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Promethean rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
April 23, 2016
Status: --
I don’t really know how this is really popular. Its not even a good “new game + ” type series.

And the MC is a terrible person, not to mention the writing itself.

First of all the MC.

... more>> He is a terrible person. He is greedy as hell, while pretending to be good. He does everything out of self greed and is an extreme pragmatist.

He could careless about the people he is trying to “save”.

In fact, he believes himself to a superior person and extremely righteous, when he isn’t. Not even a bit. Everything he does just happens to benefit the people. If he really did want to benefit them, he wouldn’t be trying to rip everyone off, and give them more knowledge to save and protect themselves, instead of hoarding it all to himself, yet he acts like he is a good guy, trying to protect everyone. The contradictions with this character are so freaking high.

And he is a f**king stalker. He stalks the girl he likes constantly. Literally. He sneaks into her house without even her permission and starts sexually harassing her. He “claims” she is his, like a piece of property, and even though he says he “gives” her freedom, and is trying to help her, but he is just chaining her down more and more, and doing everything out of selfishness. Because its not that he “likes her”, but that “she is already his”. F**k this guy. And she, mind you, is 12. Yeah, they got together when they were 20. But now, they are 12, and he, who has a 100 year old’s mindset, just comes out as a freaking pedophile.

He is arrogant as f**k, thinks everyone is beneath him, and perceives himself to be a god or something. IT doesn’t matter if he is more powerful, or knows more than everyone else. It doesn’t mean he has to act like an arrogant prick noble while everyone else is like peasant scum. He thinks everyone he does is right, and if someone does something he doesn’t like, they are evil as hell, and he has the right to punish them, like some judge.

Maybe some people like this attitude or thinks is funny. But, it just comes out as an arrogant, stalker-obsessed, self-righteous, brat.

Nothing about his character is any good.

Now for the supporting cast.

Terrible cookie cutters with no personality that are just there to be display pieces for the main character. All the female leads have absolutely zero personality aside from liking the MC, and all the male supporting cast have nothing except following the MC or being cookie cutter as*hole villains (who aren’t really a**holes, because they haven’t done anything yet).

And they all suffer from the “MC can do no wrong, even though he is clearly doing wrong” mentality, and don’t really do anything other than blindly following the MC. Plot:

Okay at first, then become typical xianxia cliche. He is trying to save the city from being ravaged by beasts. Thats okay. But the way it proceeds is boring. It’s just the usual xian xia stuff. Then the future plots are all about fighting stronger cultivators. Oh yeah, I forgot. He “helps” his friends, but what he is really doing is getting chess pieces he can use to fight the guy that killed him. Yeah. He literally says that why he is helping them get stronger.

World Building:

Typical. The spirit power thing is a little unique in that there are 2 forms, in some complicated cultivating style. But in the end, it just because the usual cultivating than breaking through realms stuff. They also integrate powers with demon spirits, kind of like DD, but they only get one (except him, because he is “special” >.>). Other than that, its just any other typical Xianxia novel, and nothing new is added or created. You can bet it becomes the typical “the world is actually bigger than you even realize” thing you’ve seen before. But it does promote quality of quantity, which is a seldom seen thing in Xian xia. Which I like.

Character Development:

None. Everyone is cookie cutter. Once the exposition explains the characters personality and background, it stays set forever. No one changes, nor is there any character development besides the first sentence describing the character. The MC has no development, and stays the exact same way for a long time (I read up 100+, and that is more than enough to be able to judge how good the series is going to be. If it needs more, than clearly it isn’t a good series). Action:

Its decent. Its better than reading people scream out names and sound effects as if we are supposed to know what the hell they are doing. Its amply descriptive for their type of battles.


Have you ever read a xianxia novel before? Then you don’t need to ask when I say they are the typical cliches.


I tried to like this series. But I can’t. The main character is an absolutely terrible person that I can never like (and if you can’t like the MC, there is no point in reading anymore). The side characters are cookie cutter. The plot goes nowhere. The writing style isn’t that bad compared to other series. The world, after the initial “unique quirk”, ends up being the same rehash, so that the unique quirk ends up being pointless, as in the end, quality can bet quantity (even though in the beginning they stated quality is more important). Fighting is okay.

If you want to read a story with a bad and terrible character full of contradictions and changing character traits, with the typical harem crap, bland side characters, with decent fighting, and a more unique than others cultivation method, then this is for you.

Unfortunately, the lack of character development, terrible MC, poorly written side characters and typical plot, make this a “not worth reading”.

