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This was more disappointing than anything else.

Complete at 50 main chapters, 14 side chapters, a smattering of extra chapters, and a few chapters of a sequel. It's the story of Sonia, the supposed last boss of an anime, who learns magic to be able to see into the past. She goes beyond the norm and ends up seeing her past life as an anime okaku girl that was a big fan of the anime that is apparently Sonia's current life. With the goal of avoiding her demise, Sonia strives to... more>> make sure things don't go the way of the anime. Things nonetheless progress like the anime despite her not being evil and going around killing people and she ends up arriving at the scene where Prince Rain breaks off their engagement - the start of the story proper. Influenced by her past life, she then takes Bill, the knight of the heroine's party wielding an anti-witch sword, as payment for Prince Rain's actions and then goes back home with him. Not everyone is satisfied with this though and plots abound as people work in the background for their own goals, entangling Sonia (and Bill) despite her general desire to just be left alone.

It had an interesting start (stereotypical for the genre, but interesting nonetheless) and some interesting twists early on, but then it just never stopped. The plot twists kept coming until it started feeling stale and convoluted more than interesting. When half the story is, "Oh, but what actually happened was..." over and over about the same things it starts getting rather annoying.

To give a spoiler example,

Sonia's mom is the witch that saved the country. But no, actually she's the witch that plotted to seize control of the country. But no, she ACTUALLY planned the war out to mitigate the losses to the country. But no, she really worked with the prince to overthrow the evil king. But no, she actually just wanted to get rid of a rival and steal her research. But no, actually... (not gonna spoil this one and beyond)

. It just goes on and on and on like that, right up till the end.

It doesn't help that the explanation the author relies on for half the plot points is that

they're not human (Sonia, Bill, Emelda, a lot of fathers, etc.)


That's not to say I didn't have fun with it. I did finish the main story and did read some of the side chapters from the villain's point of view. But the more I read the less I enjoyed things to the point the only reason I finished was because I was already almost done anyways. The relationship between Sonia and Bill was fun at times, especially with how Sonia loved teasing him and stuff. Watching Bill fidget was pretty funny. I also enjoyed Emelda as an antagonist in the first half as it really felt like it was leading up to something interesting, though I felt the payoff was rather disappointing and full of plot contrivance.

I can't say reading this was a waste of time as I did finish it, but I also can't say I can recommend it at all. It tries too hard to have plot twists to the point the story is just a mess at the end. I'd say the first half is worth reading, but the second half drops the ball hard. There's currently a sequel in the works, but it's only a few chapters in and I haven't looked at it.

As for the translation, it looks okay. Maybe a "C-" or somewhere thereabout. One of the better examples of machine translation, but still machine translation nonetheless. There are a decent amount of inaccuracies, a lot of things that could've been translated better (missing nuance), and a lot of clunky English. More effort could be put into making things read more smoothly (because if you can't read Japanese you should at least make sure the English is at a high level), but it's far from unreadable and generally gets things correct enough. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c167
An earlier story from the author of Sevens. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good. Sort of.

The story follows Rudel as he strives to become a dragoon. He struggles against an unfair world that's literally out to get him as he strives to achieve his goal, only for his accomplishments to be turned against him, further worsening his position. Only the fact that he's so uninterested in the stuff around him that he doesn't care or notice these things prevents the story from being a complete downer. His only goal in... more>> life is becoming a Dragoon and he has a very hard time paying attention to anything else besides that. This is the story of Rudel as he gathers companions and grows to become the strongest dragoon.

I... have problems with this story. The author was very clearly nowhere near as experienced when he wrote this as when he wrote Sevens. It was his first grand scale story and it definitely shows in his writing as he struggles to juggle his huge cast of characters whom unfortunately don't get fleshed out as much as they should have been. The Main Girl for example basically has no real character for most of the story aside from being someone who let's Rudel get away with a lot of things (which carries over to the end, and is one of the reasons why I think the love confession scene at the end of the story is utter trash). I would say a lot of the side characters are better fleshed out than her, which is kind of sad. A lot of the conflict in the story also stems from pretty much everything working against Rudel, which quite honestly gets rather masochistic for the reader after a certain point since it feels like things just get worse and worse for Rudel despite his many unrecognized accomplishments. It's not a bad story exactly, but it definitely can get painful to read at times since it feels like it keeps repeating the same strokes over and over, constantly beating Rudel down.

You'll also see a lot of things in Dragoon that might remind you of things from Sevens. It's definitely obvious that it's written by the same person, and it's pretty cool seeing how much he's grown from the point he started writing Dragoon and the point he wrote Sevens. He's improved a lot since Dragoon so don't let that put you off from reading Sevens if you haven't already (Dragoon was 2012-2016, Sevens was 2015-2017). Heck, he even improved while writing Dragoon and I would say that if you can put up with the first half of the story the second half is a lot better written. For reference, his first posted story was 2012. So if you're interested in seeing where the author of Sevens came from, Dragoon is a pretty readable example of his earlier works and is his only other grand scale story (Dragoon sits at 167 chapters, Sevens at 345). There's also an earlier draft of Dragoon that got 6 chapters in before getting scrapped that's still posted on the author's Mypage which follows a very different Rudel who's a reincarnator himself, if anyone is interested in that.

