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Original Red
Original Red rated it
Magi’s Grandson
March 3, 2017
Status: --
Another generic reincarnated snooze fest that'll have you dropping the series faster than Donald Trump's approval ratings. If you've read several fantasy reincarnation novels, you might as well just skip this one since there's literally nothing new it brings to the table. To summarize this rather bland and unoriginal story, another passive beta male Japanese man gets somehow transported to a fantasy realm where he ends up reincarnating into a baby but with the mental state of an adult. After that, he's taken under the wing of a famous old... more>> magician called the "Magi" who raises Shin (the MC's name) as his grandson, teaching him how to use magic that of course Shin masters because's OP. After Shin grows up, it then comes to light that he lacks (bear with me on this one) "common sense" and has to basically go to school and meet some friends to "enlighten" himself on how utterly clueless he is. That's basically the main plot right there. There is no other goal/dream that the MC has in mind for himself except going to school and living his perfect life with is perfect waifu and friends while occasionally fighting against forgettable villains (if you can even call a bunch of fodder demons villains) that the MC wipes the floor with bar no struggle. Shin is probably one of the most uninspiring reincarnated characters you'll ever find as he has no aspirations of traveling this new and unexplored world and is contempt with staying in one city and wasting his time showing off to his useless schoolmates and learning things he already should know. So as you can see, the plot's pretty terrible. Let's talk about the characters in the story and how copy and paste they are of the common tropes. You've got Shin, your typical Japanese beta male who is supposed to be mentally an adult but you'd never guess that simply by the way he talks, acts, and thinks. The question of why the author even bothered to mention him being reincarnated in the first place starts to pop into your head as we practically never see Shin use his mental advantage except for when he's creating/using his OP magic with modern science, things that don't exist in this fantasy world. Aside from Shin, you've got the Grandpa and Grandma who surprisingly aren't that bad of characters but essentially do nothing the entire story except watch Shin go to school normally while trying to hook him up with Cecily (and I'll get to this train wreck in a second). Now, let's talk about Shin's "friends" or his classmates that are supposed to be the ones to help him learn common sense but end up as cheerleaders that have no existence other than praising the MC whenever he does something amazing. This isn't mentioning that each of them are utterly incompetent despite being in the famous S class and sponge off the MC's OP magic because they can't do anything on their own. Let's of course not forget Cecily, the MC's fated love interest who has the personality of a box of nails. She has no back story, no development and no personal goals outside of loving Shin. She's just your stereotypical damsel in distress that needs Shin to rush to her rescue and protect her as she hides behind him and never faces her own problems, such as that douchey noble kid who was threatening her to be his fiancee otherwise his family would put pressure on Cecily's father. The fact that Cecily doesn't talk to a reasonable authority figure but instead asks Shin, a person she has known for a grand total of 24 hours to get involved had me scratching my head in utter frustration. Yes, I'm aware that it was Maria's idea to "manipulate" Shin to get him to help but that still doesn't make it any less dumb, especially on Shin's part who didn't even question the matter. On the subject of Maria, Cecily's close friend, she's just as worthless to the story as Cecily is. While she has more of a personality than Cecily, that doesn't exactly mean she's a well rounded character as her annoying habit of always pushing Cecily's problems onto Shin becomes rather tiresome to read. Also, what was the point of her being in the S-Class if she's never even shown her skills at all? She and Cecily were being pestered by a bunch of dumb thugs who clearly can't fight and she doesn't even bother to take them out, instead waiting for Shin to come to her rescue as per ever female character in this story. What's worse, the way the author tries to shove this poor excuse for a romance down the readers throats is laughable. Their entire relationship can be summarized as "I'm attractive, you're attractive, let's make babies" as they go through 0 development and practically fell for each other because of the others looks. It becomes very obvious that this story is simply the author projecting himself as the MC of wanting to live in this world and have a perfect life, and we as the readers have to read through a story that wasn't given much thought or time (but because there are cute girls and its fantasy, still becomes popular). There's nothing else left to say about this cluster of cliche's except that if you found this story enjoyable and disagree with my points, good for you and I hope you can somehow teach me how to enjoy stories like these that clearly where made as self insert. <<less
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Original Red
Original Red rated it
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken
October 9, 2017
Status: v1c8
I couldn't even finish reading the first volume of this story as I realized around Chapter 8 or so that this story is another cluster **** of cliche's that offers nothing new to the table.

The MC is your stereotypical japanese beta male that gets a super cheat (surprise surprise) and gets transported to a new world, though interestingly enough not through the mysterious Truck or by some summoning ritual but by winning a lottery. That's the most unique and interesting thing about this story since after that, everything just goes... more>> as you'd expect it. The MC's priorities are completely nonsensical and he spends more time fantasizing about cute girls than actually trying to understand the new world he's been thrown into. He gets involved with people that have nothing to do with him for absolutely no reason other than some self righteous nonsense that a teenager would spout (such as when he tried to report a bunch of "criminals" wanting to counterfeit copper coins or something after overhearing them while he was eating).

The other characters are garbage and every interaction feels completely forced and uninspired, as if they're acting out a play instead of actually trying to converse like normal people. The World building is also trash as we don't know anything about the world outside of the city that the MC started off in and the MC doesn't seem to want to explore it.

The writing is terrible and amateur at best, with the translations having several grammar mistakes each chapters. There's no descriptions at all, everything is just told and not shown and we skip through vast amounts of potentially interesting world building to read about how the MC killed a bunch of cows, got some money for it, and then goes about the rest of his day.

What made me immediately drop the series however was when the MC purchased his maid to clean his mansion and started acting like some kind of creepy weeaboo, spouting stuff like "Fluffy Fluffy Time" and whatnot. It's not like I can't understand the desire of wanting to touch cute animal girls but did the author really need to write this in? Just say she's cute and move on.

From the reviews below, it appears that the MC starts going on some sort of sexual adventure and begins impregnating a ton of girls, which just reinforces my decision to drop this series and wonder how anyone can rate this any higher than 2. <<less
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