I give it 2/5 stars because at least it is not PMG

***This is one time the manga is better because the characters are actually given some personality, and the MC is as terrible.

*Ah, but if you haven’t read Xianxia before, then you can read this, because if you can get past the MC’s terrible character and bland supporting cast, this will be a decent read. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion
April 20, 2016
Status: --
This is actually a great story. I'm surprised people don't like it. I guess its because they expect the same old, hot blooded OP character that can do anything and survives only through plot armor.

The pacing is slow, but its also because the characters are slow. In more ways than one.
They aren't super strong characters with limitless potential.
They are normal people with normal abilities and feelings.

And that is why this series is relate-able. I mean, how many people out there would willing risk their lives to fight dangerous... more>> creatures almost as smart as you, with the abilities of an average person? Probably none of you reading this review.

Yes, the main character is a coward, but its expected. He doesn't have any power. He isn't confident, because like a real person, who would be confident enough to brave danger when you don't know where you are, who you are, what you are doing, and why you are here.
A normal person wouldn't automatically accept their circumstances and start slaying monsters, because normal people don't have that ability.

This isn't a story about a person who already has OP abilities or gifted abilities fighting demon gods and becoming... well... nothing because those characters don't have much character development. They really don't.

This is a story about developing not only the main character (which I call blazing sun characters because no other characters really matter), but the side characters too, because they are just as important.

This devotes a lot of time to it. Like how the MC should act with the other party members or what he should do as a leader, who mind you, are in just the same state of confusion as he is.

And that is why this series is great.

Its not a coming of age story. It doesn't really play out like that. It plays out more as a coming to terms story, and growth as a leader. I guess you can say it is sort of like a "coming of age" story, where the young boy grows into a man. But it isn't just about the young kid, its about all of them, working together, being together to adjust to the new world. They aren't becoming "adults". They are trying to become better people in general.

They didn't come into this world with a childish attitude (well, except one of them), with innocence and not understanding the way the world works.

They came into a weird world, knowing fully, how dangerous that world is, and what they have to do to survive, either by changing their character or themselves. Becoming stronger or improving teamwork because they have to, in order to live.

They know they aren't powerful, and that is why this is slow pace. They can't immediately defeat the mid boss in 2 chapters. They don't have cheats. They just have themselves, in their normal human bodies, with their normal personalities.

All of these characters, especially the main character, feels like a real person. A normal person. Not a head strong child, who thinks he can do anything, but an adult who has to be cautious of everything and decide carefully how he proceeds, because not only is his life on the line, but because everyone's life is on the line. That is why, he is slow, cautious, moving only when they are confident they can handle it, because this is a world were everyone can die from the smallest of things, and where recklessness and arrogance will only get them killed.

In other words, unlike other series where the MC is extremely confident, arrogant, and he and his party are protected by plot armor, so no real danger befalls them, and they can slaughter everything unhindered without caution, this one where even plot armor won't save them, and they can die even from a swords scratch. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Goblin Slayer
August 27, 2016
Status: c3
So some guy just rated the series by the tag, and not actually reading the series.

Anyways, I think the premise for this story is more interesting than most other series where goblins are a major importance to the story *cough* reincarnation *cough*, but I shouldn't put that story down so much, since it is what it is. A story about an OP goblin having orgies and the like with no plot.

Anyways on to the story. It's pretty severe. The goblins are pretty much the UN army in African countries, graping,... more>> killing, and stealing with no repercussions. And unlike real life, where they have diplomatic immunity, in this series the Punisher is born. He does nothing but kill goblins for graping, pillaging and killing humans.

So far, he only kills goblins, but is so badass while doing so.

The series is quite realistic in that respect. Even if you are a grown man, if you are fighting a group of monsters the size of children who have the strength of an average man, even you would be killed. (Yeah, the characters in the story describe goblins as "weak", but if one goblin can pick up a fit teenage girl by the leg and toss her against the wall, that goblin is probably stronger than an average adult main).

So noobs have a nearly 100% grape/fatality rate against goblins.

*Warning* Graphic scenes are depicted. Reader discretion is advised.

*Side note: Some other review said that r*pe with out romance is terrible. I say: r*pe is terrible regardless. R*pe with romance is literally the worst kind of writing, and only plays to sadists who think r*pe can ever be romantic. If r*pe and romance could actually go together, it wouldn't even be rape. They are mutually exclusive terms* <<less
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Guy Reviewer (I feel I don't need to do this, but I like convincing guys to read shojous) :

Five stars. A top notch series.

