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Oreste rated it
Mushoku Tensei (LN)
June 20, 2016
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My favorite Light novel; there are others I really like such as kuro no maou and konosuba, but mushoku tensei has one thing direly needed to all series and yet to come for those: a proper end. Also, it's pleasing to see proper character building. Furthermore, for all the immature waifu clusters found under the harem tag, mushoku way is the only way to go about harem I can accept. Do give it a try, even if the beginning can be off-putting.
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I've been reading on NU for a while and this story feels lile a breath of fresh air. I really like the two main characters and recommend to try this if you're into isekai. Translation quality is more than enough for me as it is, and the translator will get more experienced as time passes.
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