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Today, I, an almighty potato, found my holy grail. May us potatoes be treasured by Fa'mu Potato, a wonderful man who is potato-s*xual

Anyway, this is biased but it isn't at all bad of a novel, the author wrote the main character into one who has strange interests yet it doesn't seem unnatural and fake. The main character is.............

Just read this goddamn amazing novel and appreciate the potatoes.
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While I do understand why people are giving some pretty bad reviews because of its linear plot, I don't think you should've expected a serious plot from this in the first place. It's just a light hearted novel that gives you diabetes because of the interactions between characters.

So here's a suggestion to those who are deciding whether or not to read this:
Don't read if you want:
- a heavy plot with extremely realistic characters.
- action
- drama
- no plot holes
- deep romance like in those romance... more>> novels that center around people falling in love and their life difficulties.

Read if you like:
- a light plot
- extremely cute interactions between characters
- a whole bunch of fluffiness
- pretty 2D characters. But who cares because you're here for diabetes, not a good plot
- op butlers!!!!
- expected yet unexpected plot twists

Have fun! You don't have to like the novel as we all have different preferences. Just don't write anything discouraging on the translators blog because they are taking time out of their lives for us to read these.

P.S I know this wasn't really a review, but I didn't know where else to write this so....

Edit: Woah! What a plot twist! The author makes a huge revelation at around chapter 20, that was sort of yet not really expected. That mini arc was a bit cringy..... however, I do feel like the characters got a little more 3D through it. Some people will like that arc, some won't, but afterwards, it returns to fluffiness (at least from what I've read)
Edit2: More plot twists! Fluffiness will probably return in the extra chapters. But those plot twists! Too many plot twists!!!! <<less
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Potatos rated it
The Charm of Soul Pets
September 11, 2016
Status: --
Well, I definitely wasn't expecting much from this besides being a new novel to procrastinate with.

First Impressions: Woah! Is that a chinese pokemon novel?
First few chapters: Better than pokemon, a lot of world building though. It's pretty dark though
More chapters: Wow! This is pretty good!
Reading through the raws: Dammit, I can't stop T-T

Real review:
Like most chinese novels, it starts off slow, with world building and a lot of potential. The potential (mostly) isn't wasted like in ATG and MGA (at least IMO, because we... more>> all have different tastes). The antagonists (so far) aren't 2D "You piece of trash!" "Bow before this young master!" characters and since I see no harem tag, so I doubt that there will be any 1D women throwing themselves at him because he's so strong... I honestly have very high expectations for this since it may even be able to reach the level of ISSTH (once again, IMO). The summary may make it seem like a pokemon rip off, but I can attest for the fact that although the world is similar, the plot is completely different (well, mostly). There aren't any major plot holes (yet) and the author makes the story flow well. The MC doesn't have multiple personalities (yet) so that's something I really appreciate. I also want to applaud the translator (s) for translating in a readable way and not giving us a non-edited machine translation.

Overall, like Vex said, as long as MC doesn't become another Ash Ketchum or rapist, I'll enjoy this novel very much. I'll also edit this review once/if I manage to get to chapter 150 or 200 because that is usually when a novel starts to get good, or goes downhill fast...

Edit: Forgot to read more because of rl.........

Anyway the story continues on being amazing with the villains being properly fleshed out. His pokemon *cough* soul pets too, while being variations to their species and particularly strong, are not without weakness.

I do have to comment though that most women are not as well fleshed out as the other characters are. They are less realistic, but are still 3D enough that you can understand them at least.

Overall, I would give this a 4.5/5 but if the women were more realistic it would definitely be a 5/5. I would recommend this to everyone in this CN community as something different and new. The plot is amazing, the world building is essentially perfect and the author remains consistent. Give it a try, you'll probably like it. <<less
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Potatos rated it
9 Heavenly Thunder Manual
August 3, 2016
Status: c100
The main character is your average, op MC. If it was just this, I probably would've given it a three, as there are much worse novels out there. However, the author is racist as f***. There is a review that the racism doesn't take from the novel, but if you think about it, the author could've made a similar novel without every single person in japan being a rapist/murderer/pervert who's into necrophilia. It could've been much better without the unnecessary racism.