Now this... this is what I want from any and every redo series.

... more>> No, I'm not talking about the b*tchy characters, evil family, dumb but expected Chinese style schemes, but the main character.

Now here's why:

The main character. Through and through, the main character is really well developed.

She isn't really smart, she doesn't really have many good skills. But she does have temperament. The one thing that almost all redo- MC's should have is the temperament of someone who has experienced life once before. In other words, wisdom.

She comes back with the temperament of a ruler and maintains it. She just deals with everything with the deposition of a ruler. She doesn't get everything handed to her. Even if she has future knowledge it isn't absolute and doesn't automatically allow her to win everything with ease. She still has to take risks and try hard for her goals.

And you can feel it from how she is portrayed. Even though you only learn tidbits of her past life, you can feel how and why she is the way she is.

I can't explain anything more than this. The greatness of this series isn't from how the MC steamrolls her tribulations, nor from how genius she is at using her future knowledge, but from how the MC is portrayed, how you can feel for her much more than other series, how you can understand how she became her, and why she does it.

Recommendation: Whether you are a male or female, I highly recommend this series, especially if you are tired of unrealistic redo's and expect something better and more from these type of stories, read this. I highly recommend it. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Haunted Duke’s Daughter
December 22, 2016
Status: c14
I thought it would be different. But it isn't. Its just another story "highly praising Japanese culture". Basically it is propaganda about how great and epic Japanese manners and ethics are. No really, that's all it is. It just makes me slap my face, because it has little to no plot other than praising how great Japanese culture is.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like MOST of Japanese culture. I think most of it is great. But if there is a story that shoves down your throat about how... more>> much Japanese manners and culture is better than your country's manners and culture, its this one. And it doesn't even do it in a round about way. Heres way:

So a Japanese girl possessed a otome game villainess' body. Well haunts her, like a voice in her head, no wait, it literally is a voice in her head.

Anyways, she basically tells the MC what to do. She basically is training her to act more Japanese. I mean sure, this is fantasy, but they are in medieval Europe. Modern Japanese behavior would make you seem possessed over there. Well... whatever.

I just summed up the whole series. Its about a ghostly Japanese girl haunting a noble from medieval europe and telling her how much Japanese mannerisms and ideals will save her life.

Thats it.

If you like that sort of thing, then this might be fore you. I mean, the idea is original. I haven't seen a haunting before. But the execution and its obvious message slams you in the face. It also has no plot. It has a driving force that gets the series going, but that isn't a "real plot" is it now. Ergo, slice of life.

So... 3 stars, since It might be good for others, but not for me, because of that one thing that really, really, irks me. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
April 18, 2016
Status: --
The MC is kind of terrible. His "personality quirk" is laziness. And honestly, its not entertaining and fun.

I gave it a chance for about 40 chapters. Unfortunately, the MC's habits and laziness don't become more endearing, and actually become more and more annoying. It gets boring.

His laziness quirk gets pretty old, pretty fast. It wasn't really funny or interesting in the first place either, but reading it every chapter makes it worse. The best character in this series, the loli dungeon core is barely mentioned in future chapters. Her childish... more>> cuteness actually keep me reading for a while because it was amusing. His harem, the loli s*ave, and the gluttony girl don't have much personality and are part of the generic harem stereotypes. Its honestly not fun, and has nothing much to offer.

After reading Evil God Average, I was hoping this would add something new to the genre. But it doesn't. Nothing at all. In fact, its actually more boring. Since the MC himself can't carry the novel, and the support characters (except the loli core) aren't interesting either. As much as I like the dungeon core, the irritating MC, bad support characters, underwhelming world building, makes it not worth reading.

Oh and the scene about the loli s*ave getting raped night after night was a HUGE turn off. That is the beginning of the downfall of enjoy ability of this series. No really. That happened. And it was annoyingly descriptive. I thought to myself, am I really reading this? And I was. It was in there. I don't know anyone would like reading that (outside of reading straight up hentai. Yeah, you know who you are... you pervs).

Ugh. Gross.

I rate 1/10.

