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I'll make this review quite brief. The plot is quite bland and overused. As boring as it can be. It follows the typical JP protagonist reincarnation web novel where Some guy that is OP is reincarnated into a child's body and has powers sealed. Then it is just him acting like a 12 year old with "no common sense." If you really like bland novels, this is for you. I only gave it 2 stars because of good translation quality
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Carefree Path of Dreams
April 9, 2018
Status: c70
It's really not bad at all. If you liked WMW, then you definitely will like this novel. With almost the same temperament (although MC here is definitely more righteous), you won't be disappointed. It's pretty difficult to find a novel with an MC that has a calm and collected personality. Most of the times, you'll find yourselves looking at completely apathetic killers, or righteous to the point of childish and unrealistic.

Again, I'm only at chapter 70 of the hundreds of chapters in the novel, but it is quite good, and... more>> the five star rating is for the future prospects that this novel can give. Although MC also gets a lot of cheats, and undoubtedly rises in power as lot easier than Leylin does, I hope that in the future, MC will slow down because his

advantages in terms of constitution should fade away.

If MC gets too OP too fast, I'll have to definitely lower the rating, however, as the author of WMW, I hope the author wouldn't be making such an amateurish mistake <<less
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Reverend Insanity
May 26, 2018
Status: c300
Great novel, definitely publish worthy. I just wrote this review because the two reviews before me complaining about "useless information." Yeah, sorry dude, gotta make some shallow brain dead bread and butter cultivation novel instead. Sorry for adding detailed information to have a more fleshed out universe... Lotr is also awful too haha!!

I think that adding the detail that the author gives is one of the reasons why I like it. A more slow paced novel, that seems very realistic. The entire universe is very well made, and it gives... more>> a lot more world building than your average Chinese cultivation novel. Amazing read, although of course, it's not with its flaws, but that is with every book. <<less
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Summoned Slaughterer
July 15, 2016
Status: --
While I am all for the ruthless MC's, it seems that this novel uses it as an excuse for poor plot execution, and lack of writing ability. The entire first volume is fairly rushed, I don't feel attached to any of the characters, and over all terrible. Clearly, even though the author tries to have the MC have some logic incorporated into his brain, it is very illogical and incomprehensible. He contradicts himself too often and has a very flawed personality.
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Gate of God
June 15, 2018
Status: c120
The only thing this novel's got going for it is the unique and i'll be honest, interesting cultivating system. However, just because the cultivation is unique and fresh doesn't make this novel an automatic 5/5.

Take the way to cultivate out of the equation, and the novel is filled with cliches, one sided, one dimensional characters, MC is a mary sue that never loses, and "coincidentally" makes friends with the most powerful people. Many typical "villains" and other archetypes that are repeated over and over again in cultivation novels like these

I... more>> endured for 120 chapters, but it doesn't seem like it will ever get better. Author needs to learn how to write well <<less
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I Alone Level-Up
March 13, 2019
Status: c100
You know, I definitely wouldn't call this unreadable. It just pretty creative, cliche, and stale after awhile. It is like I am reading a cheap knockoff of Seoul Station's Necromancer. I won't explain why, because it would be spoiling it, but the MC and Seoul Station's Necromancer MC are very alike, make similar actions, and the setting is almost the same.

It's not the first time a dungeon in the real world setting in a novel has been used, and it sure won't be the last. That being said, the author... more>> makes a pretty unimaginable and boring world, with few creative actions of his own.

Not terrible, but surely something you would only read on an airplane, bus, or on a boring sunday. A mediocre read that you don't need to read at all. I suggest reading other dungeon novels like Seoul Station's Necromancer or Arena <<less
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Plundering the Heavens
July 13, 2018
Status: c280
For a cultivating novel, this is pretty good.

I'll keep it short.

Author makes MC's personality actually act like a child sometimes, or have the mentality and the inexperience of one, which I think is something other authors tend to miss out on when a novel with a 12-15 year old child MC is included.

... more>> Of course, some plot armor is pretty evident, but not enough for it to take you out of the experience, and I would consider it to be at an acceptable standard

All in all, not something that revolutionizes something, but it's a more unique story than other cultivating novels, and the writing quality isn't bad. <<less
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June 20, 2018
Status: c180
A lot of people dropped this novel because of the beginning, and how the MC is unbearable and cowardly. I am the complete opposite. In the beginning, at least he had some personality and character. As the novel progresses, he becomes more and more bland and like a mary sue.

Alright, let’s say this “good natured MC” is more preferred. I can get behind that. However, the way he changes is so stupid. ... more>>

He literally is described as more mature and has more judgment because of his insight skill being high.