As for the translation, Yoraikun is pretty reliable as a translator and does a fairly good job. There are definite problems with his translations ("Shishou, you suck..." turned into "Master, we're screwed..." somehow for instance), but on the whole it's a good quality translation with little to no major problems. He also has a pretty decent update speed and has actually finished translating the whole of Sevens so you know he's likely to finish what he started. You've probably read some of his stuff before if you're here (and if not, go read Sevens) so you probably already know how you feel about his quality, but if not he at least has my recommendation. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
Ascendance of a Bookworm
July 5, 2016
Status: c173
This is a fun story that's definitely a chance of pace compared to your usual reincarnation stories. The premise has a young woman who loves books reincarnate into a young girl in a family too poor to afford books in a society where books are the belongings of only the rich and powerful (mainly nobles). As can be expected, she's not happy and does her best to get access to books.

And she does try her best. Except she's crippled by having an extraordinarily weak body and a lack of knowledge... more>> of the new world she's in. It doesn't help that in her original world she was a bit of a shut in and thus isn't that great at social skills. But with the use of her intellect and vast knowledge gained from having spent most of her previous life reading books she slowly ascends in her new world.

The Main Character, Mine, is funny and definitely very adorable. The fact that she wasn't very socially adept really shows in her new life and generally translates to her being awkwardly cute around everyone. She makes a lot of mistakes and often falls victim to the frailty of her body, but continues to strive towards her goal of having books to read. In that regard she's a very appreciable main character that accomplishes things despite many very real obstacles in her way. She does have very many derp moments though, mostly stemming from acting before she speaks, and her single mindedness when it comes to doing things for the sake of her books is about as helpful as much as it messes things up for her. I ended up liking Mine more and more as she grew from a little kid to someone with actual influence in the world, all for the sake of her books.


I'll note that very early on Mine becomes extremely depressed and contemplated suicide, so for anyone bothered by that sort of stuff I'd avoid chapter 24. It's short and is done mostly to illustrate just how much of a toll Mine's constant failures have taken on her, but it's there.


There are a lot of Supporting Characters. They range from fairly important characters that constantly appear to characters that maybe get named once or twice before becoming background characters that are maybe only referenced from time to time. They're mostly written in pretty interesting manners and the important ones do end up standing out quite a bit. That said, I would say the story does suffer a bit from having too many characters and not enough time being spent devoted to all of them. While most of them are definitely good and entertaining, I would say that a good portion of them could have been left out of the story without any real loss. Due to how the plot goes, many of them become irrelevant for lengthy periods of time as well, if not forgotten altogether.

The Plot is slow, to put it kindly. There are chapters spent only on boring things such as gathering wood, sewing, or baking a cake. That's not to say they're boring exactly, but unless you like reading through an instructional manual on how to make things like I do... yeah, they're probably going to be boring. When things happen though it's really fun and the slow build up definitely pays off then. The main character is adorable and entertaining throughout, but it doesn't change the fact that there's quite a lot of manufacturing themed chapters throughout. If you can put up with around 80 chapters of that then you start getting into more juicy things with the first person in the story I could call a villain. And things only pick up from there with your first taste of combat at around 130 and a lot of political intrigue after about 170. I'm far from done with the story as I'm currently 173/588 so I can't speak more on it, but what I've read so far is very good. You just need the patience to get through the slower early portions.

The World Building is surprisingly good. Lots of things are setup early on so as to hint at reveals much further down the road that explain a lot. The world is well explained and feels rooted firmly rather than the loose style many other stories have. The relationship between various factions and entities in the world is well fleshed out and things like the gap between the poor and the rich and very clearly felt by the reader. If I had to describe it I would say that the world definitely feels like it has actual substance to it and there's definitely a sense of "real-ness" to it that most other stories don't have.


Despite how things may seem early on, magic actually exists in the world. As the story progresses magic actually becomes a very important plot point. At first it's only important because it's the source of Mine's illness. But as more nobles get involved magic becomes increasingly relevant.


Update Speed is Fast, with nearly daily updates. Each chapter is fairly lengthy meaning that the story ends up being very substantial in size. The quality of each chapter is pretty solid too, which is a nice bonus on top of everything else. Definitely a very good update speed.

All in all, I would say this story is a slow burner that pays off in spades the further you get. As of now Blastron has translated up to chapter 21 and has a reasonably decent translation barring some odd translations here and there that suggest slight gaps in knowledge, though I'm not quite sure whether they're in English or Japanese. Nothing major though and way better than any sort of machine translation. The updates are once per week so they're somewhat slow, but given the length and quality of each chapter it's not a major complaint.

Overall a 5/5. The writing is well done, the characters are entertaining, and the plot is good even if it takes time to get there. <<less
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The story is incredibly hard to read. And I’m not talking about the machine translation we have here (though that’s obviously not great either for all the usual reasons), but I’m talking about the original Japanese. The story is mainly told through internal monologue since he’s a dragon and rarely ever has anyone around him to really talk to, and it’s absolutely grating to read his rough speech pattern in Japanese. Yes, that can be a bit of a matter of taste, but when taken with how stupid the main... more>> character is it just feels like you’re listening to an uneducated as*hole complaining all the time (since most of what he does is complain about the consequences of his own actions... and then brush it off and never learn from his mistake). He’s so stupid that the author even gives him an ability called, “Just an Idiot, ” which honestly feels more like an excuse for the author to run roughshod over common sense and have the main character do stupid things for the sake of advancing the plot than the comedy device it was likely meant to be. When the narrator of the story is as grating as the main character here, it’s really hard to continue reading.