Not worth reading. I suggest skipping it. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Rakuin no Monshou
September 27, 2016
Status: v12
This is one of the best light novel series out there.
I'm serious. It is really good.
Here is why:

1. Strategy that relies on more than just luck. He isn't lucky at all (well except in his 1v1 battles), but his strategies rely on more than just luck. They rely on reading the battlefield, improvisation, and days of meticulous planning to create the most advantageous positions. On my god is it good. 2. Great fighting. I don't really like most series in how they describe fighting, but this series... more>> does it well. Its not too overly detailed, but it is detailed enough to not break the flow of the fight, and you can still fill in enough details with your own imagination. Essentially a good written fight is one where the author directs you toward imagining the fight, rather than just telling you. This does it well. 3. Character development. This series is literally 50% character development. Half of all the chapters go toward developing the characters, making them grow, giving them more depth, and etc. It makes you want to know more about them. More about how they feel, what they think, and what they want to do and why. There is so much of that here. It is very dramatic. 4. Romance. Wow, the romance is great. It is slow paced, and actually happens like how it would happen in real life. You don't immediately fall in love with someone because they did one thing that made you like that. That isn't real love. And that isn't how real love works. That's more of admiration and lust than love. True love starts slowly, and works it way from there as people get to know more and more about each other, causing them to want to know more and about how to best support and understand each other. This does that extremely well. Its actually believable in this series, and although it won't fill you with instantaneous emotion like other series, it grows on you and makes you think that this is how it should be. 5. Plot. The plot is well development. They don't give tons of exposition in the beginning. In doesn't start by drowning you in information you don't care about. That is how lesser writers do it. It starts off with the most important thing, the characters. The first scene starts with trying to define a character to make it more like able. Then as you learn more about the characters, you gradually start to learn about the world, given to you in bits and pieces by how the characters react to it. Then there is the setting which you are given glimpses of, and makes you wonder about how the world got to the point, and what the characters will do from now it. Really good progression, to the point I don't even know how its going to end in 12 volumes. Everyone should read this. It is really good. This is on my top most desired novels to read (extremely closely followed by Overlord). <<less
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Promethean rated it
Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo
January 18, 2018
Status: c50
Cuteness overload.

If you want to read a series about cute kids and cute adults, you will like this series.

Plot? None, its slice of life.

Action? None, its slice of life.

Harem? None, its not that kind of generic slice of life.

World building? None, its not that kind of slice of life.

Romance? None, its not that kind of slice of life.

Cuteness? OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Promethean rated it
Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono
October 3, 2016
Status: c29
Well, the first chapter was great...

Then came the reincarnation part of the series, and it all goes down hill. The main character's personality pre-reincarnation was exceedingly more interesting than post-reincarnation. What was once a refined noble lady, is now just generic Japanese girl (with killer tendencies).

Its boring.

... more>> *edit*
At chapter 29, Dropped. Her personality remains boring. No plot.

New rating: 1 star

Its not because of the genericism, but because the first chapter is really good and had really great potential, and how every other chapter after that being complete sh*t, destroying all the potential.

I would love it if someone did a redo of the whole series, except only based on the first chapter, and not having her be possessed by some japanese b***h.

Recommendation: Read the first chapter. Be amazed by the fresh premise. Then stop. Because it becomes pure disappointment. <<less
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This is the best shoujo soul transmigration/reincarnation to ancient dynasty series out there. It really is.

There is practically no magic. (Wuxia exists though). There is tons of romance, but its the fun kind of romance. The MC is head strong, and actually strong. Its extremely entertaining in many ways, including strategy, tactics, comedic romance between 2 tsunderes (yeah, you never seen that before), and strong/uplifting MC's.

Its great. I recommend it. You see, when I hate something I can write so much about it. But when I love something, there is... more>> soo much to say, that you can't really put words to describe how great it is.

Yup. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Lord of the Mysteries
April 9, 2019
Status: c1221
This is pretty much, what I consider the best Chinese webnovel to date. Why?

Well, no typical chinese cliches (at least not much).

No padding. It's slow, but most of the writing doesn't feel like it's there to fill word count. There is no repetition and no peanut gallery of in important or random people.

... more>> A very unique and well thought out world.

Plot events aren't convenient power ups for the MC. The plot of the story seems like its well thought out. It doesn't feel like things just happen because the author needs to fill space. It feels like there's been what I call "foundation building" where things don't come out of nowhere like a mystical artifact that makes you a god... or OP anyways.

His power doesn't come from lucky. Yes. He isn't lucky. Even if he is, it doesn't feel like anything the MC gains comes out of pure luck or the plot armor.

He has a unique special power, but it isn't all powerful. And it grows as the MC grows. Yes, this is important. His power doesn't make him a god. It doesn't let him train 100000000 years in one day. It doesn't make him all powerful. But it allows him to pretend to be.

