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If you are a cat loving fujoshi, you will definitely enjoy this :3 An MC that has lived by the principle of 'why have a romantic relationship when you can raise a cat?', and a very handsome, cold (only cuddly with the MC) ML that just so happens to be able to take the form of a cat~ There is soooo much fluffy cat cuddling <3
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I quite like this one, the beginning is slightly different from most transmigration stories in that it really is more like reincarnation (not sure whether she was reincarnated as a baby or if she transmigrated into the body of a baby). So there's no unintelligent, crippled previous owner of the body, no family that hates her (kinda), no arranged engagement with some prince, that is in the process of being broken, no mean inlaws, and so on. Basically a lot less drama than usual, at least to begin with ^^... more>> (I don't think of this as spoiler as it's more like the premise of the story and can be found out by reading the first few chapters)

I also really like what I've seen of the characters so far in the story, like the main character, Jing Yue, who is set on living this new life as herself, and also how the characters interact with each other. And Yin Jian is so cute and badass!!~ <<less
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Counterfeit Bride
February 19, 2017
Status: Completed
A short, but sweet light read ^^ only 10 chapters, but at least they were quite long
4/5 stars (it's good, but nowhere near as good as The Legendary Master's Wife), but gave it an extra since I don't think it deserves such a low score average
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