He also is surrounded by beautiful women such as : Lady Irene, Jishuaka, Yura, The copier class girl, his sister, sister’s friend, etc. They all sort of like him for absolutely no reason other than plot progression and “romance.” He becomes more generous because he is uhhh... out of debt? I mean, this is the most logical one out of them all, as well. He also becomes handsome and all from gaining... weight? One of his biggest character traits was that he was pretty below average in terms of appearances, but now he’s a confident handsome man who can woo top beauties. He’s also described as more mature and less short tempered, but that is also circumstantial, as he apparently has bipolar disorder, where he is calm one scene, but absolutely mad the next. Also, the one that hit the nail on the head for me was when the author shows character progression with “He became more mature, ” “He became more good natured, ” and “he became more close sith the guild.” Show, don’t tell, man.

He becomes OP, handsome, gets girls, is rich, while 90% of the story is about him progressing levels, getting skills, and crafting items.

But don’t worry! He still takes advantage of people! No, now he’s the typical “evil and greedy” person but eventually pays back what he takes. <<less
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For the 10 chapters of this that I read, from what I can see, the author doesn't really know what pacing means. Things that could take a couple hundred pages at the very least get gleamed over within 17 pages, and things that can be gleamed over take tens of pages.

Also, this is 100% one of those webnovels where they have the "I'm a guy who got reincarnated, but I am a girl now, but don't worry this is just a tropey plot device that really won't impact the plot... more>> at all, other than the token mention every so often that is mandatory of every novel that does this"

Conclusion: If you're bored out of your mind or really don't care about quality and want to read a brain dead poorly executed slice of life novel involving a child actress, this is for you. Sorry, I can't really mention any good things about it. Everything about this webnovel has flaws and is full of holes. Cliches and tropes are sprawled around everywhere, and I just had to drop it after 10 chapters. <<less
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I Shall Seal the Heavens
August 2, 2017
Status: Completed
Short review:

ISSTH was quite a good read, with the characters, plot, and pacing all very well done for a webnovel. For a cultivation novel, it was great because although it was 1600 chapters long, there were a lot of interesting parts and it did not feel very repetitive. I also respect how the MC doesn't form a harem, because of his dedication to the his partner, even though he had many opportunities to make one. Compared to all the other cultivation novels, although it doesn't completely blow away all... more>> the competition, it is a cut above the rest. That being said, it also has some drawbacks. Although a lot of characters do appear, a lot of them are there to serve as foil to the MC. On the flip side, a lot of characters are also essential even though they have not appeared for hundreds of chapters. There are slow parts too, especially the first 100 chapters or so of the story, and some other parts as well that seemed to be very boring to me, but that was a small part of the story. All in all, if you like cultivation novels, ISSTH will definitely not disappoint, especially if you hate harem novels <<less
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The Portal of Wonderland
February 25, 2018
Status: c200
I wouldn't call it bad, but compared to demon's diary and Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality, it really is a MEH novel.

I'm not going to go too in depth but the novel is very bland, and it is definitely a different style that what this author usually does. Not that different is bad, but the author isn't good at writing and fleshing out these new personalities of the MC and side characters.

The biggest difference is that the MC is a lot more kind hearted and that he's infatuated... more>> with a girl (and there are like 30 other girls that are 'beauties' that maintain a 'friendly' relationship with). Romance is basically a mess, kind of like his other novels, except this one has a lot more emphasis on it, which makes it that much worse. <<less
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Overlord (LN)
June 17, 2019
Status: v13 afterword
When I first started reading/watching this series in the summer of 2015, I had already consumed a lot of media, in the form of anime, webmanga, and just a little bit of webnovel and visual novels. And I enjoyed (I still do) "genius protagonists" in the series I have watched that make smart decisions, think rationally, and do the best thing that fits the situation. Examples are things like KR webnovel Reincarnator, Emperor of Solo Play, warlock of the Magus World, Death Note, Kaiji, etc etc. Basically, a smart MC... more>> that is able to make the perfect action in response to a situation no matter what has occurred to them.

I aspired to be like those smart MCs. I figured that I would also act like those MCs if I was caught in a similar situation. If I was reincarnated into a different world, there is no way that I would fare poorly, and die as a mere common peasant. Rather, I would slowly level up my power just like those MCs would have.

However, reality would be different, and Overlord expresses that beautifully. Compared to those genius protagonists, I am unable to match. I am no genius, I wouldn't be able to keep calm during a dangerous situation like those MCs would, I do not have the prose, fineness, nor the intellect to scheme as well as any of those smart MCs would have. In reality, if I were transported to another world, I would panic. I would be under distress. I would not know what to do. Rather than thinking about what I should do next, I would wonder how I got there and express disbelief. I wouldn't be able to rein my emotions in, nor would I have any sort of plan going forward.