The writing style is great. Man, it feels great to not see many cliche writing styles. There's no terrible grammar, no repetition of events.

The things that happen to him, don't feel like a waste of time. You know that one arc where it takes 100 chapters to finish, and in the end, nothing changes as if it was filler? Well this one doesn't have that. Every chapter builds upon the plot, and doesn't feel like it will happen.

We already know the end game power level, so there is no endless powercreep.

Comedy, its actually pretty good. Misunderstandings? Well, its practically on Overlord level of misunderstandings, except a bit more scheming than Ainz.

The characters feel real, and flesh out. They feel like people you know, like people you can believe exist in this world. They aren't 1 dimensional characters that exist just for cliches. Even minor characters that don't show up much feel more real than important side characters in other novels.

There is no harem. That's an automatic +1 star. There is no romance either, no romance is better than a shallow one.

Don't believe those people giving the series low ratings because of the slowness. The slow pace of this novel works because the world is so well developed. That action matters when it happens, because they are all part of world building and character's growth. Unlike other badly written ones, the world is thought out, unique, and actually matters. It's called building a foundation for the novel.

This isn't a self insert story where the MC is blood thirsty, a stud horse, OP, lucky, action packed with bland and dumb villains, paper thing side characters, and poor and generic plot.

This story is exactly as the title says. It's a mystery with a dash of Cthulhu.


If you like real characters, no cliches, no harem, action and events/arcs that matter and aid in building the character and the world, a world that feels developed ahead of the plot, excellent writing with no repetition to fill word count, no plot armor, with foreshadowing and things presented beforehand, a unique and well thought out ability/power system (and how to train it), with a dash of Cthulhu influence, then this novel is for you.

If you like tons of dumb action, super fast plot where nothing matters, endless power creep, no world building, cliche events and characters, terrible writing, short chapters, characters with no depth, self insert harem story, then this isn't for you. Because it is none of that. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai
June 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Contrary to popular belief, there is no reverse harem. So BIG plus. (Harem implies that all leads are in love with MC, not just "being around them"). A love "V" is hardly a harem.

Yeah, its pretty harsh. Especially the MC. I won't spoil it too much, but to expect lots and lots of persecution. I mean wholly shit, does it get you frustrated. You understand it. It is realistic. Rumors are bad but, this just hits home with how really frustrating it can get. Don't expect much catharsis.

But that's all... more>> part of real life. In fact, compared to every other "villainess" story out there, this is simply the most realistic portrayal of a human possible. Why? Because you can feel that the MC is a real complex character, and not just a 2D caricature. And she doesn't have any special powers. I mean like none. She can literally be the "normal" person sitting next to you. No isekai, no OP magic, none like that. Just a straight up ordinary person, with a bit more rash. Everything you would expect a teenage girl to be.

Expect slow romance development. But that's a plus. Its important that its slow. I'm reading this for people falling in love until the point they officially get together.

Expect realistic portrayals of human nature or behavior (especially for the MC). I can't stress this enough. She is the most realistic portrayal of a human ever, in any series. The author has a better understanding of human nature, and a less romanticized view on "love". Because yeah, in real life it takes months or years to "let go" or some times never.

The ending is expected, but doesn't disappoint. Its the ride that is most important. But the great ending doesn't help. It certainly isn't a weak ending. I think it handles relationships pretty well.

I recommend this 100%, 10/10, re-read again.

You've read the rest, now read the best. <<less
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Its very early, but I can say this.

The comedy isn't good at all. And I expect its not going to get better. There is a lame running joke about goblins raping lolis and women in general. Yeah, that is the kind of "comedy" this series used. And trust me. It's in EVERY. FREAKING. CHAPTER.

There is nothing really good I can say about it. The character is the bland lazy OP MC. The side characters... I don't remember them. That's how forgettable they are. The premise doesn't really matter much. Sure,... more>> its a slice of life, but its not a very interesting one.

Basically, it's the most lazily written novel out there. Only good thing is the good translation. It's a pity it's for a terrible webnovel.

Final Verdict: Unless you are completely out of novels to read, then, go ahead and scr*pe the bottom of the barrel.

Edit: Yeah, its complete tr*sh, with no redemption. Don't waste your time with this filth. Even 50 shades of grey is a funner read. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Dominating Sword Immortal
May 27, 2016
Status: c49
Better than PMG. Why? Because it has no Harem, and the main character isn't as bad as the MC for PMG, who, as you know is common for this genre, becomes a million times worse than the worse bully they have ever met, and are all psychopaths by ever definition of the word.