It’s rough since there’s a lot of potential that just ends up feeling like it’s wasted. His actions around chapter ~10 against the wolves and with the village definitely tugged on my heartstrings and got me excited about the future of the story. But when the main character is supposed to be making a self-sacrificial choice that makes himself look bad for the sake of everyone else and the only thing I can think is how many other obvious and much better choices he could have made, you have to wonder how much of it is the main character’s stupidity and how much of it is the author’s inability to write a more coherent story. In broad strokes it’s not that bad, but actually reading it just disappoints me. It’s even worse when the main character is just normally being stupid and making stupid choices for no real reason, and then screwing himself over and then complaining about it. It’s just not entertaining to read at all.

It doesn’t help either that he spends most of his time doing nothing but fighting one thing or another. Or later on, making something else fight one thing or another (that Rabbit, lol). There’s some plot around chapters ~200, but even that ends disappointingly. Stuff like Kumo desu ga? (inevitable comparisons since the premise of both are somewhat similar) gets around how repetitive fighting and leveling up gets by having a fun main character. With the idiotic and annoying main character we get here, we get none of what made Kumo desu ga? popular and all of the drag that a better author could have cut down on.

To put it another way, this story had a good idea and some possibly interesting plots, but the execution was done poorly and the main character was way too annoying and idiotic to enjoy. In the hands of a better author it could have been good, but as it stands all it is is a pile of wasted potential.

For reference, I’ve read up to chapter 90, and I’ve skimmed up to chapter 231. I’d say the story peaks at around chapter 11 and fails to do much of anything past that point. You could honestly skip about 90% of the chapters and you wouldn’t miss much. The author definitely needs to trim down on all the filler material that does nothing but bloat the chapter count. <<less
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No one's translating atm and aside from the first chapter there's no readable translation, but I'll give a short review since I've been enjoying it a decent amount. I've read up to c77 out of the current 103 WN chapters (a decent stopping point as it's a time skip), a few chapters of the manga, and one volume of the LN. Very minor spoilers ahead, so take heed if you want a completely blind read.

The story is about Cordelia, the daughter of a Count in a medieval era Europe style... more>> setting with magic. In her former life she was a rather sheltered girl who went to an all girl's school, straight into college, and then led a life as a scientific researcher. In her former life, she had knowledge of an otome game and realizes she had reincarnated as the villainess of said game. Striving to avoid the death that awaited her if she followed the events of the story, she does her best to avoid those events while turning her interests to developing various things based on her past knowledge.

What I like about her backstory is that it makes perfect sense that she knows what she does, unlike other stories where you wonder whether you should've studied harder back in high school if random kids apparently have that much knowledge. She was a scientist in her past life, and none of the knowledge she showcases can be considered to be very complicated. I wouldn't buy it if she started busting out various chemical formulas in IUPAC format since unless it's your current project there's no way you'd remember anything like that beyond the simplest and most common ones, but given the most advanced thing she does is distillation it's more than believable. She never really steps out of her specialty either and relies on others for those, such as when she needs flasks and she goes to a glass specialist instead of magically having the relevant knowledge and skill.

Cordelia herself is also a decent character. She's always thinking of others and tends to seek to mediate or fix things when given the chance. But she's also a fair hand in an actual fight, capable of using magic to manipulate plants (growing plants, manipulating vines, withering plants, etc.). While not the most capable of fighters by far (her bodyguard Ronnie can beat her handily without trying, let alone her brothers or her father), she's able to outfight your average adult (she was able to largely subdue a decently confident Count 1v1 before Ronnie came in and ended the fight).

It's fairly obvious that her romantic partner in the story is the prince, Silvester. They meet early on and become fast friends, with the prince very clearly crushing on her hard. Cordelia only knows him in his disguised form as Gil though and doesn't quite realize his feelings or her own as she was rather sheltered in her previous life and tends to be quite busy regardless. It's funny because she's trying her best to avoid Silvester because that's a step towards her death in the otome game, but at the same time she's pen pals with Gil (with Verno, Gil's retainer acting as a proxy) and has various romantic meetings with him that she doesn't quite realize are dates. And he's not exactly pressing her to realize anything either, satisfied with just spending time with her. The inevitable reveal is going to be great ^_^

Side characters such as her servants Ronnie and Lala or family Ishma, Cyrus, or her father are also fun and have their own distinct personalities. I especially like her father as he absolutely dotes on her despite having a very strict countenance and a fearsome reputation to the point people look at Cordelia funny when she says he's nice. The author does have a tendency to introduce characters and then sort of just leave them to the side for the rest of the story aside from a couple of mentions here and there (Aisha, Hazel, etc.), but they're at least mentioned and it does prevent the story from character bloating which is a problem some other stories have.

The "heroine" of the otome game, Sherry, is also present, and she's rather annoying. She's very definitely written to be annoying, always running around being self-centered and a bit egotistic. She's not unkind and thinks of others as befitting a heroine, but it seems that due to Cordelia's actions affecting slight changes throughout the world and the effects of her heroine abilities, Sherry has grown up rather differently than her game counterpart. I won't reveal more as that veers into heavy spoiler territory, but it seems likely Sherry will end up being more an antagonist than not. She's nonetheless someone I rather like as a character, even if she herself is rather unlikeable.

