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Poppukko rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
February 4, 2018
Status: c303
First of all, to those who expect this to be a story where MC goes 'hurr durr, I'm gonna kill you all after obtaining all these powers for muh revenge', kindly avert yourself from reading this and read Sutaretara Yuusha no Eiyuutan or Legendary Shield Hero instead since that's what you are looking for. Despite the premise where our cunning yet weak MC getting indirectly murdered (which doesn't succeed) by his own classmate might makes it look like we're gonna have a revenge themed story, this is not it.

Like the... more>> synopsis, our MC: Nagumo Hajime is your everyday mediocre Otaku who gets bullied a lot due to a popular girl in the class trying to get close to him sincerely out of seeing his kindness and quirks. After getting summoned to the other world, he who has a weakass job and stat alongside his classmates found themselves in a pretty pickly situation where a certain jealous classmate doing stupid sh*t and ended up in him falling down into the abyss, costing him an arm (left), an eye (right), hair color, and almost making him a murderous barbarian if it isn't for the female lead.

The main theme of this novel is about a guy who got betrayed and faced with harsh reality in the other world where your life is always in constant danger with either an asshole god making you a pawn of his game or the monster trying to kill you. Here, our MC, in his traumatized state after the sh*t he's forced to go through in the abyss, reverts to all human's basic instinct: Survival which made him a ruthless man to everyone but his troupe or innocent people which is pretty realistic since let's be real, every human would think of surviving the ordeal where their life is on the line first instead of instantly wanting to murder the one causing them into such predicament. And even after that, he doesn't think much of a revenge against that asshole classmate of his. Why? Cause he's a typical Jap MC? Nope, he set his priority straight of trying to get back to his world with all the Cheat he got after losing many things in the abyss instead of indulging himself in a petty revenge that would waste the time he needs to find a way home. Collecting harem and helping almost everyone in a pinch? Reminder that Yue and his harem members are acting as his moral compass to prevent him from becoming a mere murderous monster just because he got the power to destroy anything. So, in the end, the story is not about revenge, but more of the line about a guy who wants to go home while making merry friend along his search for that way and breaking common sense while doing it all. I'd rate it 4.5/5 for the main story while 5/5 for the after story which is hilarious as hell. <<less
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Poppukko rated it
The Forsaken Hero
July 12, 2018
Status: --
Basically Arifureta ripoff, but the MC is more retarded compared to Hajime (who is also retarded). It's what if Hajime choose to pursue revenge instead of turning apathetic to everything but finding his way back to home (Japan) with a splash of mental retardation. What's wrong with that? None at all since Arifureta goes soft after the first dungeon arc which many edgy peeps here got triggered with. At least until the point he made those people he killed (mainly girls) for revenge into his slave and they instantly goes... more>> dere-dere to him instead of being pissed af like Jesus Christ, even in Arifureta, the only love interest that fell in love with the MC in a retarded out of the blue fashion is Shizuku while other girls got a decent reason for that (Saved by, Being M to Hajime's S, Still retaining his kindness before going Big Boss, etc). Just to rub salt on the wound, unlike Hajime who is also retarded, Hajime at least could formulate many good plans and even more contingency plans when faced with odds that are against him.

This guy?

"Oh boy, I can do anything since I can never die with my skill"

"Nope, I'll freeze you solid so your ability won't trigger"

And there you have it, if it wasn't for one of his smfh dere dere slave saving his ass, he'd be over by then.

While Arifureta is meh, this is worse. Also to people who thinks that it's okay for the character in the LN or WN to act retarded just cause it's LN or WN, get real. No one would be able to relate or even sympathize with a retarded person which ruins the experience of reading the novel. <<less
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To Be a Power in the Shadows!
May 9, 2019
Status: --
This novel starts out AMAZING, one of the best out there for the humor and action. And then it gets repetitive, rinse and repeat. Initially, the misunderstanding is what draws me to read this whatwith the MC being completely oblivious that his LARP-ing is actually a reality instead of his mere chuunibyou delusion. But the author, just like most JP LN writer, makes our MC to be a retard in anything but battle just like most JP LN/WN protag out there for no reason than to try to be funny,... more>> which works for around fifty chapters and then it just downright repetitive and stupid. Misunderstanding (from MC part) only works for so long before he looks like a complete idiot instead of being funny. If you want a good misunderstanding story, I'd recommend reading Bakarina or Trash's of The Count Family because the former offers you all out misunderstanding in an obvious parody story that WORKS and the latter is a misunderstanding that doesn't make the protag looking like a moron and even uses the misunderstanding for his own benefit. <<less
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