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This novel has certainly panned out to be top-shelf material. Simultaneously fresh and trope-defying, the read has been enjoyable through-and-through. The other reviews do well to outline what tropes I am likely referring to. However, the pace is slower compared to most light novels, and this has come at the cost of slightly less action. In turn, the novel does well to thoroughly develop a diverse cast of characters that is, in my opinion, reminiscent of Douluo Dalu. The romance is virtually nonexistent at this point in the novel, and... more>> while the ML's identity has been hinted, I do not expect any development in this area until the characters age further.

I do recommend this novel; I believe it to be among the best in the female MC tag.

A quote from a previous reviewer:

"Then my last complaint is how the story forces you to read each chapter carefully because if you miss one chapter due to being bored, you won't know what on Earth is going on."



That is how reading works. You cannot just skip chapters and expect there not to be consequences. Are you daft?

I am far too old for this nonsense.


President Lincoln <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
God of Cooking
December 17, 2017
Status: c178
I came across an interesting review below by Caolsei that heavily criticizes the author for the lack of cultural, culinary variety included in his work. I would retort that while, yes, there exist many cuisines that are not referenced, God of Cooking focuses on the pursuits of a would-be chef entering into a competitive field that is largely centric to Europe, North America, and East Asia. All restaurants currently awarded Michelin stars exist in these regions, and despite this, the novel includes mentions of Russian, Brazilian, and Indian Cuisine. With... more>> hundreds of chapters left to be translated, there exist many opportunities for other cultures and foods to be explored. Your complaints are unfounded.

Moving on to my review, God of Cooking takes the very average concept of reincarnation with OP abilities and produces a well-written, original story. The first arc follows a plot that is reminiscent of the Top Chef or Iron Chef TV shows without feeling corny or even scripted. The insider perspective offered by the characters throughout the "show" is really entertaining, and how the author incorporates a media presence offers plenty comedic relief. The novel smoothly transitions between serious, romantic, and comedic moments, all while maintaining steady pacing. The thorough character development is definitely the strong point of this work worth highlighting.

I personally find the most impressive aspect of this novel to be the romance. The gradual development of relationships throughout the story feel more authentic than most light novels dedicating to the romance genre, and in conjunction with the entertaining competitions and enticing food imagery, God of Cooking truly outdoes itself.

If there is one critique to be made, it is that recipes aren't included.

Rating: 5/5 and a President Lincoln seal of approval. <<less
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I truly want to enjoy this novel, and when the ML is out of the picture, it certainly isn't difficult to do so. The MC is witty and entertaining, and the antagonist, her best friend, is characterized in a realistically insidious fashion. However, the foundation of 100% Sweet Love is inherently flawed. There doesn't exist a true romance here. Rather, the plot follows the gradual development of the MC's Stockholm syndrome. We're all familiar with the cold-as-ice, detached ML's that are ever-so-popular in the romance genre. There is an... more>> attempt to replicate such a character in this story, but the execution falls woefully short. Yes, the ML is cold and rarely reveals his inner thoughts. However, the ML also acts upon his emotional high-points, and in doing so, reveals a dangerous, abusive side that far surpasses what society would consider socially acceptable. If there were a reason to explain away this bipolar behavior, perhaps these moments would be overlooked. There isn't any such explanation other than the ML is a powerful man that doesn't need to hold back his emotional urges. Other commenters have already made their arguments against the instances of rape, domestic abuse, and murder the ML commits throughout the novel. I will simply point out that as a character he is completely unrelatable and unlikable. Lastly, I'd like to mention the inconsistency that exists within MC and ML's gradual relationship development:


With the horrors that the MC had spent 7 years enduring at the hands of the ML, how could there possibly exist an opportunity for romance to develop? She is aware of what he is capable of becoming, and his actions even lead to physical harm after her migration to the past. It is an understatement to claim that the romance is unnaturally forced between these two characters.


Despite my critiques, there are some clever plots in this novel, and I am sure there are a variety of people who might enjoy the read. Personally, I cannot help but feel this novel is nothing more than squandered potential.