Though that is not much when I consider PMG the worst web novel currently being translated (in that its the most generic of the generic, except more boring, obvious, and generally not exciting or fresh), and I would... more>> rate it a 0 if it was possible.

So yeah, if you hated PMG, don't read this, its just a better version of PMG without the retarded shit.

If you like PMG, read this. It doesn't have the ret*rd shit. But it is still pretty generic, and like most of the series of its kind, it offers nothing new to the genre, and does nothing new. (So far)

To describe this series... just think of any series you have ever read (not by Er Gen, Mao Ni, or others who are superior writers), and only the ones who you can classify as mediocre writers (pretty much 90% of all the chinese xian xia series here), and boom. You have this series. I don't even need to summarize any parts of this.

Its filled with tons of cliches that you have all seen and read before. Even the worst cliche that chinese people LOVE to use, that pretty much never even matters and nothing would change if it was taken out: Transmigration/Reincarnation from "modern earth".

In other words, if you haven't read this series before (which I doubt), start with something else... like... I dunno, there aren't many ones I consider of worthy note.

I would suggest something from Er Gen, or Mao Ni. They have superior writing (or maybe its just that the translators are really good) compared to well... these common generic series. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Renegade Immortal
April 24, 2016
Status: --
The story isn't that different form Er Gen's other works, but the character is. He is not the typical hot headed cultivator. But he is calm, collected, and apathetic. He has no lust (so don't expect a harem much), which is always a good thing, but there is almost no comedy in this series.

More than anything, it is the author's attempt at creating a darker hero. Which is good, since it is fresh, compared to the other MC's out there. Most of whom are psychopathic killers who always think they... more>> are in the right. He knows he is doing bad things, but he just doesn't care, because he isn't morally righteous, nor does he pretend to be. He is unforgiving and merciless, and pretty much treats everyone equally bad (even females, so at least he isn't a pervert). And he is silent. He barely talks at all. But its part of his persona.

His talent in cultivation is low, but he still relies on some "luck", but its mostly just preparation beforehand and strategy that he uses to defeat stronger opponents (in fact, he usually has to rely on tricks to beat them). But yes, he does end up OP later on, but I don't really read this for the fighting.

I read it because the main character is interesting. There is almost no plot (which is common for Xian xia series), except for the cultivate to become a god goal. The world itself is large, but it only gets slowly revealed over time. There are other planets out there with alien cultivators and the like, in massive universes, where it isn't just "human" cultivators.

Unfortunately, it also falls under the "side characters don't really exist or don't matter" category as most xian xia series do. Its sort of like the blazing sun character where everyone else is outshined or doesn't matter.

But, there is character development (which is more than I can say for most xian xia series), but it happens slowly. The story also progresses slowly (which is as expected for chinese webnovels). However the world itself and the character more than makes up for the slow pacing.

Lets see... the action is fine. There is actually less "skill spam and skill name calling" and more descriptive fighting style. But they are ergen style cultivation battles, so it isn't that exciting (compared to say... Blood and Steel, which has some of the most amazing fights ever). But at least its better than "He uses a technique. It insta kills. Battle over" (though this is only for when he fights people that are equal to him).


If you are looking for something a bit different, but still has the classic ergen style xian xia, than this is probably for you.

If I had to compare this to ISSTH, I would say the main character in this series is more interesting to read and more my style than ISSTH. I prefer more calm and apathetic characters than... well... Meng Hao type characters. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Peerless Martial God
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Edit: Skimmed through another 200 chapters. Exact same thing happens over... and over... again. Not changing my mind about this one.

Worst series I have ever read. I have read 300 chapters, just so that you people can’t say sh*t about me not giving it a chance, or not reading enough to “get it” (albiet, I ended up skimming 200 chapters because I can already guess what would happen anyways). In fact, 50 chapters should be enough judge the series. But not this series. No, that is when it goes downhill.

The... more>> Characters:


Main Character:

Everything bad about every xian xia protagonist out there put together into one package with an overdose of blandness.

In other words, he is extremely bland and boring. He has nothing unique, doesn’t do anything unique and is so bland. You see, I can’t even describe him. I don’t even hate this character. There is nothing to hate. Why? Because he barely has any character. I really don’t know what to say.

He is just so bland. That the only thing I can do to describe him.

