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PoshMafia rated it
Great Demon King
April 2, 2016
Status: --
I have read 71 chapters of this book and can honestly say that it is not very good. The book falls into the problem of the main character getting everything he wants, while the world bends over to make sure he gets it. The interactions with other characters is awkward and often the dialogue is cringe worthy. 1 Star. Just not very good.
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PoshMafia rated it
Emperor’s Domination
October 2, 2016
Status: c210
I like the cover. Can't really say to much about the story though. Too many heaven sweeping beauties, and unconquerable elders daunted by his unflagging arrogance. The explanations of the cultivation realms are a total mess, the MC is cultivating in a totally different novel from everyone else. Sh*t randomly is brought up to show why his maids are uberly awesomely amazing and how they can heavenly deafeningly jump realms with ease. There is no decent foreshadowing, at all, everything is just constantly crudging you atop the head without any... more>> subtlety, a lot of references are brought up about his past but they usually feel incongruous to the rest of the novel. A complete lack of any sort of tension is probably my biggest problem with this novel, just not really in to the power trip teenage fantasy where heavenly defying beauties follow me around as I make everyone look like ignorant children.

Meh, there are a lot worse out there but this is by no means a good piece of literature. Definitely not going to make you contemplate anything about human nature or the endless expanse that is life.


True immortality doesn't seem to be a thing, which is kinda interesting. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
The World after the Fall
July 10, 2017
Status: --
Plays on common tropes in really popular Korean novels like reincarnation, king of the battlefield and so on.

Worth the read for sure. Although the translation pace will probably be spotty at best. So I would recommend reading then setting aside until there are 40 50 chapters to binge read.
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PoshMafia rated it
Emperor of Solo Play
October 16, 2016
Status: c61

This be garbage....

... more>> Original

Emperor of Solo Play is a VRMMO novel, that does a lot of things right.

In a world where one game dominates the world marketplace, An Jaehyun has traveled back in time to un-f**k himself.

A former top player, An Jaehyun, made a few bad decisions that resulted in him being isolated, hunted, and eventually obsolete. Which is where our story begins.

Emperor of Solo Play features a very common Korean archetypal Main Character, who devotes his every living breathing moment to video games. Something that I personally can relate to. We watch as An Jaehyun fights against poverty, the limitations of being unable to outright purchase first class gear, and competes for relevancy among the already established Elite Class of Warlord, the Top Thirty Guilds.

Betrayed in his original life An Jaehyun refuses to trust anyone else, for fear of another betrayal. Meanwhile he carries past grudges with him for actions that have technically never happened, allowing a technically unfounded hostility dictate his every action.

In my personal opinion the author, 디다트, has opened strong, introducing the major players, clearly outlining An Jaehyun's mindset and goals, as well as foreshadowing several future conflicts that are bound to be quite juicy, as our irrational Main Character fights against outside forces and his inner demons.

However this is not to say that the ending will be as strong as the start. As the main character can easily fall into the same situation as his original life.

How the author will manage to walk the line between plot armor, our MC's independence and realism? I can only guess. But until then I will continue reading every chapter as they come out, and give this novel a tentative 5 star rating until, it is shown to me that the 5 star rating isn't deserved.

I am of the opinion that people should give this a go, the translation quality is strong, and so far the author seems competent at his craft. I have no complaints. And here is to hoping it doesn't change. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
The Amber Sword
May 11, 2017
Status: v2c146
Alright, I honestly do not know where to start with this novel.

The Amber Sword, The Translation, is beyond a doubt one of the best works I have ever read.

Now where the raws end and the translation begins I can not begin to tell, because I have never once read a novel out of China or Japan that has made me sit back and think damn this author has some serious guts.

The Amber Sword is a novel that is creating a sprawling massive world with lore back story and so much... more>> more depth than I ever expected there to be or imagined there being.

It reminds me of many first time authors published novels, filled with ambition and scope. The desire to write something that no one has thought or dared to do.

Set in the video game world of 'The Amber Sword' our protagonist finds a world similar but much more dangerous than he ever imagined. Things that he had only heard about or caught glimpses of are coming out of the woodwork in a desperate attempt to achieve their own goals.

The Amber Sword thus far, is not a novel in which the world revolves around our Main Characters every movement. He is merely one man trying to change the destiny of a Kingdom doomed to ruin. While to world around him continues to move towards the inevitable.

