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Prob my favorite novel I picked up this year.

Don't get me wrong, at the first 2 chapter I was already saying "Wtf? Where is Author going with this?" and so I kept going. And then I got hooked on to the world, the relationship, the twist and turn

... more>>

Especially at the end of the first Volume where MC decided that he will create goddess and forget about his childhood. And then at the middle of Volume 2 MC straight up hook up witha goddess, the same goddess that he's gonna make a copy off.

At this point I was already about to give 5 star but then I decided to read the raw and it didn't disappoint me at all. The character was almost never 1 dimensional (except the Hero and his 5/6 followers) I loves that unlike the goddess Lena being a complete sadist (seriously she said that she gladly put a collar around MC neck) Kuna, the Goddess clone is instead a complete sociopath love struck goddess (Which was clear as day when she uses the Ogre witch to "serve" her master)

And then the MC, MC is your normal dude (except he isn't) and infact was a rather splendid person except that he suffer an inferiority complex that he got because of his childhood friend which was the reason of his many action (Not believing that he's good enough, scared of woman etc).

And then the Hero party. Oh boy are they completely generic which meant that I rather not talk about them

Anyway Since people said that MC got NTR-ed by the Hero... Are you guys retarded or something? The MC never said his feelings, the childhood friend never said that he have any feelings for him and it was clear even to MC that his childhood friend, hell even MC admit knew that his childhood friend loves the Hero.

Oh and also, the Misunderstaing WILL get cleared up although lacking since it basically ended with MC clearing 4 misunderstanding and then creating another 2 more which is idiotic


Update: Oh boy Volume 4.... This is where the Plot actually begin in my opinion


Why did I said that?
Well because simply all the plotlines actually done here, In this Volume we finally get to see everybody point of view, in order to save time, basically there's 4 faction that exist on these novel which is:

1. The MC Faction: MC faction consist of MC (obviously), Kuna (Goddess clone) and some other character that im to lazy to write down, but basically this Faction is the one where they want the demon to co-exist at the same place without discrimination

2. The Maou Faction: This Faction consist of the rest of the demon people, this faction is the one that wants Human and Demon to be peaceful but rather not live together at the same place

3. The Goddess faction: Prob the most annoying one but the one that changed the most since this faction is spearheaded by 1 person which is the real goddess and basically wants demon to be dissapear and MC becomes her Pet/lover

4. Hero/human faction: Basically the rest of human and Hero alone that wants demons to be destroyed along with MC

Now the stage is set, what the f**k is actually wrong with this faction you may ask? Good point I'm also a bit confused about what will happen but this is the basic so far.. Dear god I hope that this novel don't turn sour

And fun fact. but the Novel updates shouldn't add the Yandere tag just yet since Kuna (which is the yandere one) appear on Vol 3 and showed her yandere side at vol 4

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PringleStorian rated it
The Taming of the Yandere
May 14, 2018
Status: v1c10
This novel... This Author.... here's the list of problem:

The author tried to make it that the MC is this Hard working student that wants to get to the top of his school while also trying to write novel, play video games and that's fine

The Author thinks the police are too stupid to actually let someone use a fake name (Hint:Fake Identification is extremely hard to get let alone believed) And that's fine

The Author tried to make the main Heroine a possessive Suicidal girl and that's not conventional Yandere in fact... more>> that's actually a mental problem which resemble BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Conventional Yandere meanwhile leans more closer to Schizophrenia/Obsessive Love Disorder and that's fine

The Author thinks people personality can be described as Color which is to put it lightly? that's a retarded way to judge a humans personality are constantly changing so judging people based on their age, occupation etc and that's fine

The Author thinks that

BUT when The MC thinks what he does is correct which is promising a suicidal girl an empty promise and then denying it is where I draw the f**king line <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System
December 19, 2017
Status: --
When I started this novel I was excited because the premise is great the character seems great and not boring and so I read it and then.... this happen

  • Suddenly without anything MC fights bad crime
  • All the girl is swooning over him because 1 night transformation
  • Apparently the MC doesn't have any Testasterone and Estrogen anymore
  • Everybody believing that 1 night transformation is a thing
When you are writing there are these things called "The writing Rules" it's a basically a rules that makes your story makes sense of course not following 1 or... more>> 2 rules is Normal BUT this story broke almost all of them for example:

  • The Author tried to explain place/character in great detail without any proper way to do it so it's left you with this jumbled up words that can be summed up in 1 or 2 words
  • This Author tried to make a surprised moments without realizing that this is a book and that there is almost no point in creating a surprise moments because the people that reads a book cannot be surprised he/she can only be shocked because of a plot twist
  • This Author tried to infuse something that doesn't fit the theme of the book. For example the Author thinks that combining Otome game and Fighting is a good idea without realizing this is freaking book not a video game
  • This Author tried to differentiate the characters using thing such as third person speaking, past tense speaking without realizing that while this DOES differentiate character you also without realizing create this hierarchy that dictates which character is unique and which isn't
So overall 2/5 if you ask me. Yes this is a long rant but let's just say I was THAT disappointed <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
Can Someone Please Explain This Situation
July 10, 2018
Status: c48
The character

  1. MC: The MC in this is decent, not great but decent enough, and while her back story have been established, it isn't THAT clear and frankly, dissapointing
  2. ML: The ML in this story is the most disappointing aspect of this LN, his behavior is inconsistent and his reaction is rather lacking,
The plot: The plot of this story is your typical lower rank people married higher rank person for [Reason], and it's honestly a boring story if not for the joke made (granted the Author made the MC like a... more>> japanese person rather than a medieval person) and the great translation by the Translator <<less
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1.I read the manga till the latest chapter
2.i only read this up to the 3 volume

This is a different take on the genre of "magic school life" because it's ACTUALLY explain the magic unlike other novel that just straight up said "gathering magic --> Incantations to change the property of magic ---> Fire" this novel actually explain how the magic works and the "unique" magic was also interesting because it opens up many new possibilities in the future

Sure the Characters are cliched but atleast they have personalities... more>> and emotion/felling

overall I will give it 4.5 /5 still not the best but a good read for the weekend <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
September 14, 2017
Status: --
read The novel up to chap 682 because I love the Comic but this is........ really dissapointing let me break it down

Character:The Character on the novel is REALLY Dragged out for example

"her figure was enough to bewitch anyone" "this heavenly Beauty" this phrase is repeated almost every 5 chapter and don't get me wrong I like the MC but his personality fells a little...... cheap compared to the novel

World: The World it's self is rather impressive and pretty consistent (if we comparing it to other Manhwa) there is a little... more>> consistency here and there but overall acceptable

Power:The power of this Manhwa is really confusing such as in the early chapter it's mention that the difference between Grandmaster and King is like heaven and earth but the MC defy this as if he's a god

Power Up:The Power up is kind of weird and stupid and the author is like didn't know what is the meaning of "rare" and "valuable" because MC is literally Rare item Tracker at this Manhwa <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
July 8, 2017
Status: --
Oh boy oh boy this novel... it REALLY have a potential to be a good novel but once again suffer from the lack of balance between struggle and easily but that's the short let me break it down to you people who want to read this but I admit the slow is painful, full of naive though, coward MC HELL the MC didn't even become fully serious after around chapter 280 (reading Raw)

Spoiler Free Review

As like any other JWN MC that's transported to another world and super powerful... more>> there are a seesaw that dictate between the struggle of MC and the rolling over the problems easily the MC suffered this.... sickness this made the fight sometime boring or not interesting of course there ARE some Wn/Ln that was capable to make it interesting but this novel... didn't do it right the MC is what people a coward, Naive etc I admit the fifth and sixth arc made the MC change for the better but not everything for the better MC sometimes still make judgement influenced by his fellings to much EVEN THOUGH he him self didn't really understand his fellings

The Companion in this story sometime lead you to believe that the Companion IS the MC as contradict with the MC the Author manage to give just enough power so that they can't be a dead weight that is super clingy and practically useless to become a character that can in some instances more epic than the MC itself

Side Character:
The Side character in this Wn can in someway the selling point of this WN as the character are fully interesting every action have ATLEAST a reason do it not just some"i do it because I do it" looking at you a certain side character WN that I won't name because people gonna get mad

Antagonist in this WN is.... Under develop take the first REAL villain for example we didn't understand the villain Motive, who the villain truly is UNTIL the villain was defeated

World Building:
The World building suffered from Tensei sh*tara Slime Dattaken World building problem which is they either make it just before the conflict happen or long before the conflict happen of course this led to some predictable villain and plot twist that can be boring

Overall this is LN that has potential that is good and as I have read ahead of the translation I can safely said it get more interesting as the chapter flow although it's PAINFULLY slow