All that said, the WN has some very glaring flaws. It's chalk full of grammatical and spelling errors to the point that some sections are painful to read. I very much doubt the author does any sort of editing as some errors are extremely blatant and have been pointed out multiple times. The LN fixes these errors, so if at all possible read that instead. The story also seems very unplanned at times and feels like it just meanders about for a few chapters before it starts in another direction entirely. This is sort of obvious with the chapter titles, such as the "Founding Festival Season" chapters that end up having absolutely nothing to do with the Founding Festival as they take place after and have everything to do with solving an instance of fraud and the reveal of the possible main villain.

There's also a manga, but I'm not a big fan of it. It's not bad, but I feel like it's missing the point of several story beats and isn't doing a great job of portraying characters correctly. YMMV.

If I had to give the story a grade, I'd say it's a solid B+. It has its problems and feels pretty amateurish at times, but when it's good it's good. The LN is definitely better than the WN and does a lot to clean things up (to the point I wonder whether it's one of those stories some Japanese editors have been complaining about where the editor ends up rewriting most of the story, but who knows) so I'd recommend reading that over the LN, but it's not like the WN is unreadable. Just know there's a lot of mistakes in the WN, which will make MTL's a lot more painful than it already is if you need to rely on one to read.

For what it's worth, this is on the short list of stories I might want to translate if I ever find the time to actually do so. Note, by no means am I saying I'm planning on translating it (not enough time, not enough website knowledge, and I strongly dislike how aggregators would just steal my stuff anyways). Just that I like it enough that I have entertained the thought. Take that as you will. <<less
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tl;dr Pretty nonsensical story made worse by a horrid translation. Not recommended at all.

The premise itself starts off fine, with an incredibly powerful swordsman reincarnating into another world because of his wish to learn magic. The first sign something is wrong with the writing is with the blatant idiot ball holding in the third chapter.

"Oh no, my beloved and very talented son has this Skill that literally has the word God in it that I don't know the meaning of. Because I don't know what the Skill means, I'm going... more>> to say it's meaningless and I'm going to tell him he has no Skills. And because I'm going to pretend he has no Skill for some silly reason, I'm going to have to disinherit him because even though he's been insanely talented up until this point and outperforms people with Skills, as a noble family we can't afford to have untalented heirs so I'm sadly going to have to make him leave and pretend he never existed!"

Because seriously, wtf. The logic jump there is just plain silly, and it's hard to take the story seriously after that.

To be fair, the story does get better afterwards. The author very clearly cared very little for the beginning aside from setting up the premise and was more interested in writing about how his character is OP despite being the underdog somehow. And in that regard, it's not any worse than your typical isekai ore TSUEE type story. The writing has a tendency to loop on itself, seemingly just to pad the chapters, and things are fairly stereotypical in terms of plot advancement, but I wouldn't call it bad. I just wouldn't call it good, either. Look elsewhere if you want something new and interesting. Heck, look elsewhere even if you're okay with stereotypical OP isekai MC's since this only decent at best and you can find many better stories very easily.

Why you really shouldn't read this though has to do with the translation quality. If you've read any of Bayabusco's other translations, then you can easily guess that the translation quality is really bad. Translation errors all over the place. Even if you can't read Japanese, you should easily be able to tell where a lot of the major translation errors are because all of the sudden the sentences go from crappy English to utterly nonsensical English. It's extremely clear that there's something very wrong in some sentences, and it's a testament to the quality of the translation that the translator just let it through without checking. I feel bad for the editors because they're putting in work to make things readable, but there's nothing they can do about plain incorrect translations. It's bad enough that I would say it would be easier to re-translate from scratch rather than try to fix all the mistakes. You'd be better off muddling your way through with a machine translation than trying to rely on this mess of a translation. <<less
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Read through translated chapters and then finished the raws a while back. It's a pretty interesting story, but the writing is very sloppy overall. The author admits that this story is a lot rougher than the others in the series since it was written a lot more of the cuff, but IMO it's still entertaining enough despite its flaws. I probably wouldn't have sat through it if I didn't like Lax Demon, but I did and I imagine others that like Lax Demon would too.

So the story follows "Shedy" as... more>> she starts as a human, shortly after becoming a demon, and then eventually becoming a god. This isn't a spoiler as it's literally in the title (though the translation is very loose at times and the title was an unfortunate victim of this). A more literal translation of the title would be, "A demon becomes a god in another world [non-human evolution]". Shedy is a very broken person, abused from an young age and then basically sacrificed on the altar of science. She becomes a demon in order to both survive and to avenge herself and the other victims. Doing so throws the other world she's in into chaos, and eventually her original world as well as she quickly grows in power on her steady march towards eventual godhood.

Shedy herself is an interesting character. She doesn't care about much and her values are definitely warped, but she's mostly a kind person? As a demon she cares very little about humans and treats them more like animals. If they attack her, she'll kill them. But if they treat her well enough, she'll leave them be or even help if the mood strikes her. In fact, she treats everyone that way, including all the other different races. There are only a few that get special treatment from her, though only a few of those get very much screen time at all. So if you don't like Shedy, this story won't be for you since this is her show and everyone else is just window dressing at best.