Secondly, the females are less than one dimensional. Their about... more>> as life like as a stick figure with hair. A single look from the MC and they swoon and fall in love with him. WTF!!!! It's not just the women too, EVERYBODY thinks he's awesome, amazing and godly.

To make things worse, the author is not just racist as f**k, but s*xist as f**k. If a girl isn't a virgin, they are considered "dirty", even if they were raped.

I really did try to get through this novel, but after reaching chapter 100, my eyes were bleeding, my IQ dropped below 50 and all I wanted to do was throw my laptop out the window.

So go ahead if you want to read this racist, one dimensional, s*xist novel. Perhaps if your new to the xianxia/xuanhuan community you may not mind, but I can tell you that there are MUCH better novels to enjoy than this <<less
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Potatos rated it
Beauty and the Bodyguard
August 27, 2016
Status: --
I tried T-T, I tried another harem novel and was once again disgusted by the content... anyway, on to an actual review, this is typical xianxia (which I would normally give a 2 or 3) but the author just had to put it in a modern setting (more disgust), make the main female MC a one dimensional slut who hates the MC without a real reason and give us a whining bitch for an MC...... please note that I normally don't swear, but this novel just brought out all the... more>> hidden hatred found in me...

To tell the truth, if I could, I would give this less than one star, because of all the cliches, two dimensional characters and the fact that even though the MC has a harem around him, he decides to keep them all as virgins (or so I read from the spoilers). What is he, a saint???

IMO, the author can put all his dreams about having a harem and being op in it and I wouldn't care, but at least give us a full chapter without the MC or main female lead whining. I swear, out of the 5000+ chapters out in the raws, whining would make up at least 2000 of them.

Also, how does he manage to get tricked so many times by sly old grandpa? Is he brain damaged? Retarded? An idiot? If you want the truth, sly old grandpa is my fav character so far.... despite barely being there

So my main issues with the novel
1: whining bitches
2: one dimensional stick figure characters
3: harem with no s*x (wtf author?! When did you become japanese?)
4: Cliches (way too many; the be bullied -> get stronger-> beat up bulloes -> get bullied again thing is way too overused to even be enjoyable anymore, no matter how crappy the bullies are.
5: retarded as f*** mc

but praise be to the translator who managed to translate this crappy piece of sh*t so well. In fact, the tranlator is the only reason this even got a rating....

Whelp, that was my opinion of this novel typed out on my phone. You don't have to agree and I do hope I didn't offend anyone.
The novel just managed to be the target of my frustration because uni is starting in a few days.

That review was long so let's end it here.

Potato out. <<less
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Potatos rated it
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World
January 6, 2017
Status: c123
3/5, not bad.
To me at least, it was honestly very immersing and I binge read it until the latest chapter at the time which was about chapter 80-ish. However, it all went downhill from there...... not so bad that it would be a cliff fall, but a pretty steep hill.
Before I get on to that though, first what made the earlier chapters great:
- May partially be because I've only read 1 vr novel before this, but it was refreshing and new
- Main character is reasonable and... more>> doesn't behave like a lunatic for no real reason (sighs, you know you've read too many bad novels when you can say this)
- MC has realistic interactions with others, girls and guys do not fall head over heels for him at first sight
- NO HAREM!!!! :) not that they're bad, but they are very rarely written well,
- MC is not EXTREMELY lucky (still lucky though, but that's the expected plot armor)

What killed it for me:
- MC starts to forget about reality. I think it was about chapter 95 or something that I realized he hadn't been out of the vr world in a really long time. He's left like once in the past 40 chapters...
- MC used to have real life goals like studying and becoming strong, but at this point I'm pretty sure he has forgotten all about them
- MC and presumed love interest have seen each other ONCE throughout the translated chapters
- MC does not eat or sleep.
- Too much stuff is crammed in at once. It's sort of similar to Reincarnator where the MC doesn't get a break and there is way too much action crammed in at once. Not that I like filler chapters, but at this point the MC's mental health is going to plummet.

