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Pkbwgsc rated it
Summoned Slaughterer
July 5, 2016
Status: c35
Not certain what I was expecting. It began as the synopsis said - killer in modern times that moves to another world. He gets slaves. Corrupts them. Then things go to sh*t.
His "fights" can be condensed into 2 paragraphs for every one. It goes something like
1. Encounter
2. They try to stab him
3. He miraculously counters and kills everyone with ease.

Eventually degrades into him being a politician with a penchant for murder. You know, that villain in every other story that the author tries to make into... more>> an antagonist but is really just a B-rated Hollywood bad guy, if more hands on. <<less
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I rate this a 4.5/5. Only absolute masterpieces get 5/5, and while this is excellent, it hasn't quite reached that level :P

Well, frankly put, this is a very nice, if slow paced, slice of life novel. It has the struggles of a young adoptive girl, a young man that picked her up, and their daily lives dealing with their friends. It has emotion, feeling, and everything good in a story of this genre. No overt drama, completely in-your-face bs circumstances that says "pity me" like a lot of other stories... more>> do.

It's all just pure, heartfelt emotion between a newly paired adoptive daughter and father as they go through life. <<less
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Pkbwgsc rated it
Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
July 5, 2016
Status: v13c10
I'll just list the good and bad parts of the novel and expound from there.

Good: The premise of the story is okay. It draws you in, and with a lot of traveling starting almost right away it often introduces fresh characters. The MC *SPOILER* later obtains a teleportation ability so former characters are not just forgotten. He uses this to go back and visit acquaintances so characters are not just forgotten and 'happen' to have a random encounter later. It's very slice of life, the characters have clearly defined traits,... more>> and the author tries to give voice to the main cast, MC or not. There is much more to add to this list, but that's all I'll list off he top of my head right now.

For the BAD: the MC is passive. Not horrendously so. He does still go out and use his powers for benevolent matters, but you can often see in the exposition he tends to be restrained and very conservative. He's kind of like the adult in anime that acts as a touchstone for many other people. Except this is MC. Makes the story feel flat later on, especially when he decides on a "main girl".

Oh yeah, that brings to mind - this is a harem story. With the MC ignoring most of the girls because his morals do not allow him to do anything else. I think at this point only 2 (maybe one if I'm remembering incorrectly) have directly confided their feelings to him. And he brushes it off, citing the old "they'll get over it eventually" trope.

Like I mentioned earlier, the story eventually feels flat. The world is dangerous, but races thrive; slavery exists, but abuse is frowned upon and never touched on in the story; the MC is op, as in op enough to kill an immortal demon lord that can defend against 99% of attacks and beat the sh*t out of a legendary dragon that can penetrate through any armor with only his teeth. So no real opposition to him.

All in all, this is slice of life without any overt drama. The author tries, but mostly only superficially manages to make all the characters deeper. The MC is denser than dark matter, stays within all boundaries (being a beta if you want to be critical) and just treats everything like it'll turn out okay. The harem is ever growing with 2 illegal lolis, one preteen jail bait and a baa-san in a young, also illegal loli body from the beginning traveling with him.

However, the story is cohesive, if very simple. The MC is not a jackass that goes around picking girls up like candy and slaughtering countries for making him angry. And the story regularly updates, having only 2 days in between updates.

So, take your pick and choose to read it or not. <<less
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