As each new arc introduces a new piece playing upon the board that is the Kingdom of Aouine. We see a tapestry that strays away from the norm and dares to walk into grounds we have yet to see in any fiction.

As with any great ambitious work, it is very easy to plunge off the side of a cliff and kill yourself, but until that happens I will wait eagerly for the next chapter. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
Mythical Tyrant
February 12, 2016
Status: --
some of the most contrived BS I've ever read. The author doesn’t even try to hide the “Strokes of fortune” the MC has. I don’t recommend reading this. ... more>>

Chapter 25-26 assassin poisons MC – MC drinks and is blood no longer affected by poison, Wise mentor says "you need to subdue this assassin to your cause." Then poof MC talks to assassin, and assassin says “You are now my husband because you drank my blood, (she is a gorgeous 17 year old by the way) the only way you can avoid it is by letting me kill you!” And MC ofc says “OH no, I can’t let you kill me! Whatever shall I do?”

Whereas I said, f**k this garbage, im done. GG.

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PoshMafia rated it
I Want A Harem But She Is Very…
April 5, 2016
Status: --
Those first 2 chapters unbelievably hilarious
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PoshMafia rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
April 17, 2018
Status: --
stupidity level to the max. Empty and vapid, I love the premise unfortunately, there is nothing to make me give a sh*t about what happens, cuz the MC is always gonna be right always gonna win, always gonna impress the girl. It is boring. Makes you laugh but boring.
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PoshMafia rated it
The Book Eating Magician
September 5, 2017
Status: c80
Very much a young adult fiction. The author has a very strong sense of naivety and clearly has not watch enough period dramas.

And due to that sense of innocence I cannot really find myself enjoying this work.

Ignoring the ridiculous leveling speed of the main characters, weak side characters and a rather silly sense of what nobility was accustomed too. I am sorry but no prince knew how to dress himself for a formal engagement... :P

Not for me, someone who wants a happy go lucky story with an op MC that... more>> gets everything he wants, will enjoy this. <<less
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Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them
October 28, 2017
Status: c21
Cute. Just very frustrating to read. Wait until it is finished to read my honest advice. The fluffiness is very frustrating if you're waiting for each small release.
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PoshMafia rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
February 26, 2017
Status: c144
Entirely Average.

Dimensional Sovereign suffers from what I am thinking of as the check list syndrome. And not in the sense of Xainxia rinse and repeat syndrome, Xainxia offers much more world building.... instead it follows this formula.

Fight - level up - new skill - fight - level up - new skill - new area - fight - level up - new skill - fight - level up - new skill - new area. So on so fourth.

At the start there is world building, a villain that you kinda gave... more>> a sh*t about, and you couldn't help but wonder what would happen as the character prepared for the big boss.

Unfortunately the author got bored or lazy and decided to write how an mmo plays. Not some vrmmo novel like arc or lms, but a legit lazy assed motherf**king mmo. tedious and grindy. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
Eternal Log
September 22, 2016
Status: c5
For the sake of being first, I read this, it is pretty bad. OP beta that doesn't have to work for anything in his life, at three years old he decided to train hard? Lolz

Not reincarnation or godly blessings just an absent father, time travel and a book that has everything known to an ancient super race.
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PoshMafia rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
June 1, 2016
Status: c651
I've fallen out of love with HSSB. It feels to me like a novel that lost what it's original goal was and devolved into a generic Xianxia novel.

Originally there were two main routes that I felt the novel could go:

Satirical introspective look at the genre where as the author leads the MC through several situations facing generic OP Protagonist as he proceeds to make a mockery of the whole situation. Or devolve in a more serious story similar to Histories Number One Founder and we watch as the most amazing... more>> Senior Brother leads his younger generation along despite pressures from the clan and outside factors. The scale of this story of course being much smaller and less grandeur than the typical Chinese novel.

Unfortunately what we got was something pretty similar to trash. Random overpowered techniques from big shot clans and arrogant young masters while our protagonist pulls bullsh*t OP tecniqes that get introduced the chapter they are used, but we are told he has been practicing them on the side so it is all right. And his techniques are ancient master pieces so ofc he'll win despite obvious power deficiencies. In the end don't read this novel. It is a let down of massive proportions. <<less
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