Side Character:

Typical and generic cookie cutter characters. No really they are. Actually, forget that. They are simply forgettable. Even the harem members. Even the MC is forgettable. There is nothing unique. You can pretty much mistake them for any other character in this series. They don’t really have any personality.



Lets move on to the next one.


Its a typical harem with nothing new. If you have read any harem before, then I don’t need to explain anything. Just imagine every harem you have ever read, no matter the culture, and combine them together into a blender with a gallon of plain, and a cup of poor writing, and a dash of no imagination, and there you go.

Character Development:

None. Its a typical Xian xia with nothing unique about it. How can it possibly have any? What were you expecting. In fact, what was I expect? Something, maybe just a little. But nope. There is none. What you see is what you get, and it won’t ever change.


The Plot and World:



Typical xianxia plot, in that it is plotless, or that if one does exist, it doesn’t really matter, because it will just replace everyone that is typical about the xianxia series anyways.

I can’t describe it because there is nothing to describe it with, so...

Here is how a typical even will happen (and this represents the majority of the chapters), as loosely quoted from Arch’s review:

“MC goes outside.

Guy A walks in front of him: “Kneel”.

MC: “Uh...”

Guy A: “How dare you still stand in front of me, Die... ”

Random Crowd: “Blah blah blah... offended clan... blah blah... he will die.”

*MC gets mad for his pride being trampled upon and instakills Guy A*

Crowd: “Oh, he is so great, so righteous, praise him for murdering in front of our eyes for no reason”.

*MC then proceeds to kill Guy A, B, C, etc.*

Crowd: “So righteous, such a man. Nothing is more righteous than murder”.

Yup. That’s everyone you need to know about the plot (there is none).


Generic with nothing unique.

Lets move on.





Ah, yes. I do enjoy chinese writing conventions #sarcasm. Its not good. It isn’t the translator’s fault, since they are good translators. So its terrible because the source is just that. Terrible.

Bad pacing, and writing that can bore your eyes out. Extensive use of the f**king peanut gallery, almost like we are supposed to give a sh*t about random people, even though we don’t. It’s writing style isn’t unique, nor does it have a flair. Author is exceeding repetitive and rants a lot.


Boring. MC screams skill name out. Enemy gets instakilled.


So all in all, the best thing I can say to describe this series is this:

Its the blandest of the bland.


There is nothing interesting or special about this series. It is the culmination of every overused xian xia trope and cliche all put into one series.

This is quite literally, the worst series on this website. Not because it’s badly written. There is merit in that, because at least it can get me angry or pissed of at the characters. But not this. Its just so bland I can’t really say anything about it. I mean it has ever single cliche and trope I hate. But it doesn’t make me mad or hate it, because it is so bland, that I have expected and accepted it.

And for a Xian xia series, that is the worst that it can get. Nothing stands out enough to read this over any other series.


That is why, if I could give 0/5, I would. This is probably the only series I would ever want to rate 0/5.


So I do not recommend this series. Unless this is the first Xian xia series you ever decide to read, don’t. Find something better. This will probably turn you off to xian xia forever. Literally (in the truest sense of the word), any other xian xia series is better than this. <<less
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It is a brilliant move by the author. The story as a whole greatly raises it above the other Otome stories. Why? Easy.

It is a military/politics/psychological thriller that is presented under the guise of an Otome game.

In fact, for the first 100 or so chapters of the story, the Otome part won't even come into play. It starts off building a serious story about an even more serious main character. The drama. The psychological distress. The despair. The guilt. The politics. It is a tragic drama in every way.

And oh... more>> my, does the Tragedy Tag match this series. It is completely tragic.

And the best of all? The realism of this series. Besides one point of suspension of disbelief, the rest of the series is the most realistic of the Otome reincarnation series. I won't get into too much detail about why it is so realistic in what would happen to a Japanese girl being reincarnated into a medieval western fantasy world (because I want to avoid spoilers). <<less
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Promethean rated it
Tearmoon Empire Story
April 21, 2020
Status: v2 part4
All aboard the misunderstanding trains.

Hey, have you ever wondered what Overlord would be like if Ainz was instead not OP, not undead, and was a little girl instead?

This is what you get. Man oh man do you get a lot of "Sasuga... Ainz-sama" moments for Mia, the main character, and it's just as fun to read.

And guess what? There's character growth. No not the terrible ones where a Character suddenly changes simply by turning Japanese, nor does it feels forced, I mean, yeah she is forced, but that's because of... more>> the circumstances. She doesn't have a past life. In fact, this is a second play through.