Good for me, bad for novel:
- MC's dedication to game and lack of life makes me feel not-so-bad about myself. At least I go out once in a while. <<less
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Potatos rated it
God of Cooking
June 11, 2016
Status: c30
It's sort of like a battle novel but instead of fighting it's replaced with cooking. It has an RPG element, with statuses and stuff, but it isn't typical at all. A warning to be said is that it makes really hungry
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Potatos rated it
(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
July 26, 2016
Status: --
Well the story itself isn't bad, but the main character is essentially the most typical japanese MC. This sort of ruins a huge part of the story because you can pretty much predict what's going to happen next
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Potatos rated it
Bone Painting Coroner
August 22, 2017
Status: c32
I quite like this story, not that it's anything super new or special, but her profession is very interesting.

The MC is the calm and tolerant type, something I would definitely appreciate if the ML wasn't so. f**king. annoying.

The translation is amazing, the characters are great, the story isn't something new but the author adds creative twists, I would typically give this a great 5 star review.

But the ML is a f**king brat.

... more>>

He talks about how he has eaten wild herbs in the wild to prove that he isn't a picky eater, WHEN HE COULD JUST f**kING SAY THAT HE DOESNT HAVE AN APPETITE AFTER SEEING A DEAD BODY. I wouldn't mind too much but he says it as if eating wild herbs is some sort of extreme suffering. Grow up you brat. Probably half the food he is served in the royal kitchens is made with wild herbs.


And let me repeat, he. is. f**king. annoying. He's constantly bothering and s*xually harassing the MC by his whims. The MC is super angry but still tolerant which leaves me with a mass of rage within me that doesn't have an outlet.

I don't mind bitchy side characters, we all know that they're gonna be disposed of and ruined. But a bitchy ML? Nope, he's gonna be there for the whole rest of the story and the MC is gonna love him.

Tl;dr Great story author, but you better get the ML to stfu and repent or I'm dropping this sh*t. Props to the translator for the amazing work though.

Edit: sorry for all the swearing.... the mass of rage within me led to this rant. <<less
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Potatos rated it
Against the Gods
June 20, 2016
Status: --
I'm sorry to those who loved this novel but this is my opinion so if you don't agree with it you can ignore it. After all, everybody has their ow opinion, I have my beliefs, you have yours.

So first of all, the reason it is not one star is because the beginning held lots of potential and was actually interesting. Cliche maybe, but it held good writing and the heroines were not as 2D. Not to say the weren't, but they weren't completely fake. But the problems starts when...
... more>>

it reaches the part when he is with that fairy elder lady (Chu YueChan) and he just rapes her in order to save her. I mean, like he did save her, but for something as ridiculous as the only way to save her is to inject his semen into her? Jeez author, if you were going to make it a porn, just make the whole thing a porn. Don't be half-assed and do these random ridiculous conditions. To make things worse though, is the fact that she ends up in love with him. Even though, all he has done is show off his genius doctor skills and heal her from poison. Sure, you can be in love with your savior, but in love to the point where you would give up your life for him (the flood dragons), stay in love with him when he rapes you (non-consensual s*x) and even give up your sect to raise his baby that was the result of the rape!!!!??? To make it even more extreme, you would even cripple yourself too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that man even f***cking love you??? "wow, he gave up his virginity to save my life! His first seed!!" Well, you also gave your virginity to him, no wait, he f***cking stole it!!! Author Gravity, wasn't that a little bit too forced? As I said before, just make a porn if you want to! if you didn't want one, than don't make one. Please don't half ass both, there was so much potential in the beginning man! If you kept writing stuff like that, I would've even read through the raws!!!!!!