There are other characters... but this is one of the stories weak points. There's a king... but he's one king in a world where there are way too many of them and he's not really that important. He sort of gets an arc, but it gets time skipped left and right so it's more like glimpses of one more than an actual story. There's a guard... who gets flanderized, becomes a villain but does so little that she doesn't matter at all, and then gets killed. There's a player person who gets named, but only matters towards the beginning and in a few minor sections towards the end. There's two animals, but they're animals and don't really do too much. There's a hero guy who actually does get a decent arc, but only in small chunks so it's like the framework of an arc more than an actual arc. There's another hero who gets a silly scene and then a pretty badass heroic scene, but then nothing else. And another hero who's inexplicably evil because the plot needs that hero to be and otherwise does nothing except do stupid things because... plot, I guess. And there's a fan of Shedy who's character never rises beyond that because that's basically all that character amounted to despite a decent amount of screen time (though to be fair Shedy cared very little about said character aside from being transportation). There are others, but they all fare worse, which should say a lot.

The pattern should be pretty clear from the above, but to put it plainly there's not enough story for any character beyond Shedy to actual have anything of real substance. There are 2-3 that have a semblance of a story with meat on it, but if you actually try to summarize it you'll find your summary won't be too far off in size from what actually happened. That's how bare bones it is. And even Shedy herself has some development hand waved by time skips, especially towards the middle chapters when she's

back in her world a second time terrorizing not-America.


It's even worse for the baddies. Because seriously, it seems like half of everyone is a complete asshat in this story. From blatant racism to psychopathic sociopaths, most of the characters seem to suffer from some form of mental problem. And I do mean mental problem because many of them are basically frothing at the mouth as they spout stereotypical villain lines to justify them getting killed by Shedy. It's kinda sad the lengths the author goes to in order to justify Shedy's kills, but then turns right around and has Shedy kill entire cities because the author remembered that she's supposed to be a demon and wants to show that. Outside of mass killings, I can count the amount of people Shedy personally killed that weren't psychopaths of one flavor or another on one hand. Maybe even one finger, depending on how technical you want to get. The baddies in this story are basically caricatures and 90% of the characters you meet (and then get killed) are baddies, so expecting anything more than that would leave you disappointed.

I especially have gripes with the last arc of the story. It's... long. And basically the same thing repeated over and over. IMO it should've been condensed down to maybe 10 chapters at most with major time skips, but for whatever reason the author chose not to and dragged it out for 20 chapters. As such, we get almost 20 chapters of

Shedy fighting off a demon god as she flies around the world destroying saplings in order to get enough power to actually beat the demon god, followed by an evolution into Dea Ex Machina, a man-made goddess to protect the world. So literal deus ex machina, lol.

It's very repetitive reading her repeat the same thing over and over. Sometimes she gets help and there are some nice moments interspersed, but it's basically the same thing on repeat. Not very interesting at all, though the climax was pretty fun.

Shedy also doesn't really get a good ending IMO though that'll depend on how you view things. She's happy and everything after she becomes a god and whatnot, but from my perspective the ending is sad.

Shedy becomes a demon/god and lives the rest of her life protecting the world tree. She has no friends beyond a monkey and a slime and possibly the souls of the other secret alpha testers who she can't really talk to anyways. She's apparently happy, but I can't help but feel sad for her since her life now consists of sleeping until a threat appears for her to squash, followed by more sleeping. Not what I'd call a happy ending.

I don't like the ending much at all and felt kinda let down by it. YMMV depending on how you feel about it.

Now it may sound like I have nothing but problems with the story... and to be honest, I do have tons of problems. But at the end of the day, how I rate a story depends the most on how much fun I had with it. And for all its flaws, this story was a lot of fun. Shedy getting her vengeance and wiping the floor with half the world is a power trip and one that almost always feels justified because of how many utter assholes there apparently are. And that's fun. So despite all its flaws, I did end up liking the story and reading it through to the end. I'd like it better if it spent more time developing things, but since the author apparently didn't feel like thinking too much while writing it (maybe wrote it as a breather of sorts?) we have to take it as it is - a fun power trip that you can enjoy if you turn your mind off while reading. I can't recommend it as a story since it's too sloppy, but for those who like Lax Demon I'd say its worth giving a shot. [3/5] stars.

The translation is mostly good. There are some things that were very loosely translated such as the title and some names, but by and large I didn't notice any major problems. I didn't directly compare the translation with the raw so I can't say that it's absolutely problem free with any certainty, but I also didn't feel the need to which is more than I can say for a lot of other translations. A very solid translation. It's also very readable... which is unfortunately also not something I can say for a lot of other translations. No major grammatical mistakes and the sentences flow well enough. If I were to give it a grade, I'd say [4.5/5 stars]. Good overall with only minor portions I'd disagree with, no major errors and certainly nothing noticeable. Highly recommended. <<less
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I Will Quietly Disappear
September 15, 2018
Status: c68
I've read up to c68/68 as of 09/14/18 and will be reviewing as such. The story is as of yet unfinished, with no end in sight.

I'll first note that the writing is full of mistakes, both in terms of grammar and in spelling. There's a lot of homophone type errors (来ます vs 着ます) and lots of dropped particles. The author hasn't gone back to correct anything, which is telling about the amount of effort the author puts into the story. It's a hobby and nothing more.