This is especially good for those who love the combo of misunderstandings and gradual and believable character character growth, development and the like with a hint of grand plots. Why is it so good? Because even after going back, her core personality still remains the same. Yeah, no one changes immediately, it takes time, and this does it well. She slowly grows as a person, with each chapter making little small steps.

I recommend this 100%. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
May 27, 2016
Status: c700
One of the better series (so far).


It's not a story of complete murder.
The main character is not a psychopath in the way that he couldn't careless about anyone else than himself.
He doesn't become a million times worse than his worst bullies.
He doesn't act like an arrogant dick... well most of the time.
He is cunning and smart, in the way that his strategies aren't contrived and rely on deus ex machina to win.
NO HAREM (So far), And anything without one automatically gets +1 stars,... more>> especially if it is a xian xia harem (because we all know how terrible those are). I'll re-rate this later on if a harem ever develops.
It isn't a one man show. The side characters actually do stuff and have some worth.
He actually has some morals and ethics, and falls by them.
There is no f*cking dungeon diving (oh god, do I fking hate xian xia dungeon diving. They are some of the most boring arcs in any xian xia series).
Its not 100% fighting all the times, where the MC barely escapes by deus ex machina, and there is no danger; or that he is so op, there is never any danger in the first place.
MC barely fights. There is maybe one battle (where he personally fights) every 50-60 chapters.
His McGuffin crystal (also known as the cheat item), actually talks to him and has a real personality, other than just being a s*ave cheat item where there would have been no point in having a personality in the first place.
No retarded s*x cultivation bull crap furnace thing, where the MC rapes a female to get stronger and sh*t like that, because that is the most misogynistic, sexist, and disgusting concept in any thing ever.
Fights are more than just aura clashes and screaming skill names, they actually do stuff, like cross swords, dodge, block, slash.
No underdog peanut gallery (when side characters or people who don't matter comment on a fight or situation to "exacerbate" or show the significance of the situation, so that to increase the "shock" factor when the hero does something they don't expect; otherwise known as one of the cheapest and laziest ways to show how "good" the MC is).


MC is a major pedophile. Like huge pedophile. And its really awkward; and most of the time, creepy, instead of funny.
Rebirth/Time rewind story cliche.
OP MC with major cheat cliche.
Too much talking about brotherhood, like... way too much.
Sometimes uses lazy fight descriptions; like "many slashes in a second", instead of describing a fight.
3 different layers of "realms" cliche (you know, the "mortal", "immortal", and "god/divine") realm thing, except in this word, they are all mortal realms (so far).

In other words, its quite an interesting and fun story. The writing style is unique enough to separate it from the common rabble.
It is definitely not generic, and is interesting enough to keep you reading. The world is fresh and different, and even if you have read many other series, this one will give you something new.

5/5, I wouldn't read again, but I would definitely recommend reading it once. <<less
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Promethean rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
November 28, 2018
Status: v10
Probably one of the first most popular and bland Isekai's.

If you like reading every cliche, every generic isekai, every one dimensional isekai character, ever, this is your thing. I don't know if its the first, but it is almost the worst.


    1. No plot. No, plot is not necessary. I agree with that. But thats only when the characters are interesting. They are not. It's boring has hell. There's no real conflict or drama, character's don't really develop, change or grow. Its even worse than Saturday morning cartoons with no plot or story.
    1. Boring Characters. The MC is as boring as it gets. I'm guessing like with most Isekais of this genre, the author modeled them after the fat otaku neet, wet dream story-type character. You know, where the MC... more>> is a fat otaku neet. Turns badass. Gets a harem. Rapes everyone. Well, the only good part is that up to the part I read, there was no rape.
    1. World is pretty bland and boring. Its a generic fantasy world. If you've read others, you've read this one.
    1. Writing - The writing style is okay. Just okay. Its not good, just average for its type
Well, that's pretty much makes up the bulk of how to rate a story. This series is just soooo boring. I didn't think I would find a series I hated more than Mushouku, but then I found Arifureta. And then I didn't think I would find a story more boring than Arifureta, until I found this (but then I found something even worse, the one where the adventure turned into a slime and every chapter had a "goblin r*pe joke", like it was it's thing)

Japan never ceases to amaze me with terrible stories, and how popular their terrible stories get, and how unpopular that actually good and well written stories become.

I expect this from chinese webnovels (its to be expected in an industry where 9/10 of all the novels are carbon copies of each other), but I kinda expect better from Japan. <<less
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