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PepperMan rated it
City of Sin
August 21, 2018
Status: v3c5
This one is really addictive, engaging and well written.

It's well translated and edited.

Has a compeling story with more than a plot happening at the same time, keeping it refreshing.

The progress of the MC is well done and although the MC gets more powerful, his true power comes from the followers/war party that he manages to get for himself. In this, this novel is diferent from most others, as you get to really know some of the secondary characters and they are really well made. The MC gets more and more... more>> powerful, but by himself he can't do much and that brings the war party importance to the novel, something that rarely happens in other novels. The novel is filled with war though, so be prepared for the loss of some followers that you might care about. It stings.

Other characters like his teacher/family head get their own time and you can see that they have their own problems even though they're not around the MC all the time.

The harem part is still mostly non existing. He chose a wife of convenience really early but she doesn't matter at all and doesn't acompany him and will probably get discarded in the future. The girls he's into are quite formidable and hard to get so it will take a while. Right now, only one girl keeps him company (as in bed) and she's a real asset to his forces, not just an eye candy.

As for the future, it seems really promising, with planar wars and family disputes all over the place.

Can't wait for more and I wish several chapters would be translated a day.

Cheers <<less
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