The writing is rambling and... more>> there's a lot of back and forth time jumps from different perspectives, which is a favored technique of amateurs before they realize how jarring it is and how little it adds. Sometimes a character will think something, followed by the character saying literally the exact same thing the next paragraph. Economy of words is a thing that the author clearly doesn't understand. The chapters are short and updates slow, with the first chapter published towards the beginning of 2016 and only 68 short-ish chapters in 2018. The first major story arc was finally finished around chapter 60, though the author then decided to rehash the same events over and over from different perspectives so I hesitate to give an actual number.

Lucie as a character is rather dull. Her first instinct to a possible horrible future is to run away, ignoring all possible other more logical routes (such as just relinquishing her claim, if need be). She then spends all the rest of the chapters making connections that would just make it harder to accomplish her goal. She doesn't really do anything to advance her goal either, mostly spending her time obeying her family and studying. The one time she really went out of her way to do something didn't even have anything to really do with her goal, though it did advance the plot in an interesting direction.

The plot itself is slow and plodding. Both in story and in real time. As mentioned, it's taken about 60 chapters for the first story arc to complete. That's 60/68 chapters in over two years for one story arc. Given the short-ish chapters and the long breaks of writing every so often, it's unlikely the story will ever get anywhere. The story also loves to rehash the same events from different perspectives, often without any real payoff and in a strange order instead of one that makes sense. I worry that the story will ever finish given how off the cuff the writing seems at times and the slow rate of anything actually happening.

That said, the reveal at around chapter 60 does interest me quite a bit. Lucie's abilities and her interaction with both the antagonist and the plot related being sound very interesting and stopped me from dropping the story entirely, even with the constant retreading of events. I feel the author has some good ideas, but just fails in execution. It's not what I would call bad, but it smells entirely of an amateur both in wording and technique. Interesting though, and I did end up reading to the current chapter.

I took a look at the translation and it looks confused. I'll go out on a limb and assume Gugel Translations uses Google Translate, which really shows. The raw Japanese itself has a lot of mistakes, which I can't imagine helps machine translation much at all either. Not recommended on the basis that I'll never recommend any machine translation. The poor writing certainly doesn't help the MTL effort either.

All in all, I can't recommend this story. It's too slow to update and the author doesn't seem terribly invested. The plot has some interesting points, but events take place at a snails pace and the execution leaves much to be desired. 2/5 for me. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
September 21, 2017
Status: c40
This story is really depressing. In a good way though! Sorta? I swear I'm not a masochist, but this story definitely makes me feel like one for liking it so much.

The main character in the story is Iria, and she's constantly beaten down by pretty much everyone and everything. She can't do much about it either and in many ways is fairly passive throughout the story. There are a crap ton of outside forces working against her, and much of the main story is the reveal of what's actually going... more>> on and how she works past them. Or doesn't, in some cases. You'd have to pretty much have no heart to not cry while reading this since Iria's story is really sad. Take the Tragedy tag seriously. It's there for a reason.

The story as of 9/20 was last update 8/12 with chapter 40, and it seems like it's nearing completion unless there's another big plot twist coming up.

The story itself is so far structured into generally two major portions. The first portion basically serves as an extended prologue and shows Iria struggling through the first couple of instances of her life as it loops back around every time her life ends. It basically functions as the background premise for the second much longer portion, which starts around chapter 18. It can be said that the real story starts at 18 and everything up to that point is for the purpose of setting everything up.

There's definitely an emphasis in the story on playing up Iria's pain and struggle. It's somewhat painful to read at times since Iria is fairly resigned to her lot in life for a good portion of the story, and you really want her to just stand up and yell at all the injustice done to her a lot of the times. Don't be fooled though, there's a reason for a lot of what's going on.

Iria herself is fairly relatable, though not necessarily likable at times. She spends a lot of the story wallowing in her misery, which often leads her to make some very questionable choices that makes the reader want to reach out and yell at her for not taking the obvious route due to her own self doubt. She often misunderstands other people, has a lot of complexes about herself, and goes out of her way to justify her own ill treatment. It's understandable how she got this way, but it can definitely be painful to follow such a character. I'd ask readers not to judge her too harshly though and not to give up on the story too quickly since she does try her best and I feel her story is one worth following.

Fair warning to those more squeamish. The main character suffers a lot in the story, up to and including r*pe, contemplation of suicide, and multiple instances of death. It's not a story that gets off on torturing the main character exactly, but it definitely gets dark a lot. So if that turns you off, you were warned.

The translation seems to be done by mainly two people. I'll note that the writing for the story itself is a step above what most stories are like in terms of difficulty and is a bit harder to translate as a result, so bear that in mind. Forgetful Dreamer does a fair job at translating things and I didn't note any major errors. The translation has pretty good grammar and sentence structure as well, and mostly reads like proper English. Endofdays42 unfortunately isn't quite good enough to tackle this and has a lot of trouble with turn of phrases and translating things into understandable English. His sentences can get pretty choppy as well, suggesting that perhaps English isn't his native language? Neither is unreadable and they both are translating separate chapters it seems, so you'll end up reading both of them. Just understand that there's a quality drop for Endofdays42 chapters. There's also konoHoshiworks, but that was pretty much just an absolute mess of a MTL and it doesn't seem that he plans on continuing anyways so just avoid that. I don't recommend trying to read this with a machine translator since the writing is fairly dense and often uses language that machines don't translate well.