That is all for me. PRINGLE OUT <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
Battle of the Third Reich
September 24, 2017
Status: v3c15
This Novel...... is Mediocre at best let me break it down for you why

The MC:The Character suffer from many MC that transferred to the past (like WW2) where instead of devising their own strategy they use tactic from the future the only thing that different is on the second volume and also the MC doesn't understand war at ALL he made the war seems like a game of chess and even though it's true at time war is more different than that also reading a little bit to the future... more>> the MC is becoming more and more hostile to japanese for no reason that because "japanese"

Interaction: The Interaction it self is kind of nice as the MC is serious (something that I like) but the interaction of MC Subordinate is mediocare for example why did MC subordinate was surprised when the MC get angry just because he never shows he's angry? that's idiotic thing

The setting: This Setting didn't give a real war scenario because it's either to light or heavy depending on volume making it not believable <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
July 17, 2017
Status: --
Ah... AST how I regretted thinking you're a good Xianxia.... but because I'm a just person I'm gonna give 7reasons why you're so boring

  1. No consistence plot AT ALL: yeah.. the bane of Xianxia consistence plot.. but the core problem here is that the MC always said things that contradicting to his previous statement (said that cultivation might take decades or even centuries but ALWAYS. SOMEHOW got around it)
  2. NO DEPTH for the character: The character in most Xianxia is interesting (Duolou Dalu for me idk bout you) but in this just.. just no....
  3. unnecesarry skill (f**kers get cooking skill for no apparent reason)
  4. interaction between character : I admit I read Highschool dxd and to some extent love the interaction why? well because it's provided depth to character sure you might say this should be in number 2 but meh interaction is getting it's own number
  5. the Villains: what can I say? it's basically the same guy with different name and apparance seriously does china have a place specifically to create this type of character?
  6. Harems: Harems.. done right awesome but one wrong step and you're DONE example: as you may know I LOVE the Interaction between character and specifically because it created depth between character and to make a harem novel you need just a little more than that of course some novel created it beutifully
  7. PLOT: the short answer version of Novel is that Prologue->Character Introduction->Deepening the character->Conflict->Climax->Reveal (can be switched to make it in between Conflict and Climax) ->Epilogue it's need to be condense, consistence and clear (our class call it the 3C)
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PringleStorian rated it
Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (WN)
May 8, 2017
Status: c268
Tl;dr? Good for the first 100-ish chapter

Spoiler Free

The Mood: The mood can change TO fast sometime especially with the newest arc but then sometime it's really lightweight and because of that there is no consistency of mood sometimes it's REALLY heavy then the mood suddenly lightweight because of food

... more>> 2/5

The Setting: The setting is really good with everything happens with a reason no one do anything Just because he likes it or not (i know that the newest arc antagonist does it just because he likes it but no he does it for a reason)


The Story: Oh boy the story what a roller coaster of awesome fight (Like the tournament arc) and basically boring fight that were overdone but if you were able to overcome that the story might surprise you because it's actually VERY deep


The Character: The character reaction is very boring but some really refreshing but what I gotta talk is the protagonist and his friends. The protagonist can be hypocrite sometime and demands thing for free when himself doesn't do it for free also the lack of goal the protagonist have can sometime make it irritating. The protagonist friends it self can be divided to 2 camps which is memorable and forgettable but regretabbly there are only 9 characters out of total of 40-ish character that is memorable <<less
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Katahane no Riku
December 22, 2017
Status: --
Katahane no Riku... how do I explain this novel? well let's try

... more>>

Katahane no Riku is a novel about a girl that is abandoned and so have a clear reason and motivation she tried to survive in the world of war

but then.. TimeSkip

Katahane no Riku is a novel about a girl that is abandoned but through great effort have basically become a character that can handle everything from high ranked Human to even a high ranked Demons she found a reason to survive and live and that is to serve her benefactor no matter what happen

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I am the Monarch
September 18, 2017
Status: --
Listen here and know this simple fact

i only ever give 4 stars to 2 novel that is Mushoku Tensei and Tsuki ga Michibuku and this will be the third one

This is the definiton of "reversed time" Manhwa Done right the characters makes a lot of sense and humane (something that is rare for novel) the Battle seems a little lacking for me but meh have read worse. The MC does the thing every sane person will do if he/she reversed time (that is use everything to strengthen your position) so... more>> yeah overall 4/5 the Translation COULD be better but for me it's good enough <<less
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