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ProkaryoticFish rated it
Divine Brilliance
April 26, 2019
Status: c31
Okay I'm a little bit pissed off that someone wrote that the synopsis was inaccurate and that the world he got transported to was a game world. For the record, no it is not. God Emperor was both a game and the name of a legendary figure who appeared and caused qi to be lost (cultivation was thus impossible). Due to this people made a video game called God Emperor that was MODELED after HISTORY through the help of historians/cultivators in an effort to allow newer generations to cultivate and... more>> fight online because doing so in the real world was nearly impossible because the God Emperor descended. The MC goes into the past of the real world which is where the game takes place and he uses cultivation techniques that he's made/ learned in the game. When he descended there was no god emperor thus cultivating was possible. The Main character mentions how the game was much harder and how the devs bragged about how they made the game more difficult than how it should have been in real life.


The synopsis is not incorrect, and don't trust Redmi's review because it is asinine. <<less
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ProkaryoticFish rated it
Return of The 8th Class Mage
May 27, 2018
Status: c22
I don't really understand why people rate this so highly, it's a story about a man who travels back to when he was a kid to prevent himself from going down a certain path. Nothing really new.

Then you get more cliches that don't really serve to make the story better (most of the time they make the story worse).

... more>>
His mother is almost raped by a soldier, who gets caught and it's implied that he could've been executed. So what does he do? He gets drunk and threatens to rape the mother in front of the kid... yeah you can already tell how well that went

He then meets a noble that he rescues and gets something he desperately needs.

Then an alchemists kid gets kidnapped... I think you get the idea of where I'm- ARE YOU KIDDING ME he meets the person who helped poison him!

Also, the story is borderline unreadable with non-existent grammar and spelling that makes me want to die. <<less
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