I'll also note that the author has actually asked that his work not to be translated after receiving a request from a Korean translator. He has a note posted 04/24/17 stating that he's basically blanket refusing any and all translation requests of any of his stories (posted or otherwise) from anyone. He says that he wants to focus on writing and doesn't want to deal with anything like that, hence the blanket refusal. So take that into consideration before reading, I guess. <<less
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It's an interesting story about someone being forced to play the role of the villainess... again and again. And also an interesting story about the heroine trying to fix things to save her friend... again and again. It's a story of tragedies and mistakes over and over as the heroine Yui tries her best to save her friend despite failing to so many times.

The majority of the story is told from the heroine, Yui's, viewpoint. We don't get Chako's viewpoint outside select chapters meant to set up and conclude things.... more>> Both are endearing characters, though there will be moments where you want to strangle them for their self-sacrificial attitude that messes everything up. The other major characters are mostly just the potential love interests for Yui, with each arc dedicated to one of them as Yui tries to find a way to save Chako.

The tragedy tag is there for a reason as each failure triggers another time loop, and some of the failures are pretty sad. Each loop reveals more about everything that happened, pushing things forward until eventually, everything comes to a head. It doesn't have the most satisfying ending IMO, but for what it is it's good enough and gives a decent amount of closure.

For those who care since I know this makes or breaks for some people, the end pairing is

Chako/Yui, Chako is the gender bender in the tags and a guy as revealed at the end

. Wasn't quite a fan of the twist at the end, but it doesn't matter too much I suppose. It does make some of the already creepy scenes early on even more uncomfortable in a way.

The translation is solid enough and I didn't spot any major problems, though it's very painfully slow. 11 chapters out of 36 in over a year is glacial. The chapters aren't very long and the writing not very difficult so I'm not entirely sure what the hold up is. Otherwise, I don't have any problems with the translation and will recommend it without a problem. Just know you'll likely be waiting a long time for the conclusion if you can't read Japanese and/or aren't willing to put up with machine-translated nonsense. <<less
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Cute little story with a somewhat OP female MC that is intelligent, but can be rather dense in your typical MC sort of way when it comes to affection from the opposite gender. She's very much aware of affection from other people, but has a tendency to explain things away or even actively try to avoid it because it's too troublesome. The MC is definitely powerful and is clearly more powerful than most people she comes across, but not so much that she can completely stomp everyone she comes across... more>> all the time (though most people she encounters will be clearly weaker than her). It's a complete story with 160 chapters following the main character's adventures from birth to age ~16, along with 11 after story chapters. I've only read up to c37 of the original raw and it's rather cute so far with a few moments of action interspersed between the MC's encounters with her various potential romantic partners.

The current English translation by Ainushi is... less than good. It has both grammatical errors and lots of translation errors so if you read it be aware that you're going to have to put up with clunky sentences that sometimes completely mistakes what the original Japanese meant. At a guess I would say it's a pure machine translation with lots of effort put into editing it. If you really want to read it and don't know any Japanese at all it's a decent enough substitute for a real translation since the editing does have some effort put into it. There are better translated options though if you want a cutesy romance though and I would recommend checking those out first before settling for this. Or hope for a better translator to re-translate everything or go through and fix all the errors. <<less
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A pretty fun story about a broken girl trying to find her way in a world that becomes increasingly difficult for her despite supposedly being the setting of an Otome game.

Eliza starts off in a low place and never quite recovers from it. She tries her best to improve her situation and in many ways she succeeds, but she unfortunately suffers a lot of trauma and it colors a lot of her actions throughout. It takes a long time before she even starts getting to a better place. So take... more>> that into regard if you dislike that sort of thing. Otherwise though, she's a very enjoyable protagonist that bewilders those around her with her unusual intellect for her age, and also ends up being quite adept at fighting.

The story itself has a tendency to skip around more than it should. Not to the point it should lose you, but it definitely has a tendency to jump between separate plot threads and inform readers about events after they've happened. Or even just ignore it altogether for a few chapters after leaving readers on a rather meaningful note. It's not the most pleasant reading experience at times, but the rest of the story is pretty good and what we do get is fairly interesting.

The pacing is pretty slow and it takes a very long time for the story to get anywhere. That's not to say nothing happens and what we do get is pretty interesting, but it's definitely something to note for people that prefer faster moving stories.

The translation itself is pretty readable. Definitely better than most translations you'll find, though that's admittedly not saying much. I'd give it a 7/10 or so? There are a lot of translation errors and more than a few times that the translator confuses the speaker. There are also many cases where it's clear the translator was making guesses with his translations, with the results fairly off from what was originally written. At a guess, I'd say the translator either is Chinese or knows Chinese since a lot of the mistakes make a lot more sense in Chinese. Overall the translation is more than passable though, and though I feel some of the awkward translations are easily fixed with even a basic JP->Eng dictionary, there's nothing I would say is wrong to the point it ruins the story. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (LN)
September 17, 2019
Status: v8
I'll preface this that I'm reviewing more the official English translation than the fan translation or the original LN or WN. The LN seems to be on a hiatus of sorts with volume 8 released 2017. The WN has a ~25 or so chapters past that and is also on a hiatus (last update end of 2018) and the author seems more interested in his other work atm (失格から始める成り上がり魔導師道!~呪文開発ときどき戦記~) which recently had its first volume published so I'm not really expecting volume 9 anytime soon in Japanese, let alone translated... more>> into English.