- President Lincoln <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c150
Between the poor writing and the equally poor translations, this simply isn't worth reading. After 150 chapters, not a single character has undergone any form of characterization, and this includes the poorly defined MC who appears to be nothing more than a machine. He lacks any form of emotion, interactions with side characters are few and far between, and absolutely zero backstory is given that might explain his motivation or success. On another note, the side characters all share many similarities in mannerisms and personality traits. For instance, apparently everyone... more>> "clicks their tongue" in annoyance and "damnable bitch/fly" is the most popular insult among apocalypse survivors. While all of this already eludes to poor writing on the author's part, it only gets worse as the reader realizes the distinct lack of tension throughout the novel. It is difficult to care for these one-dimensional side characters and the MC's success is already guaranteed.

Hence, 2/5 - I wouldn't recommend this. If you would like to read a good light novel with a similar premise, check out Sovereign of Judgement. The characters actually feel human, the writing is acceptable, and at times, it'll leave you on the edge of your seat. <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
August 7, 2017
Status: c200
Thus, yet another great story falls into the depths of trashy harem light novels. Arifureta Skokugyou did well early within the story in developing the MC's psychological state of mind, and the romantic interest was equally enjoyable. Each has a unique backstory that captures the reader's interest; this is maintained as characters encounter stressful situations. There is a satisfying brutality to the novel as old side characters are reintroduced into the plot only to find the MC's persona significantly altered.

However, all of this changes after the Great Orca Dungeon arc.... more>> The author falls into a state of depravity and petty lust as characters lose their defining elements. The MC becomes a polygamist, powerful women flock to his side without rhyme or reason, and each traveling companion can be summarized by a singular stereotypical personality element. The seriousness of the novels lose their sense of gravity and seriousness only to be replaced by poorly executed romance comedy.

In conclusion, if you must, do not read past the MC's escape of the first dungeon. Consider such the end of the novel, and move on in ignorant bliss. The remaining text should be burnt in a dumpster fire. <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
Praise the Orc!
August 7, 2017
Status: c228
This is a well executed VRMMO fantasy with properly developed characters and plot. The world building is sufficient although not comparable to Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, but PtO shines in the novel's character development. Numerous side characters are memorable and grow as the story progresses, and the plot improves as it develops, especially after the Chesswood arc. I especially look forward to what comes next after Ch. 99, as the twist isn't completely unexpected but is unique and entertaining.

In regards to the VRMMO aspect, if you're looking for a properly balanced,... more>> detailed leveling and skills system, you likely won't find it here. Stats are nonexistent, experience and leveling are mentioned but not thoroughly explained, and the story's gamer motif centers around skills and real-life skill application in VR. However, there is a unique twist to the game mechanics in the realistic combat/violence. Players and NPC's are not damage sponges, but rather, fatal strikes and crippling injuries are regular occurrences.

There exists a slowly developing romance element to the story, but this takes a backseat to the main plot. Having reached Ch. 99, a definite love interest has yet to be established for the MC. There is clear potential for this to change later on. On another note, this isn't a trashy harem novel. That in itself is an accomplishment worthy of praise.

In conclusion, this light novel is worth checking out. If you enjoyed Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and are looking for a similar work, you're in the right place. Its similar in some respects with plenty of original ideas to offer. <<less
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President_Lincoln rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
November 7, 2017
Status: c92
I would prefer to give this novel a 4.5/5 if such were possible. The concept is unique, the characters are enjoyable, and the pacing is steady. My only problem thus far is the distinct lack of romance after 90 chapters, but the comedic misunderstandings between the MC and male lead make for an enjoyable read none the less. I'm looking forward to reading what happens next.

I intend to update this review in another 90 chapters or so.

- President Lincoln
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President_Lincoln rated it
The Human Emperor
January 9, 2018
Status: c266
My initial rating of this novel up to chapter 100 had been a 3/5. However, The Human Emperor exceeds itself in providing a more dynamic, developed plot as the chapters progress. The training camp arc marks the turning point, as characters are actively fleshed out while an active antagonist reveals himself as both formidable and believable.

It is true that the MC shows the typical OP development that is common in the genre, but again, these improvements move beyond mere happenstance into the realm of realistic growth in face of a... more>> story displaying a wealth of adversity and genius. It is easy to be convinced by the circumstances revolving around the Tang empire's potential downfall. This allows for the MC to shine whereas before there existed a distinct lack of purpose to the novel. Finally. There is a drive for plot development to follow, and I have enjoyed watching the progress made.

Needless to say, the wait has been worthwhile. I fully intend to follow the growth of this story, and I recommend bearing with the average beginnings to this novel as The Human Emperor grows into its own unique body.

Thus, I bestow upon this novel a presidential seal of approval! Huzzah, I say! <<less
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