okay, now that I'm done ranting about that part, time to rant about another part

okay, yes your aunt is kidnapped by this sect, yes she is frightened and scared, yes she was innocent and didn't deserve it. But in the end, did anything really end up happening to her that would last forever? She wasn't dead, she wasn't raped, she was just scared and slightly injured. Not even really injured! Yes your grandfather was pretty injured but did he die? No! So why did you have to kill all those innocent people in the burning sect? Sure kill the culprits, I don't mind cause I don't mind ruthless MC, but since the author always loves emphasizing how smart he is, but if he's not f-ing insane, than why did he kill the innocent. I can say, I've even read the tower of karma, so yes I can handle ruthless MCs as long as it makes sense why they did it. The tower of karma has a bunch of twisted logic and stuff, but I don't mind. Do you know why? It's because the main character really is insane. Okay author? OKAY?
Back to the topic of ATG, so overall, this portion was to talk about how the author is always talking about how smart the MC is but he obviously has some serious anger management issues.

Next, let's talk about all his wives shall we?

So first he loves his aunt a lot, but he gets caught by his fiancee for spending a night with her. They don't have s*x, but if you love your aunt, why have you not broken you marriage agreement with your fiancee? This I could still handle because maybe there were some secrets going on with the agreement, so I was just like okay.... But then, he falls in love with the princess too! Yet he still loves his aunt. Okay, so maybe he just loves both. But then, his fiancee's elder shows up (Chu yuechan from before) and they begin their journey of love. Okay then..... But then his real fiancee falls in love with him, and their love starts too! Okay, so stuff happens and he rapes the fiancee;s elder which I've talked about in the first spoiler. But soon after, he gets sealed, and when he comes out a few years later, he marries the princess, finds out his aunt is kidnapped, saves her too, reunites with the fiancee then even MORE girls just begin showing up. What the hell man, the girls are almost as bad as those 2D antagonists that last for no more than a few chapters! This is also where I couldn't stand it anymore and just dropped the series.

And Lastly those 2D villians......

Need I say more? Just those typical "you ant!" and "you lowly piece of trash!" remarks that happen over and over again. The only purpose they serve is to make the op MC grow even more op.

So the last spoiler wasn't really a spoiler but I just put it there anyway.

Of course, I'm not going to go into this, don't forget about the huge amounts of plot armor, luck and hypocritical actions!

So yeah, the beginning held lots of potential, then it slowly turned into typical xianxia/xuanhuan that you see everywhere nowadays. I can tell the the author could've done so much more for the story from what I saw in the beginning....
Except for those 2D villians. That can't be changed, but I don't even care anymore. Overall, if you don't mind those points that I hated, go ahead! it's not like I can do anything about it.

P.S, the writing also gets worse and worse. Soon (at least to me) it starts to feel like the author can't get a hold of how op the MC is and has to downplay it. Also, you'll see more and more of those filler chapters where it is just description and no plot <<less
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Potatos rated it
King of Gods
August 16, 2016
Status: --
Very typical as the translator says, will edit this if there is a dramatic plot twist. However, it's not badly written, and probably won't be until the one-dimensional harem members appear. It's your generic, weak to op MC. It's enjoyable if you haven't been tainted by the many many novels like this yet, and aren't of tired of cliches. I'll probably read this until repetitiveness appears, e.g insults MC, MC destroys family, meets new harem member, solves said harem member's troubles, gets insulted again, destroys family etc. I do hope... more>> it doesn't go down that path though. It has potential like all those typical xianxias do in the beginning, but I don't have many expectations for it to suddenly give me a shocking plot twist like the translator says. I'll continue reading, and if there is one, I'll edit this review to make it better.

In short: It's enjoyable if this is one of the first xianxias you've read and haven't gotten tired of those xianxia cliches yet. On the other hand if you have, then I won't recommend it. <<less
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Great novel, a lot like Katahane No Riku and I'm not going to say more because the other reviews have already said everything. I would like to comment though, that the author or at least the MC is homophobic. It's not a big part of the novel so I don't care that much, but y'all should watch out for that if you don't like homophobic people.
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