With that out of the way, I want to say that the translation is trash. Not anywhere near professional quality. I'm 99% sure it was machine translated, or at least heavily machine assisted translation. Way too many things are literally translated without any care about the nuance or original meaning and there's a huge amount of awkward English that I imagine are left over from whatever editing pass it got. Expect elegant and eloquent people to randomly insert "Bastard" all over the place, and also expect all the other usual hallmarks of machine translations such as "fellow" or "turn the tables." For those who aren't fluent in both Japanese and English, these are the dictionary translations that are commonly used by machine translation tools and are not at all what they should be translated to in natural sounding English. Not wrong exactly, but not something a professional translator would actually use.

That said, the translation itself is mostly okay. There are moments where it feels like the translator got lost in the more technical explanations in the text, but it's understandable enough even if poorly worded at times. From an English perspective there are a lot of poorly worded sentences that suggest the translator/editor got lazy or aren't entirely familiar with English, but they aren't technically wrong. Just poorly executed. Again, understandable enough. Just not what I'd expect from something professional and more from a B level fan translator. That is to say, there are fan translators that are way better.

Moving onto the story... Minor spoilers ahead btw.

The story is... well, it's okay. There's a lot of random skips from time to time that leave you wondering what happened even as the story skips past it (Hatsumi's fight in volume 8 comes to mind since the last we see of it is her getting serious, and then it's apparently over without any mention of how it went later). The author likes to draw on some more advanced physics ideas (like plate theory) to make up explanations for magic, though it's clear the author's grasp on the technicalities isn't very strong and he just makes things up and hand waves everything else. The author even admits as much in his personal blog and I'll forgive it as it's magic after all, but it doesn't change how the explanations can become lengthy rambling that isn't necessarily all too coherent. The amateur-ish translation doesn't help too much either.

The characters are... well, not that great. Suimei, the main character, is an inconsistent character. Constantly wishy washy despite a stated strong desire to save everyone. Felmina in volume 1 is enormously different from Felmina in the rest of the story (clumsy girl -> puppy). Lefille is basically useless since she has yet to win ANY significant fight she's been in without having to be saved (loses in Volume 2 and saved by Suimei, is helpless in v3-4, rushes into a fight in v5 and effectively saved by fox lady, loses in v6 to friendly enemies, loses in v7 and saved by friendly enemies), it's really quite hilarious how useless she is outside of fighting trash mobs which is all she does in v8. Lilliana is adorable and cute, but not all that relevant. Hatsumi feels like Lefille 2.0 in that she can actually fight significant enemies without losing, though she hasn't had many fights yet so who knows. If you can't tell btw, I'm tremendously disappointed by Lefille and her constant losing to everything that's stronger than trash mobs, and she was in danger of losing to trash mobs in v5, so yeah.

Other characters like Reiji and Mizuki are a lot more interesting tbh, but they also have less screen time. They've appeared more in later volumes, but it looks like they're not going to be appearing in volume 9 judging by where the plot is going. Though considering that perhaps too much emphasis are placed on Reiji at times despite not actually being relevant to the main plot most of the time, that may be a good thing.

The villains of the story feel like they're a lot more interesting, but they're still shrouded in mysteries and don't get much screen time anyways so who really knows. The newer villains seem especially interesting.

All in all I wouldn't really say the characters are all that great tbh. The plot is only okay as well, with some okay twists here and there as well as some foreshadowing into stuff that sounds interesting. What I really like though is the world building. Not the world the story takes place in though, but the world Suimei came from. Because where Reiji is the summoned hero, Suimei is basically already a hero with all sorts of feats to his name. There are constant mentions of stuff he did before and lots of hints as to what he's accomplished before. I'm very keen on learning more about Suimei and the magician's society he's a part of, and it actually does seem like the plot is moving in that direction. Hopefully including all the heroines that he was apparently involved with prior to the beginning of this story.

Given that there's no real hint as to when volume 9 will be released (if it even will be), that remains a mystery for the time being. I can't really bring myself to recommend this LN since it's not exactly well written and the translation isn't something that should be paid for, but I can't really call it bad either. If you can stomach decently written bad fanfiction, this is essentially that. The author claims he's chuunibyou and writes it into his story, and it definitely shows. Lots of fun ideas with less than stellar execution. I think I'd say to put it in your backlog for the day you run out of better things to read, but to read the myriad of better things out there if you can. And to hope that the translator gets replaced or something since the current one is amateur at best.

2/5. Readable enough, but marred by some major mistakes. <<less
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Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)
January 22, 2018
Status: c79
Pretty decent story, I like it. The writing is solid and none of the characters feel like stereotypes. Nor do they feel useless like in a lot of isekai. The "heroes" that got summoned for instance neither hate the main character, Suimei, nor are they strangely useless. Instead, they respect his opinions and decisions and train enough to become pretty strong in their own right. The writing can get a bit too descriptive for my tastes, but it's well developed and you can tell the author put a lot of... more>> research and effort into the writing.

The translation unfortunately kinda sucks. Skywood did a good job on the LN, and Kazama for the WN. But the current WN translation by American Faux is rather bad. Just going through the first three paragraphs of c35, I'm looking at over a dozen translation errors. Some of them pretty bad too. The WN is pretty densely written and not something a beginner should try to translate, and when the translator is mistaking names of cities with other things and just skipping whatever they don't understand it's pretty clear they're not up to the task. It's readable enough so you can give it a shot if you want, but just understand that it's almost a complete rewrite in some places and it's definitely not a translation I can recommend. <<less
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