Muruyama Kugane expresses what a person would actually do in a situation like you see all the time in reincarnation novels in the form of Suzuki Satoru. Just like me, Suzuki Satoru is a normal man, and he does what a lot of other normal people would have done. He acted flustered. He acted foolishly, He couldn't rein in his emotions without the help of his species characteristic, and even then, he was unable to rein in his libido. Satoru didn't have a plan either. Satoru is just like one of us. He represents all of us, on what we would probably be doing if we were transported to another world like he was. No master plan, No massive intellect, and no calm and collected mindset. Rather, a panicked mess of a person that eventually fumbles his way around in the world through time, and even then, that fumbling around was only achieved due to the massive advantage given to him.

While I don't like writing reviews often, I have to give a mention to my #1 novel of all time since 2015. What a great series. <<less
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The Returner
January 11, 2019
Status: c80
Look, it's not a masterpiece, and though I did rate it a 4, it is more of a 3, but I just wanted to point out, among all the bad reviews, that this isn't all that bad.

Sure, characters are nonsensical, and the transition between comedy and "serious" battles are practically nonexistent. Characters do feel like they have a completely different personality when in comedic moments, and then act completely contrary to their personality during serious scenes.

That being said, it still is funny, and although it is just an OP protag... more>> with other characters that serve as his foil, it still comes to an OK read.

Read if you are bored, and need something to do. Its OK <<less
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Warlock of the Magus World
December 8, 2017
Status: Completed
I'm going to try to keep this review as short as possible. After all, its a review, not a research paper

Check these pros and cons of the book. If you like what the pros are, then you definitely should read it


... more>>
  • Great plot, as in it does not get stale, and is always interesting. For a 1000+ chapter webnovel, it is a very fresh and out of all the novels I read, it has the least amount of stale or repetitive parts
  • Dark MC. As you should know already, the MC will use the most efficient way of getting his goal, even if it is considered immoral
  • Calculating and scheming MC
  • Great storytelling
  • Fleshed out characters and well thought out villains

  • Terrible Romance. Let's all be honest here, the amount of romance focused in this novel can be summed up in around 100 words. Don't let the Harem tag fool you if you hate harem, because even though it is a harem, there is a good 2 chapters dedicated to it, and irrelevant to the story in its entirety
  • Characters fade. This seems contrasting to the pro, but even though a lot of the characters are fleshed out and less one dimensional than a lot of other novels, they tend to either fade away in existence after 100-200 chapters, or they die
  • "Unscientific" MC. Dude, you're reading a fantasy magic webnovel. Of course its not very scientific. Go read a research paper if you want a "scientific read." The AI chip does all the calculations and simulations. Not a lot of time is spent on how it does it. It's true that the author does not dwell upon the matter of how the AI chip works, but you don't really need to. It's a high end AI chip that has super intelligence that can calculate and simulate anything, given the MC's skill level and experiences he has done.

Not the most amazing novel in the world, but a novel that is 100% worth your time, and definitely better than 99% of any other novel on this site. It is no miracle that this novel has been consistently been top 5 on the novelupdates charts. Sorry for the short review. Hopefully this helps. I would have done a much longer review, but a long review defeats the purpose of it in my opinion. <<less
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A Sorcerer’s Journey
March 11, 2018
Status: c68
If you stumbled upon this novel because of people recommending it off of WMW, then perhaps you should actually give it a try. The MC has the same kind of alignment as Leylin would, as in that he places higher power as his goal, and killing people is definitely something he is willing to do. Even so, he is definitely a lot more emotional and less calculative than Leylin would be.

One thing that you want to keep note of is that this novel, in my opinion, is definitely worse than... more>> WMW. The "romance" is actually just as bad or worse than it is in WMW, and a lot of things are incoherent and incongruous. I don't think it is the translation, as there are just many parts of the plot where the author barely mentions or just skips it over, to only just be talking about it 20 chapters later.

For example. the daughter of the son telling MC about a lot of things...I never read this, but apparently she explained them to MC, and it gets mentioned a lot of times


Another thing. People who say that this novel is better because it does not use the AI chip trope. WRONG. Instead of author writing down: "AI chip, analyze the life matrix of my body, " the author writes down "[an amount of time] has passed, " and MC miraculously makes a breakthrough in his research.

OVERALL: Decent read, but definitely a grade worse than WMW, and not a masterpiece. Would I recommend it? Yeah, but just barely. <<less
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Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
August 10, 2017
Status: v3
So you stumble upon this novel, and you think to yourself, 'wow this might be good.' Well, its not really. Very Japanese-like novel, as in, even though the theme should be revenge and stuff its more like "fluffy" and you got this mesh of "sometimes dark" but mainly light hearted novel, especially the demon king who is with him. There is 100% no reason for them to be together (why the hell is the girl helping him??? They both have an objective of labyrinth cores but the demon king could... more>> definitely just do it solo) , but because of "plot purposes" the demon king tags along. Basically if you are looking for a revenge novel this is not what you are looking for. Don't get me wrong, I also thought Nidome no Yuusha to be absolute BS too (harem tag really?).

This novel gives vibes of a Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari esque type of story. So basically "dark novel" thats not really dark at all <<less
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