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PotatoesInvasion rated it
Legend of Legends
September 19, 2018
Status: c180
Well I never write a review before but I think I should give this novel a review.

I wont say that this novel is really good it just good enough to enjoy reading it. There some plot armor here and there but well almost every LN had plot armor.

People who gave a review 1-3 stars usually only read up to 10-30 chapters, but as I already read up to the latest chapter as I write this, I could say this novel was good enough.

People who said that the first five chapters or so doesnt connect to the story is really wrong since basically the real world and the other world is used alternatively until latest chapter. Saying he was write a decent review when he actually doesnt know it at all lol

Then another people said that MC is stupid since he doesnt reveal the fact to government is so dumb. He must be so innocent to think that the government would help the MC, if anything the government would capture and restrict him to avoid the truth being spread and would try to monopoli the thing from the battlefield to enrich themself. He must be a kid or someone who doesnt know the world is full of bad and selfish people.


If anything you guys should try to read this to see if u would like it or not, dont really trust the review here since sometimes reviews are f' up
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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
September 23, 2018
Status: c220
For people who think that novel was too racist should go out of their comfort zone and see the world. What the author write here pretty much happened in real life, you may denied it but the truth is there. Furthermore so many people gave a review after reading 1-30 chapters, I find it amusing when the comment review full of people who doesnt really read the novel but tried to explain what the novel is about.

Anyway the earlier part in this novel is like what others said, doesnt match... more>> with the title, not diving into ruins but buying things at auction house. But if u ignore the novel's title, I think it was decent novel to read if u got plenty of free time <<less
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