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Oweng rated it
Poison Genius Consort
September 15, 2017
Status: c278
This novel is probably one of my favorites.

I think this novel is pretty underrated by most people. To be honest at the beginning the male lead is so annoying and really cold towards the female lead. Which is the reason why I dropped this the first time. HOWEVER. There was this one time I was so bored and went my way to read it again and happen to find an INTERESTING CHAPTER. HUE. One of the chapter where the male lead actually showed concern. Which surprised and encouraged me to... more>> read it again. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID.


First of all, the female lead Han Yunxi, is not a love struck fool when it comes to liking someone. She knows when is the bottom line and sees herself as nothing in front of the male lead, Long Feiye. She knows how to get disappointed and how to quickly face reality. At the beginning you'd see her get disappointed again and again with Long Feiye but I guarantee you, she won't be the one chasing him at the end.. Heh

Second of all, Long Feieye - the Giant Ice Cube. He's extremely cold to Han Yunxi at the beginning which irked me at first but now I just find it so amusing. Long Feiye kept Han Yunxi by his side even though he's known to be ruthless towards females or even to anyone else. Her being extremely knowledgable about poisons can contribute to that but at most he only acknowledges her intellegence and wit. So why did he kept her by his side? Also, him being cold to Han Yunxi has reasons, which I don't know the details of (see spoiler forums for that) Long Feiye is not detestable. Especially his treatment towards Han Yunxi. The girl is already lucky enough to be not killed after being around him, which says something cause who would care for a cannon fodder with no actual status and just status in paper only? No one. He could kill her and everyone would pass it as an accident. (Except maybe that emperor hmpf) And you'll get what I mean when I say he's not detestable cause HE'S FINALLY MELTING in the latest chapters I am at.


Overall they are my OTP. And I can't wait for the day this novel is finished being translated. <<less
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Oweng rated it
Pet King
October 9, 2017
Status: c100
I have noticed there to be quite a lot of one star rating for this novel and I'm assuming that they weren't sure what the novel was about and was disappointed after reading some chapters.

The summary is quite straight forward, as so far he literally does catch animals ... more>>

be it existing not in real life or mythical even


He seeks the best for the animals that he takes care at his shop. He does seems like a money grubber but deep inside he would not willingly lower the prices even as the costumers haggle as he knows normally that costumers wouldn't care properly for pets that way. The author wrote the male protagonist to be very knowledgeable in breeds regarding pets that it can directly help the readers, especially when one is paying close attention at reading the novel. Because he would give suggestions to his customers regarding their situations eg buying a pet to give to the elderly, it would give insight to readers as well and can directly apply in real life. It would be very beneficial to the readers who have pets at home (cats and dogs are mentioned the most so far)

For a person like me who puts great interest in novels that includes having a great relationship with someone or one of those 'awww' moments I really enjoy this novel. I also cannot deny that it is satisfying for me to read since animals are included and the fact that the male protagonists treasures them more than superficial people. It's a bit too bad since I'm a binge reader so I caught up with the recent chapters.. So for me 100 chapters isn't really a lot.

I would be editing this review once I remember and after quite a lot of chapters pass. <<less
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Oweng rated it
Stunning Edge
March 26, 2017
Status: c142
Stunning edge is the catalyst for my addiction of Chinese novels. I could still remember how I would shake with excitement as I read how the Female lead gets her way even as she started from scratch. Or how people around her would be astonished at how greatly she changed, not just her personality but even her aura.

Sure, there's a lot of Chinese novels that include one's soul to reside in another, but this novel made me start to like reading Chinese novels. It was the start for me.
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Hmm clearly we all have different opinions about this novel. I'm very picky on what I read that if there's no proper plot or interesting things enough in the summary I will pay no mind to it.

However, I like this novel. First of all, I like how loyal the main male lead is, even how the author wrote Nangong Liuyun's love for the main female lead was quite refreshing.

Secondly, I like Su Lou and Nangong Liuyun's relationship. Unlike most romance manga's I've read Su Lou didn't helplessly fall in love... more>> with the male lead immediately. She obviously didn't want to have anything to do with him in the first place *laughs*. The next thing I knew I felt they were my OTP.

I confirmed this when,

that third wheel Ouyang-something came. I was so frustrated with it that when I caught up in the novel, after binge reading it for a while, I cried in bed, whining how I wished I found this novel a bit more late because the wait was destroying my heart. It was super annoying.


To be honest, I've read some of the post reviews and I do believe that it was quite annoying how almost all of the characters would hate Su Lou and there's no character development for most of them. Either they are killed in the end or would meet a tragedy later on. But, the novel isn't even halfway translated yet so we don't know if it would change in the future.

The only reason why I'm holding on to this long novel (it's not even half way translated) is because I'm curious about Su Lou and Nangong Liuyun's relationship. I want to know the ending you know?I kind of feel like it's just starting, I mean I might drop it later on out of annoyance (I do it alot) but for now I'm so looking forward to it that I check it everyday even while at class.
UPDATED: Still alive!! And at chapter 1009! I still am looking forward for every update. Especially now that something interesting is happening. I AM SO HYPED. <<less
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