death
January 4, 2018
Status: v2c7
Plot was nice and all. WAS. It gets boring real quick. Its like your typical shounen manga/anime but in this case, its not the unending cycle of fighting, losing and getting stronger but its fighting and killing. Humor is not bad but its not good either. All in all, I got tired of this faster than watching the go bwah video in youtube multiple times
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Pyushis rated it
Ultimate Scheming System
November 17, 2017
Status: c100
tl;dr: It may not be the best but it is one of the funniest novels that I have read. I would recommend it for you guys to pick up and read through

Plot 3/5 - Typical xianxia / wuxia genre but MC's cheat is super OP. Plot revolves around Acting tough, Slapping faces, and being a jerk (with morals). In case you haven't gotten it yet, its just Comedy with some sides of fighting and a little hint of romance. I guess its just pretty generic? The Comedy part though... more>> will make you laugh.

Characters 3/5 - MC is... uh generic MC in these genres. I can't really think of something unique about him. Side characters are, lets be real, just there to boost MC's standing.

Fighting scenes 3/5 - Predictable to some extent but there are parts that are amusing

Personal Enjoyment 5/5 - It made me laugh a lot. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
June 24, 2018
Status: --
TLDR: Boooo!!

This novel started on a good note. It was interesting, there was a goal to achieve, it doesn't seem like it's been written by a horny virgin teenager. Oh, boy was I wrong. As chapters flew by, It became repetitive. The author possibly forgot what stories are supposed to be like; There should be progression, conflict, and character development. The only thing that developed on a higher level in this novel is the libido of the MC.

This novel, at most, could only be classified as a wish fulfilment... more>> novel for horny teenagers. <<less
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Pyushis rated it
I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN)
February 18, 2018
Status: --
As much as I would like to read more, I just can't get the plot nor paint a picture with the narrative I'm given. Here's the takeaway: The MC is supposed to be a sword that can move, fly, see his own stats... And MC can also see himself [how?], use magic [tolerable.], can take skills from others... basically a cluster-f*ck of how, why, and "didn't I see that cheat used in another novel?". One thing is for sure, that childish protagonist tag is correctly placed.
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In a Different World with a Smartphone
November 19, 2017
Status: c212
Tl;dr: liked it in the beginning. That says a lot. After a while it gets boring. Uh. Im not going to say not to read this but I wont also suggest for you to read it.

plot: gets boring real quick.

characters: no character growth aside from levels and girls falling for MC. Probably a lolicon wonderland for some as well. Different strokes for different folks.

... more>> Fights: as bland as it can get. Probably a mecha addict wonderland as well. Boring.

Personal Enjoyment - I just read this to uh kill more time. Not my first go to novel thats for sure. <<less
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